Napoleon Dynamite

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 29, 2012 on FOX

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  • Funny show

    I am glad to see Napoleon back in production.
  • Napoleon gets a job to work at a farm full of ligers and takes care of a baby liger

    Napoleon gets a job at a liger farm. I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Napoleon Dynamite". This is definitely better than the first two episodes of this show so far and it's the best episode of the season and the series so far. Awesome, it's the third episode of the show and I already have a favorite episode. All of the jokes in this episode were very well done and so satisfying. No bland or boring jokes in this episode that's for sure. There were so many parts in this episode that did make me laugh such as Pedro being the Mayor, Napoleon running past the house and saying "Grandma, I got a job.... Kip, you suck", The ligers apparently watching "Sanford and Son" (I know that because you can hear the audio of the theme song), Deb telling Napoleon that a baby needs to drink from her mommy and then Napoleon call his grandma and the grandma says something about her boobs being dry since the 60s, The ligers creating a mob and that liger wouldn't budge and just wanted to watch television, and many more. I also thought Kip trying to tell Grandma which direction to go when she can't see and she was driving was hilarious as well. I also thought it was very funny near the end of the episode when Napoleon told that Liger Emperor "Will I ever see you again?" and then the Liger Emperor responded "Honestly.... NO". Overall, a perfect episode of "Napoleon Dynamite" with so many hilarious and clever scenes and well written storylines. 10/10
  • Napoleon gets a job at a liger farm to raise money to replace his grandmother's glasses.

    This was a decent episode, though not the series' best in three tries. The guys (Napoleon, Pedro and Kip) want to see if it's true: if you burp, fart, sneeze and yawn all at once, will you explode? Napoleon doesn't explode but he shoots up in the air, and lands on his grandmother, breaking her glasses. That's when he needs "like a billion dollars" (a.k.a. $28) to replace them. So the guidance counselor suggests a liger farm and Napoleon's as excited as we'll ever see him, until he sees the attitude of the ligers. They're not ferocious and awesome! They're nice and lazy! So Napoleon takes a baby liger from the farm and tries to teach it to fly among other things. The ligers notice the baby is gone, and they escape the farm and find themselves in Preston quickly. They cause havoc in the city until they arrive at the Dynamites' home. Deb talks Napoleon into giving the liger back, until he realizes it's gone, getting milk from Tina, who has her largest role in an episode so far. Tina kicks the liger back, though, making everyone believe it can fly. Napoleon's disappointed but ultimately pleased that he made an impact on the baby liger. This was another funny episode, maybe not as good as the previous two, but worth the two-week wait between episodes. Disappointing that Season 1 is only scheduled for six.
  • This Show Is Making A Name For Itself

    While the cult film may have been years ago, this show is prepping itself into a league on it's own. Showing it can stand up among FOX's other top shows. "Ligertown" mixes some of the original film's comedy, especially in the beginning, and adds in some of their new humor and faster paced action to make a solid episode.

    While I would say some bits were over the top, such as the Liger attack on Preston, the character interactions were a great addition to the plot. Some of the funniest bits were with Kip, Napoleon and Deb, as well as from Grandma. There was a bunch of funny interactions, and Napoleon had many funny lines throughout the episode. Deb's interactions with Napoleon were rather endearing at times, which was nice to see. It is clear the writers are setting those two up, and fans will tag along with it.

    Animation was good and colors were nice. This series is headed in the right direction it appears, with two back to back episodes being good out of three. They are certainly getting a knack in the type of writing and plots they want, and I am actually enjoying it. Lets hope for more good episodes.
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