Napoleon Dynamite

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 29, 2012 on FOX

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  • Napoleon gets a job at a liger farm to raise money to replace his grandmother's glasses.

    This was a decent episode, though not the series' best in three tries. The guys (Napoleon, Pedro and Kip) want to see if it's true: if you burp, fart, sneeze and yawn all at once, will you explode? Napoleon doesn't explode but he shoots up in the air, and lands on his grandmother, breaking her glasses. That's when he needs "like a billion dollars" (a.k.a. $28) to replace them. So the guidance counselor suggests a liger farm and Napoleon's as excited as we'll ever see him, until he sees the attitude of the ligers. They're not ferocious and awesome! They're nice and lazy! So Napoleon takes a baby liger from the farm and tries to teach it to fly among other things. The ligers notice the baby is gone, and they escape the farm and find themselves in Preston quickly. They cause havoc in the city until they arrive at the Dynamites' home. Deb talks Napoleon into giving the liger back, until he realizes it's gone, getting milk from Tina, who has her largest role in an episode so far. Tina kicks the liger back, though, making everyone believe it can fly. Napoleon's disappointed but ultimately pleased that he made an impact on the baby liger. This was another funny episode, maybe not as good as the previous two, but worth the two-week wait between episodes. Disappointing that Season 1 is only scheduled for six.
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