Napoleon Dynamite

Season 1 Episode 4

Pedro vs. Deb

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 12, 2012 on FOX

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  • Deb's interview gets Pedro in trouble with the entire town.

    I thought by far this was the best episode of Season 1. The school newspaper is visited and editor Deb is in trouble of losing it as there are no interesting stories month-by-month. So she vows to have an eye-opening story within 24 hours by interviewing President Pedro, and the interview originally goes as boring as expected. However, Pedro's comment "I'm sorry that Preston is the most boring town in America." is taken out of proportion when Deb puts it in the paper. Pedro is frowned upon by classmates and fellow citizens. It tears the friendship apart and Napoleon is seriously pissed. So he wants to get Pedro off the front page while keeping Deb's newspaper alive, so he tries to get a picture of the Mine Shaft Monster that he believes its real. They get a picture of it, until Pedro takes the mask off. It was as heartwarming of a scene as you'll ever see in an animated comedy, and three became friends again. To me, it was the best of the four episodes so far. And Napoleon trying to ride that three-seated bike by himself was legendary!