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  • This could have been something...

    If only it was given a chance to live it would have had a permanent spot, this show did have potential, and it just needed to have some more development, but man, it's sad it never got its time in the spotlight. Now it had some issues, but none that made it horrid to watch. Sad to see it nuked so early.
  • FOX just pulled a nickeleodeon on us.

    if you dont know what i mean by the title, it means that FOX cancelled something good on TV. this show is good, its funny, clever, and stays true to the source material. im not gonna go deep into the show but all im saying is its just about a geek in high school living with his grandma, thats pretty much it. what i should be criticizing is how FOX chose to cancel this for more bad shows. its like they're afraid that if it has nothing to do with foul-mouthed toddlers and anthromorphic creatures, its gonna bore their audience. and yes those shows are good but they need to taste something new instead of their same-old broadcasting. all in all this show was good and deserved to last longer than BOB'S BURGERS FOX!!!!!! (PS i know that i ranted about FOX too much but thats what happens when something outrageous like this happens)

  • That Y2K Show Sucks Big Time

    No way in hell should FOX be doing a TV show that is nostalgic for the last decade. Unfortunately, the powers that be at the network never learned their lesson when they cancelled "That '80s Show" after only one season. Napoleon Dynamite is a complete waste of time; its episodes should be sent off to a war zone, where they are to be rightfully blown up. KABOOM!
  • Fantastic

    I hope this show comes back because it is seriously awesome.
  • The funniest cartoon on TV, next to Regular Show

    I laughed way too much when I watched this show. The acting is even better than it was in the movie, too. FOX better order a 2nd season, but if they cancel this show I will get angry.
  • Napoleon Dynamite is very funny

    Napoleon Dynamite is a very witty cartoon, and I really enjoyed the movie. I have been a fan of the Simpsons since 1988 on the Tracy Ullman show, and I appreciate some cartoon humor. When I heard that the Napoleon Dynamite was being made into a cartoon, I was a bit skeptical. But I watched the first episode and was hooked; I've watched all the episodes. I am so glad that Fox used the original cast. It's a great pick up from the movie. Funny themes continue. I hope that Fox continues this series. I own a lot of Simpson season's DVDs. I see myself buying the Napoleon Dynamite shows, too.
  • A breath of fresh air after going through Allen Gregory show.

    I love this show. Napoleon's voice is funny and its crazy. I will be pissed if fox cancels this show.
  • Great Movie Adaption but needs better promotion

    Following in the footsteps of such movie classics such as Clerks Fox has jumped into the Animated foray with Napoleon Dynamite that is based on the movie of the same name and delivers a comedy classic that will appeal to fans of the movie and featuring the original cast from Napoleon Dynamite the movie Fox should really be promoting Napoleon Dynamite a little more because Fox could really make a whole lot of success to their comedy Sundays and make Fox the top rated channel for comedy once again. But we shall see what the future holds for Napoleon Dynamite in ratings
  • I loved it!

    Where can you go wrong with Kip singing the address song in case he gets lost. There are a lot of weird elements and surreal touches that will pleasantly remind you of the movie. It's a fun and refreshing alternative to many of the cartoons that will not die.
  • Napoleon Dynamite returns: animated, TV sitcom style.

    The same cast of the hit 2004 film are back in this animated series on FOX. I would of liked a live-action series more as well as a lot of people would, but Heder's 34, and he would of had to play a high school sophomore, so good move. Maybe they should of made it immediately after the movie. But every character has a bunch of funny lines and the show is just as enjoyable. Everybody, including, FOX, should actually give it a chance. Can't wait for more.
  • It's just alright

    First episode was not really that great at catching my attention. The movie was funny stupid, this is more just stupid but a few funny jokes. Maybe if the next episode gets better, but for now I think they shouldn't have tried to continue the story.