Napoleon Dynamite

Season 1 Episode 2

Scantronica Love

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 15, 2012 on FOX

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  • Not as good as the pilot episode but it's still great

    Napolean's teacher uses "love data" from her students to match them up. I thought that this was a great episode of "Napolean Dynamite". It wasn't as good as the pilot episode and the episode was boring in some parts but it was still great. Didn't really laugh much and the last 10 or minutes of the episode did drag. Some computer setting up a love partner for each of the students was pretty interesting. The storyline also could've improved more and I didn't like that Don character because he really is a D-bag. I also didn't like that blonde chick who loves Don. Pedro's part in this episode was pretty funny though and he brought in the most laughs. The ending to the episode was pretty funny as well. Overall, not the best episode and it was boring after a while but it was still great to watch. 8/10
  • A Stronger Showing On Premier Night, Little Over The Top

    FOX premiered two Napoleon Dynamite cartoons on the same night, and of the two episodes, this episode was far better. You got more depth in the characters and actual emotions for them.

    The first part of the episode I found rather bland and typical for a plot, but as it continued on it got better. I felt it was "typical" of a cartoon series to rush the characters into a situation far beyond what it should be, but what it did do well was follow Deb's emotional rollercoaster in a subtle way. It presented her as a cute, caring girl, as opposed to someone just thrown into the situation. We learned more about how Napoleon thinks, and got some good lines from Pedro. Apparently though, what happened in the movie does not appear to have affected these characters in anyway.

    What we do see similar to the movie though is once again Uncle Rico and Kip trying to make money on some ridiculous scheme, which turned out to be good. The main flaw was the amount of street show performers there were in tiny little Preston, Idaho, which officially has none.

    A few other over top top "Cartoon fantasy" things occurred in the episode, that would have never occurred in the 2004 film. This is the one draw back I keep alluding too, because the movie set such a high bar for fans.

    If this is the direction the show is headed, it is far better then the first episode. I guess only time will tell, and I wish it luck against it's tough competitors. Certainly the first episode was not a good episode to premier the show, but the second episode was.
  • A computer matches up the students in class, creating disaster.

    "Scandronica", is a computer designed to match the students up based on survey answers, is introduced by the teacher. Deb wants to be matched up with Napoleon. Pedro wants to be with Summer, who wants to be with the dumb and hurtful jock, Don. However, Napoleon gets paired with an Asian girl, who makes Deb jealous, who lands with Don, which makes Summer jealous, who gets paired with Pedro, which makes him as ecstatic as he'll ever be. It creates some funny havoc, as Summer enjoys Pedro's effort to woo her, but still wants to be with Don. However, Deb meets Don's parents at his fancy house and the ladies want to pair her up with him forever, so they have a ceremony for her to receive his promise ring. But Napoleon, who wants to remain just friends with his pretty Asian lady, comes to the rescue and saves her from the event. But that's it. Napoleon wasn't looking to go out with her. But Deb's still happy. It was a good episode, many more funny lines, not as good as the pilot episode in my opinion, but still enjoyable. I hope FOX keeps this series around.