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Napoleon Dynamite

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 15, 2012 on FOX
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Napoleon discovers he is impervious to pain after he tests out his own FDA-unapproved acne cream.

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  • The original cast of the hit live-action movie "Napolean Dynamite" are back

    Napoleon discovers he is impervious to pain after he tests out his own FDA-unapproved acne cream. I thought that this was a superb start for the series "Napolean Dynamite". When I first saw the promo for this show, I wasn't too happy about it because I was afraid that it was going to be bad. Not "Allen Gregory" bad but just bad. Speaking of "Allen Gregory", this show should do much better than that awful show. Unlike "Allen Gregory", most of the characters are actually likeable and don't get on your nerves 24/7. Some of the jokes in this episode are boring and bad which lowered my score a little but there were some other jokes that gave me good laughs. The funniest part in this episode was probably when Napolean told Pedro "Pedro, tell him that I have diarrhea". Pedro was pretty funny in this episode as well. The storyline was also not that bad and I really enjoyed it, Not a bad start for "Napolean Dynamite" so I was actually impressed. Overall, a superb pilot episode of "Napolean Dynamite". 9/10moreless
  • It's Already Stale!

    Only 15 minutes into the first episode and I was already tired of the same old lame banter and "jokes" that has been lingering from the movie which is what, 7 years old now. All of the dialog from the original movie, no matter how funny it may have been then, is just not funny anymore.

    When i first heard about this project, I was optimistic and even took the time to watch the first episode live (I usually DVR shows these days) but was horribly let down. I do however love the art style and the only real positive is that the artwork and video quality of the show in HD is beautiful. Also the fact that they gathered the original cast back for the show....not like they were doing anything else these days...but it helps.

    All-in-all, along with Terra Nova, this is one show that I think Fox NEEDS to cancel before it becomes a total embarrassment. Networks have to realize that most of us folks these days have plenty to do and wasting time, even 30 minutes, on something this bad just isn't going to go over well. Pinching it in between The Simpsons and Family Guy, isn't going to help either. I'd rather play some episodes of the old "Gilligan's Island" sitcom from the 60's then have to watch this show again.moreless
  • Off to a weak start

    As a fan of the movie, I was both excited and worried for a new spin-off series. I feared a cartoon would undermine the setting and vibe from the movie. I felt it was something animation could not capture, especially when up against FOX's other top animated shows which have vulgar and fast paced humor. My fears have come true it appears.

    I would argue the show has a slow pace compared to FOX's others, but faster paced compared to the 2004 movie. This makes the slow "movie" humor too fast when they try and add it in the show. They try to squeeze as much as they can in a 22 minute show, and it just doesn't have the same feel as the movie. While I am sure they probably don't want us comparing the animated series to the movie, it is inevitable.

    As normal with cartoons, the characters showcased cartoon reality and fantasy in the series, something the normal movie character would not do. The film's characters were "Real" life people. The cartoon's characters were just that, cartoon character. Their cartoon antics made it seem unbelievable and brought the film's nostalgia down a bit.

    I compliment them for bring back the entire original cast. The voice work was great, and the animation was fluid. If they can build on that, and bring back the charm of the film's characters and simple plot lines, I feel this show could be a good contender. But like the film, it will have naysayers as well as fans. No matter what, this show will likely have a cult following, whether they make 3 episodes, or one season. Hopefully it will fair better then that.

    I want the show to succeed, but based on the first episode, it was barely mediocre at that.moreless
  • Great start to the series.

    Many doubted the quality of an animated Napoleon Dynamite series but I think it's just fine. This was a great episode with a unique plot that had good scenes from all the main characters from the movie. The lines, mostly by Napoleon were hilarious. Like The Simpsons', a lot of things happened in this episode, which started with the gang eating chicken, and Kip taking the last breast. A creative conflict occurred when he threw the skin of it on Napoleon's forehead, which set off a lot of disastrous events. Rex was also another funny guy, glad he's being worked back into plots. Hope FOX lets this show live awhile.moreless

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