Naruto Shippuden

Season 1 Episode 13

A Meeting With Destiny

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 31, 2009 on TV Tokyo
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While Gai's group must fight against Kisame in order to proceed, Kakashi's group is cut off by another familiar face...Itachi Uchiha! Kakashi and Naruto team up to face the legendary ninja, but will even that be enough?

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    Close to being a disaster of an episode without the final 5 minutes. Episode that is chock full of unnecessary flashbacks. Flashbacks alone wouldn't have been so bad, but the fact that they were pretty long flashbacks too, really killed the momentum and flow. For like the first 15 minutes of this episode, there was no fighting besides the few scenes where Team Guy and Kisame clashed, but even that isn't enough to compensate to just how bad most of the episode was. Guy being ignorant to how him and Kisame met is also being played out, and Chiyo's explanation of how to defeat an Uchiha was just too long. The last 5 minutes though? That saved it from total mediocrity, but it's just slightly above mediocrity.moreless

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    • Naruto: (Referring to Itachi) Okay, I'll attack him...
      Kakashi: Wait!
      Naruto: Kakashi-sensei! What do you mean with "wait"?
      Chiyo: Are you saying my tatics for fighting the Sharingan are wrong?
      Kakashi: Well, if you were talking about regular genjutsu, your strategy would be fine. But in this case, things are a bit more complicated.
      Chiyo: What?
      Kakashi: He uses the Mangekyou Sharingan, an eye technique far more powerful than a normal Sharingan. You suffer the full effect of the genjutsu the instant you're caught. In other words, while it only seems to be a second to everyone else, it can feel like hours, or days, for the one trapped in the illusion. I was lost in his phantom world for three days and ended up unconscious for a week. Dispelling the technique isn't possible.

      ~Japanese version

    • Chiyo: This is him? The kid who wiped out his entire clan?
      Itachi: It's been some time, Kakashi, Naruto.
      Sakura: (Thinking) The same Sharingan as Sasuke's! This is the man who's made Naruto and Sasuke suffer all this time!
      Naruto: Bastard! Not just me, but Gaara, too?! (Referring to all Akatsuki members) I'm gonna kick all your asses!

      ~Japanese version

    • Gai: Water Style ninjutsu and that huge sword... You!
      Kisame: Have you finally remembered?
      Gai: I do feel like we've met somewhere before...
      Tenten: (Disappointed) He still doesn't remember, does he?
      Kisame: You're quite good at rubbing people the wrong way, aren't you? I'm going to take my time playing with you until you remember me.

      ~Japanese version

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