Naruto Shippuden

Season 6 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Aug 06, 2009 on TV Tokyo
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As Akatsuki begins to seal yet another tailed beast, Itachi and Kisame are warned that Sasuke and his group are after them. Both Konoha and Team Hebi prepare to move out for their quests to find Itachi, but Sasuke makes a little trip to an old Uchiha storage house first.moreless

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      • Pain: (Kisame and Itachi arrive)You're late.
        Kisame: We were just finishing capturing the Jinchuriki when you contacted us and then we had to tie him up so he wouldn't escape. Took us longer than expected but here we are
        Pain: I have some urgent news I need to relay to you. Orochimaru has been killed.
        Kisame: (happily) Ha- it's been ten years since he left the Akatsuki. At least we've been spared with the task of killing him ourselves. Who cares if he's dead? I wanted him gone as much as I wanted the Zombie Pair eliminated.
        Pain: Hidan and Kakazu were our comrades. Don't say such things.
        Kisame: (apologetic) Sorry, so who were the ones who did them in anyway?
        Zetsu: It was the Hidden Leaf. Kakashi Hatake and the Nine-Tails Jinchuriki.
        Tobi: Yes they're extremely strong that team. No wonder Deidara got pummeled by them.
        Deidara: (shouts)Tobi!! Just keep running your mouth and you'll push me to my limit. Hmph!
        Tobi: Eh...hehe...your limit...just calm down mean you'll get explosive right, as we all know you have such a short fuse.
        Deidara: (annoyed)How dare you Tobi!!!
        Pain: That's enough, Deidara. You are just proving that Tobi is right.
        Deidara: (pissed) Tch!
        Tobi: (gleeful)Ha! You got in trouble with our leader!
        Pain: But Tobi you do talk too much. Show some respect.
        Tobi: (relieved) Okay, sorry!
        Kisame: (sarcastically) And we're supposed to catch the remaining Jinchuriki with them?

      • Jiraiya: You don't look too pleased.
        Naruto: Pervy Sage? What're you doing here?
        Jiraiya: I hadn't seen my apprentice in a while, so I thought maybe we could share a meal.
        Naruto: Are you treating?
        (they go to Ichiraku Ramen Shop)
        Naruto: Cripes, what's with Kakashi Sensei? Here, we're ready to move out any time.
        Jiraiya: It can't be helped. There are lots of things to prepare for.
        Naruto: Prepare for what?
        Jiraiya: One small squad isn't enough.
        Naruto: What do you mean by that?
        Jiraiya: Listen. If Itachi is defeated, Sasuke will lose his purpose in coming. So we have no choice but to find a way to detain Itachi. And that will require a coordinated effort with more ninja. Right now, Kakashi has his hands full trying to get this organized.
        Naruto: Is that how this is?
        Jiraiya: But we're dealing with Itachi here. Ordinary methods won't work.

        ~Japanese version

      • Granny Cat: (to Sasuke) So you're going to see Itachi, after all? I've known you both since you were little, but little did I imagine it would come to this... You two are all that's left of the Uchiha Clan... And now, you'll have to fight to the death.

        ~Japanese version

      • Karin: This is...
        Suigetsu: Oh, a talking raccoon dog? (bends down to reach the ninja cats) Hey, come over here. (the cat hisses and lunges at him) Yikes!
        Sasuke: They're ninja cats. Don't approach them carelessly. They'll tear you apart.

        ~Japanese version

      • Suigetsu: I can't go on. Let's take a short break...
        Karin: As long as you drag your feet like that, we'll never get there!
        Suigetsu: Well, pardon me. But unlike you, I have a very delicate constitution.
        Karin: Huh? Look, just evaporate, you water ghost!
        Suigetsu: Why don't you get lost instead?

        ~Japanese version

      • Karin: (to Suigetsu) Are you a river child who got stranded on land?! Quit stopping to drink water so often!

        ~Japanese version

      • Kisame: But killing Orochimaru took special skill. Who did it?
        Akatsuki Leader: Uchiha Sasuke.
        Deidara: I was gonna be the one to bring Orochimaru down.
        Kisame: Hmm... He's good. I'd expect nothing less from your kid brother, Itachi.

        ~Japanese version

      • (They are discussing the loss of Hidan and Kakuzu)
        Kisame: They were done in by...
        Zetsu: The Hidden Leaf. The squad with Kakashi and the Nine-Tails' Jinchuriki.
        Tobi: They're strong, that team. Even Deidara got his butt kicked.
        Deidara: Tobi! Say one more word and my patience will run out! It will!
        Tobi: It takes self-control to be patient... And your fuse is too short for that.
        Deidara: Why you--! Tobi! You!
        Akatsuki Leader: Pipe down, Deidara. Tobi's right.
        Tobi: You got chewed out!
        Akatsuki Leader: But Tobi, you always talk too much. Respect your superiors.
        Tobi: Okay! Sorry!

        ~Japanese version

      • Kisame: (Kisame and Itachi have been summoned by the Akatsuki Leader) What's up?
        Akatsuki Leader: I got an urgent message I wanted to relay to you. Orochimaru has been killed.
        Kisame: (laughs) It's been ten years since he deserted us...So we've been spared the trouble of killing him ourselves. I would've loved to see him die as much as I would've loved to see the Zombie Combo die.
        Akatsuki Leader: Hidan and Kakuzu were our comrades. Don't say such things.

        ~Japanese version

      • Kisame: I wish we could catch all the Tailed Beasts already.
        Itachi: Don't be so impatient...It's going to take some time.
        Kisame: I wonder about that. There's just a few more, right? And it's been decided that the Nine-Tails will be sealed last...Otherwise, the balance will be disrupted, and the sealing statue will be pulverized...That's what Leader said...After all, the Junchuriki need to be captured alive. So I say just catch them quickly and leave them tied up.
        Itachi: Humph...Fine with me, but remember that Deidara failed. If he's going to be sealed last, it's no big deal if we capture him last. And besides, Akatsuki is becoming to conspicuous lately. If we capture the Nine-Tails' Jinchuriki too soon, the Hidden Leaf will become even more of a nuisance.
        Kisame: really think so?
        Itachi: The Hidden Leaf Village has very strong links with other villages. If they begin to collaborate, it will be difficult for us to act.

        ~Japanese version

      • Itachi: (walks by and sees the condition that the Four-Tails Jinchuriki is in) He seems near death. You must handle the elderly with care.
        Kisame: You say that because you don't know him. This Jinchuriki who uses the Corrosion Style Jutsu of the Four-Tails isn't what you think. You didn't fight him yourself, so you wouldn't understand what I went through. But, I was the one who asked to go alone. Say, want me to beat your assignment half-dead too?
        Itachi: Don't get so excited, Kisame.

        ~Japanese version

      • Itachi: You're back.
        Kisame: (has captured the Four-Tails Jinchuriki) Yeah, but having to bring him back without killing him, was quite a bother.

        ~Japanese version

    • NOTES (2)

      • The name of the Yonbi Jinchuriki has been revealed in a recent Naruto databook in Japan to be Roushi.

      • Although it has yet to be revealed in both the anime and the manga, a recent Naruto databook in Japan confirmed the Yonbi to be a four-tailed gorilla-like demon with red fur.

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