Naruto Shippuden

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Aug 27, 2011 on TV Tokyo
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Kabuto is up to something involving Yukimaru's abilities. While Naruto attempts to get along with his partner, Guren discovers the power difference between herself and Sasuke. What will happen when Naruto has an encounter with Yukimaru himself?

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • When this episode aired on Disney XD, Gamariki's voice is done by a woman to hide the viewers that he is a transvestite.

      • It is revealed that when Sasuke didn't come to Orochimaru in time, Guren was supposed to be Orochimaru's new vessel with Kimimaro being unable to be his vessel. But Guren didn't arrive until after Orochimaru took over Genyumaru's body (his current vessel) and until Sasuke arrived.

      • The hot springs that Naruto and Jiraiya visit in this episode to train is actually the Hidden Hot Springs Village, where deceased Akatsuki member Hidan is from.

      • Although most of this episode is filler, the scene with Orochimaru having Sasuke fight the one thousand ninja did occur in the manga.

      • Gamakichi and Gamatatsu both make their first appearance since the time-skip, and it is shown that they've both grown a lot. This is the second time in the Naruto Shippuden anime that character(s) first appear in filler episodes before canon episodes (the first time is with Chiriku).

      • Special Report: None.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Jiraiya: (After Gamatatsu causes the women bathers to leave) The sexy voices of lots of women...
        Naruto: Oh, they all left just now.
        Jiraiya: No!

        ~Japanese version

      • Naruto: I guess trying to connect heart-to-heart is crazy, especially with the toads.
        Yukimaru: Can you...connect hearts?
        Naruto: Wh-Who the hell are you?! Where'd you come from?
        Yukimaru: What does it mean to connect heart-to-heart?
        Naruto: Huh?! W-Well...My feelings are understood by someone else and that person's feelings reach me as well.
        Yukimaru: Then it happens?
        Naruto: Y-Yeah, well sure. I mean, if you really focus on it hard, then one day, it's sure to connect. And even Sasuke... Then that person you're thinking about will know where home is. wouldn't know what I mean, would you if I start rambling on like that?
        Yukimaru: So, if someone is thinking about me, then that's the place I go back to?
        Naruto: Yeah, that's true.
        Yukimaru: I learned something good.
        Naruto: Yeah, right?

        ~Japanese version

      • Sasuke: (After defeating the army of soldiers) Is that it?
        Orochimaru: You didn't kill all of them...How naive.
        Sasuke: There are others I'd rather kill.
        Orochimaru: Unless you become heartless, you will not defeat Itachi.
        Sasuke: When I stand before him, I'll be heartless, whether I want to be or not.
        Orochimaru: (Thinks to himself) Not even a tiny spurt of blood. When I watch this boy, I look back to the time I was called a genius and think how ridiculous that was. Very very soon, he will be mine.

        ~Japanese version

      • Gamakichi: All right. Start the music!
        Gamatatsu: (sings) I can hear...the frog song.
        Gamakichi: (sings) I can hear...the frog song.
        Naruto: Huh?! Huh?! What's going on here?
        Gamatatsu: I see a yummy-looking fly. Here I go! (eats fly while jumping around with Gamakichi)
        Gamakichi: Come on, Naruto. Keep up with Gamatatsu, connect with his soul.
        Naruto: Cripes! Just what part of this is supposed to be training?!
        Jiraiya: You just don't get it, do you, Naruto?

        ~Japanese version

      • Sasuke: You're my opponent?
        Orochimaru: By no means. (Thousands of soldiers appear behind him) How impressive. A thousand foes stand before you and you don't even bat an eyelid.
        Guren: (watching) That strong is he...?
        Orochimaru: Begin! (watches Sasuke attack the soldiers) Sasuke... You are truly...
        Guren: What the...! That guy's...overwhelming...

        ~Japanese version

      • Naruto: (After summoning Gamakichi and Gamatatsu) Huh?!
        Gamakichi: Long time no see.
        Gamatatsu: Hello, Naruto.
        Naruto: Huh?! Gamakichi and Gamatatsu?
        Jiraiya: Oh, you've grown.
        Naruto: You guys have gotten pretty big.
        Gamakichi: Of course we have!
        Gamatatsu: It's because of all the snacks we've eaten.
        Gamakichi: Anyway, why'd you summon us?
        Naruto: Oh yeah, I have some important business! I want to refine our compatibility!
        Gamakichi: What?!
        Gamatatsu: Does that taste good?

        ~Japanese version

      • Jiraiya: (Inside a divided hot spring) You're working hard, Naruto. Mr. Gamariki's sternness will temper you like steel and nurture you.
        Girls: Awesome! An outdoor bath!
        Jiraiya: And before long, your body will be tough repel any temptation of the world! (looks through the wall to the girls bath) Can't repel...any temptation of the world...
        Mr. Gamariki: Goodness! Can you even do something this simple?!
        Naruto: What're you saying?! It's the way you teach that's bad!
        Mr. Gamariki: Oh? You're blaming me? You think you're better than me?
        Naruto: Humph! Forget it! I can't take this anymore!
        Mr. Gamariki: Hey! Stop right there! Love Smack! (hits Naruto walking away)
        Naruto: Damn it! Coming at me from behind...That's cowardly! Take this! And that!
        Mr. Gamariki: Stop!
        (Naruto and Mr. Gamariki fall off the edge and into the hot spring)
        Girls: What is this?! The water's all gone. Let's go.
        Jiraiya: No!
        Naruto: You call this training?! Slobbering around like that?!
        Mr. Gamariki: This is the Love Smack!
        Naruto: Forget your Love Smack! This duo is disbanded!
        Mr. Gamariki: Fine with me!
        Jiraiya: That's enough! Both of you!

        ~Japanese version

      • Rinji: I, Rinji, will take care of things in your absence, so don't worry.
        Guren: I'm counting on you.
        Kigiri: (After Guren leaves) I guess she still can't trust us. She doesn't want us to learn about Orochimaru's hideout, so we're shoved into a place like this.
        Rinji: She's extremely cautious. It's why she rarely makes mistakes. So conversely, we can trust her.
        Kigiri: The ones who were killed were trying to run away because they didn't want to see Orochimaru. Can you really trust her?

        ~Japanese version

      • Kabuto: (after reaching the center of the lake) Well, around here should do. (Yukimaru chuckles) What's so funny?
        Yukimaru: I have a feeling something fun is about to start.
        Kabuto: Yeah, we're going to have some fun.

        ~Japanese version

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