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Forum and Submission Rules - Read before Posting and/or Submitting!

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    Even though most people here already know the general guidelines, I thought I would make this thread anyway for those who don't, newcomers, and for clarity. The rules will generally be the same as on the Naruto guide, but I'm going to add in some things myself. If you have any questions about what I post here, or think there should be anything added, feel free to PM me.

    - Follow all rules and regulations; this applies to both posting on the forum and submitting to the guide.

    - DO NOT post any links to anywhere online where you can watch an episode, on the forum or in a submission (the only exception is if you're just citing it in submission comments). Doing so is against regulations!

    About Posting:

    - Stay on topic on all threads that aren't named "The Konoha Square." The off-topic thread was created for a reason; so people don't go off-topic on other threads. If a conversation starts to go off-topic in another thread, please move it to the off-topic thread.

    - This has been quite a problem for a while now: if you have ANY questions relating to ANYTHING that has to do with Naruto Shippuden or Part 2 of the manga, post it in the Official Q & A Thread! The forum doesn't need five dozen question threads that move more important threads to the second page. I've been lax about this, but I'm going to start getting stricter, locking new question threads created and redirecting the people asking to the Official Q & A Thread.

    - No thread bumping! For those who don't know, bumping a thread means bringing an old thread that hasn't been posted in for a long time to the top of the forum page, bumping newer and more active threads to the bottom of the page. The time since a thread's last post to consider posting in it bumping varies depending on the site, but on, it's generally one month. So don't post in a thread that's a month or older, unless you have something important or meaningful to add that can't be put in a more current thread, or it will be locked. Also, if the thread hasn't been posted in for more than six months, and you have something important to add, create a new thread instead if what you have to say doesn't fit elsewhere. The only exception to thread bumping that I've mentioned here is if the thread is pinned/stickied.

    - If you're creating a thread that will even possibly lead to spoilers, particularly manga spoilers, post a spoiler warning in the title. There are plenty of people that come here who aren't manga readers and/or subbed anime watchers, and don't want to be spoiled about events that they haven't read about or watched yet. Additionally, if you post spoilers about something in a thread with no warning for that type of spoiler, make sure the spoiler is inside spoiler tabs. You make a spoiler tab like this:

    [spoiler]          Type spoiler here.          [/spoiler]         

    And it shows up like this:


    - Please don't double-post (i.e., post twice in a row), unless the last post you made was more than six hours ago. This isn't a chat room, and it's a simple matter to edit your previous post if you have something to add. If it hasn't been six hours, yet long enough for numerous people to read your post; and you want to make an edit and have people know about it; copy what you already wrote, delete that post, and make a new one including what you already wrote, as well as what you want to add.

    About Submitting:

    - With the exception of episode titles, all work must be in your own words! (No plagiarism!)

    - Before submitting info (particularly trivia), look to see if the info is elsewhere in the guide for the episode, such as the synopsis. There's no point in the same info being in two places for an episode.

    - Don't submit a new episode until the title has been revealed; there's no point in the guide having blank episodes with nothing more than a title that says "TBA."

    - On a similar note, if submitting an episode with a title, yet no synopsis, don't put "TBA" in the synopsis; just leave it blank. I realize that this has been a fairly common practice since before the Naruto guide was split, but I recently got word from a moderator that this is against regulations.

    - Don't submit trivia about an episode that hasn't aired yet, since trivia is specific info about what happens in an episode.

    - Don't submit a synopsis to an episode if it's filler (i.e., if it didn't occur in the manga) until it airs, as there won't be anything specific known about it.

    - Don't submit a synopsis to a movie unless you've seen it yourself (and can prove it by providing a link to where you saw it). I would prefer it if you didn't submit a synopsis until the movie was subbed, as that way a more accurate summary can be written, but I will accept if you can provide said proof of having seen it beforehand. Feel free to submit notes and trivia to the movie, even before it airs in Japan, but provide a URL source to where you got your info (such as a preview), or I will reject it.

    - When making submissions with names that are different in the English version than the Japanese version, please use the English version names (for example, the English version of the Kyubi is the Nine-Tails, and the English version of Pain's Deva Path is Pain's God Realm).

    - When submitting a special report or animation error that occurred in an episode, submit it with the respective notes written beforehand:

    <strong>Special Report</strong>: Type description of special report here.

    <strong>Goof</strong>: Describe animation error here.

    - When submitting quotes from the subbed version of an episode, make sure it has this note at the end of it:

    ~<em>Japanese version</em>

    And that's pretty much it. Like I said, if you have any questions or anything you think should be added, feel free to PM me. Thanks for following the rules, and have fun here!

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