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Will Sasuke ever be a good guy again? (spoilers)

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    [1]Jul 14, 2011
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    I think its cool to have a show where A good guy becomes a bad guy (jowy in suikoden 2 for example) but te show has been on way too long with that ongoing.. I wanan know if anyone thinks he'll ever come back?

    I mean he first left to get stronger so he could beat Itachi, he achieved that so I see no reason for him to have not gone back afterward but no they decide to kafter that throw in that the leaf village were the ones who ordere the uchiha clan masagre giving him a reason tonot go back/continue to hate them... its like they want him to remain bad but considering hes my favorite character I hope that isnt the case (him getting more screen time would be nice). I mean if youre gonan do that at least make him the main bad guy so we can see him everyother episode instead of every 30 episodes.

    So does anyone think he'll come back? Im hoping he doe or if not at least be friend with Naruto again (after all the leaf was responsible for his clans death not Naruto) or at the VERY least have a few impossible fight where the only way they could win is with him and Naruto teaming up to take them down... then after that shaky alliance they can go back to trying to kill eachother until the next powerful ninja comes around or something like that.

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    [2]Jul 15, 2011
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    I don't think so. He seems deadset on accomplishing his goals, his way!

    BTW: Awesome username!

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    [3]Jul 16, 2011
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    I certainly hope not. I do not want them banding together to defeat Madara, Kabuto, [insert villain of the future]. That is a terrible idea, IMO, and shoulded be deserted. Sasuke is fine the way he is... except for the excessive craziness.
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    [4]Jul 22, 2011
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    i think he will be good again since naruto has his way of influencing others.

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    I really doubt it at this point considering that Naruto's persuasiveness has been ineffective on Sasuke so far, but you never know.

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    [6]Aug 12, 2011
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    It's like a 50/50 by this point. I really doubt that even if Sasuke does become 'good' again, things will totally go back to normal between all of them. It just can't be that simple. Emotionally and mentally he's way too damaged for things to be OK again. Obviously Naruto talking to him didn't work (and honestly why would it?) so something major has to happen to get Sasuke to change his mind about destroying Konoha.

    I've read, as mentioned by another poster here, that some people think in the end they'll all band together and Sasuke will actually help defeat Madara instead of siding with him. I really do not know if that would be possible. It probably wouldn't, at the very least, be an extremely satisfying ending anyway, seeing as how many fans have predicted it already...if it were to actually happen it wouldn't be shocking enough. I think Kishi is the type for bittersweet endings, not absolutely horrible ones. So maybe in some radical way he will get Sasuke to see the truth.

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