Naruto Shippuden

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 28, 2009 on TV Tokyo
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Two and a half years have passed since Naruto left with Jiraiya to train. Now he is back, and although most things are the same, other things have changed. From Konohamaru becoming a Genin to Tsunade's head being added to the Great Stone Faces. Finally back in Konoha, Naruto resumes his old life, only he's changed as well.moreless

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  • It had some good parts but...

    The whole second half was kinda boring. I wouldn't say it's horrible, but it wasn't that good. But, hey some intros do end up like that.
  • Naruto is back with a Bang!

    Naruto has returned from the two years of training! It starts us off with a glimpse of the future to get us geared for what is to come. But before that does, the real episode starts in the middle since this was a 2-part episode. Naruto has grown, :3 but when you grow up with Jiraiya around, things go awry when Sakura thinks she admired you and you go blow that in the wind with your pumped up sexy jutsu! Careful, that missus has trained with the most cranky grandma in the world! X3 Oh, wait, did she hear no! Back away! I'm sorry! *dies*moreless
  • Excellent way to open up a new series.

    Just like its predecessor the original Naruto, Shippuden also opens up with a bang. Instead of letting us absorb everything that has happened in two years, it gives us a sneak peak of glimpses of the future. Naruto, Sakura, and an unknown ninja finally confront Sasuke, who has changed plentiful himself. This was a risky way of opening up, but it did a wonderful job of getting you all hyped up. The next part of the episode was also questionable. Right after getting straight into the dirty with the mystery of Sasuke, it brings us back into time with Naruto's arrival. Although a risky move if you're a director, somehow Naruto pulls it off again. Really enlightened the mood and provided some great character development, most particularly Konohamaru, who also has been working hard himself. And like all good episodes, it leaves us with a cliff hanger wondering more.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (10)

    • It is revealed that Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon advanced to the rank of genin during the time skip.

    • Goof: In the Hokage's office, Kakashi tells Sakura that it's been a while. When Sakura responds, her lips don't move.

    • This episode plays out quite a bit differently than its respective manga chapter (Chapter 245); there are a number of noticeable differences and some scenes that have been rearranged:

      Manga: The chapter begins with Naruto returning to the village.
      Anime: The anime shows a teaser of when Naruto and Sakura reunite with Sasuke.

      Manga: The first person Naruto reunites with is Kakashi.
      Anime: The first people Naruto reunites with are Sakura and Konohamaru.

      Manga: Tsunade tells Sakura that Naruto has returned.
      Anime: Sakura finds out that Naruto is back from Kotetsu as she was getting her Morning Report.

      Manga: Sakura finds Naruto by pure accident (Naruto runs into her).
      Anime: Sakura and Konohamaru search for him and find him standing on a pole (It should be noted that the scene with Naruto on the pole was at the start of the chapter but moved to the midway point of the episode).

      Manga: When Sakura is beating up Naruto for his new Perverted Ninjutsu, Konohamaru is cowering behind Kakashi (who tells Sakura to calm down because she's terrifying Konohamaru).
      Anime: Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon are cowering behind Jiraiya when Sakura is beating up Naruto.

      Also, in the anime, while being beaten up by Sakura, Naruto notes she's even more violent than before. This is not said in the manga.

      There were several scenes added to the episode that did not occur in the manga, such as:

      - Kotetsu and Izumo witnessing Naruto's return
      - Konohamaru tagging along with Sakura to find Naruto
      - A meeting in the Hokage's office which was completely absent in the manga (Shikamaru and Temari's appearances were also absent from the manga)

    • Special Report: Naruto gives information on the previous Hokage.

    • Ebisu, the Special Jonin who was originally appointed a teacher to Konohamaru for a "fast" way to becoming Hokage, is now the squad leader of his team.

    • It is shown that Tsunade's face was added to the Great Stone Faces over the time-skip.

    • In the manga, Konohamaru wore goggles instead of his headband.

    • Goof: During the ending theme "Shooting Star~" by HOME MADE you can see that Naruto is shown with his new outfit, but Sakura is shown in clothes that she wore before the time-skip.

    • Goof: When Konohamaru met up with Sakura, she didn't have the weapons pouch on her back. But when she was in Tsunade's office right after they met up with Kakashi, she had the pouch on her back.

    • In the manga, the teenage Sakura has prominent breasts, and this is not the first time a female character in the anime is drawn differently (as seen with the Kurenai character).

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (Naruto and Sakura finally meet after two-and-a-half years)
      Naruto: It's been a while, Sakura.
      Sakura: You're taller than me, aren't you?
      Naruto: You're right.
      Sakura: (Thinking) Seems like you've grown pretty strong in the time I haven't seen you. (Blushing) What do you think? Am I more womanly now?
      Naruto: It's fine, you haven't changed at all!
      (Sakura becomes vexed)
      Jiraiya: (Thinking) You don't understand a woman's heart at all...

      ~Japanese version

    • (Konohamaru is in front of Tsunade pleading for better missions)
      Tsunade: For now, it will be D-rank missions.
      Konohamaru: I'm not satisfied with that! I'm going to be the Seventh Hokage in the future!
      Tsunade: The Seventh? What about the Sixth?
      Konohamaru: The Sixth will be Naruto!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Finally, after two-and-a-half years, I'm home.

      ~Japanese version

  • NOTES (8)