Naruto Shippuden

Season 8 Episode 16

Planetary Devastation

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jul 01, 2010 on TV Tokyo

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  • New animation/art style not as smooth as I would have liked.

    I agree with the above review that it's a nice trend for the animators to have a little free reign to expand upon and hopefully flesh out the manga. However, this episode looked bad in my opinion. Even side characters like Sakura, didn't look right. Pain's face kept contorting into bizarre facial expressions. Also, it was ridiculous to see Pain get beaten over the head with a giant rock. Nobody, not even Pain could survive that.

    When I read this chapter in the Manga, I thought the 6/8 tails Naruto looked strange but I had high hopes to see this animated, but felt let down.

    The water looked cool, but Pain doesn't have that power and the animators completely disregarding the surrounding landscape to fit it in. Also what was with those weird giant roots?

    I just wasn't pleased with this new style.
  • Different and cool, wrapped up in a messy package.

    Definitely less glossy, but definitely more real. where do I begin? That was totally unexpected. But, and many of you may disagree with me, in a good way. Let me explain.

    This was our unknown artists 'second round' as it were, the same artist being responsible for the previous 'Confessions', which was, in its own right, a deep and involving, emotional affair. On this occasion they had been given free reign over 'The Seal Shatters' and 'Chibaku Tensei', two chapters in the manga that showcase Naruto slipping further into Kyuubi mode, fuelled by his hatred and failure to overcome a far stronger enemy.

    From the outset this interpretation looked and felt less glossy, yet at the same time passes itself off as being less wooden than previous efforts in the series. This was no Hollywood, photo shopped affair; it was a gritty, rough around the edges fight. No way a direct transfer from page to screen, like so many before it.

    On one level I missed the gloss. The whole thing was very messy. Too rough. The story was good, the presentation wasn't. I kept asking myself what it could have looked like had the animators only spent a little more time fine tuning it, rather than throwing everything at us all at once. It kinda felt like they just ran out of time and rushed the whole thing. This wasn't the Naruto I know.

    The fights were cool. No question. When Naruto goes Kyuubi, I wanna see stuff get blown up. I wanna see him unleash all manner of awesome moves and whip whoever something stupid. Kyuubi'd Naruto smacking someone around is always fun. Seeing Tendou getting beaten senseless brought many a smile to my face. How does one survive so many shots to the head I wonder?! He even whipped out Yahiko's own Water element, a direct contradiction to what we know about Pain, but was done so effectively and added yet another dimension to the fight. I'll just have to ignore the fact that I thought each body had only one power. But then doesn't the Rinnegan grant their user power over all elements…? Moving on. Naruto's natural abilities, in Kyuubi mode, to manipulate both Wind and Fire only confirm my suspicions that one day Naruto himself will be able to harness this gifts, as they are so obviously his own, but is currently unawares without a little push from his foxy friend.

    Purists no doubt hated the conflict as pretty much all of what we saw did not happen in the manga. Which is why I loved it. Weirdly given how the colour lacked sharpness and refinement. In my opinion, new material is good material. This fight could have been over in 5 minutes. Instead we were given something else which proved to me that the animators know they've gotta do more each week, rather than regurgitating the manga. Sorry guys, but it's true. In my eyes, this felt like a test run. To see what the animators and story boarders could come up with without solely relying on the manga. I agree that this is the right direction for the series to take…..It's just a shame that the execution was sloppy. Next time tidy things up. Please!!

    On a second (now third) viewing I've decided this fight is right up there with Naruto vs. Sasuke at The Valley of the End and Jiraiya vs. Pain. in the Hidden Rain. It's just so much fun to watch, regardless of the quality of the colour.

    Therefore, I've subsequently revised my rating to...9 tails out of 10. [SK] (10 tails...?!)
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