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  • A Huge Part of my Life

    I would honestly not not consider myself an anime fan, but just a Naruto fan. I can remember when the show first aired in the US back in 2005 on Toonami when I was 8 years old. I thought it was the greatest thing ever; it was instantly a huge part of my life, I was a faithful viewer watching a new episode each week on a Saturday night (when I was suppose to be in bed). I don't remember when, but it went off the air from Toonami and I was distraught. I was very young I had no idea how to find it. So then it was gone, but then I rediscovered it in 2010 to learn that Naruto Shippuden had started. Naruto Shippuden had already been airing since 2007 so I had a lot of catching up to do. My whole summer that year consisted of rewatching the whole first Naruto series and then catch up to the current episode of Shippuden. It is now 2015 and I am 17 years old. It has been almost 10 years and I am still in love with Naruto. When I watched The Last: Naruto the Movie it was so nostalgic that I honestly cried man tears. This show is a way of life, with the good times(canon) and yes the bad times(filler).
  • Naruto Shippuden : the Grow version

    Dear Naruto Producer ,

    I have a New character that could go in this . show and he is Naruto long lost cousin from the cloud village and you can add a demon that inside him is call ten tailed fox and his name is called Daruto Uzumaki and his daddy was naruto's father older brother and his mother was tenten father's sister.
  • Terrible.

    Once upon a time this anime was good when it actually had a plot. Even at the beginning you see it's an obvious copy of DragonBall Z. The sad part is they copied one of the greatest anime in history and still managed to ruin it. Fillers have nothing to do with this. This anime is filled with contradictions and broken laws they establish themselves. The story is terrible, he gets free power constantly without training, even if he does train he masters a jutsu it takes 50 years to learn in the course of a month, which it doesn't matter how talented you are, if one of the most gifted and strongest people in the world took 50 years, there's no reason it should be a month for naruto. Note that this isnt even a big deal. I used to think bleach fucked up, with all its fillers and such, but naruto took that failure and stepped it up to a point where i lost all hope for this anime, this writer, and these producers, its pathetic. You take what could be a very good story and violate it. This anime is made for children between the ages of 10 - 15, the ones that don't understand plot yet.
  • Naruto was good but Shippuuden sucked.

    It only had one plot and had many fillers. Why it cant be like one piece and have many plots and constantly be creative.
  • just watch it!! one of the best show

    good story ,good music ,almost perfect show....
  • Love this show so much

    It's easily the best thing I've ever seen on television.

    But dang it's time for a double episode soon, need one soooo badd!

    Wish this show was an hour long, only thing wrong with it. =)
  • .

    Ok hey guy! Imma a HUGE fan of Naruto!!! (And Bleac,Fairy tail,and One never knew it was going to start going up everyone gets stronger,smarter,and more favorite character is Neji he dies later I love how they made it look like a bit of reality when some people wasit Kasuma or Asuma?Well one of them dies and then Neji always get confised with Asuma and . >.
  • every kid in his dreams want to be like naruto ,and mostly like that world in reality

    hiii , guys i am form india, i like naruto series ,i am a huge fan of it, every child in his dreams thing that he have powers like naruto ,wowwww ,i love watching it,when he fights in series ,i enjoy as a second hand fun , uuu japans are really good at creating like this mangas ,who every he is i thank him for such a manga ,this series is legendary, like this series never comes or came before, but series is too big ,i grow form 12 years old to 20 yrs old ,hahahahaha
  • Way to Ruin top Manga

    I gotta say, the anime makers chose the best way to ruin the anime by keep on going with fillers, whenever they feel like it. I am really disappointed. 4/5 for actual episodes and 0 for all the fillers, which are almost 50% of total episodes.
  • Awwesome Idea By Masashi1

    I Didn't Ever Imagine That The Anime Will Go This Way. The Writer Masashi Is Awesome As He Wrote This Story. Man This Show Has Every Types Of Genres. I Never Expected This. You Should Watch This..........
  • May want to see more

    In 330 or so manga wise. The show is quite similar to the manga (13)
  • I like cause of the fighting and jutsu

    Naruto is a really good show and my favorite is Neji, and Yagura. Show has really good fighting and good powers to use. The little hard thing is trying to remember a lot of important details the things cause it will be some how important further more into series. But this show is really good and i really like the Water Release Jutsus they made
  • wtfed

    the newset episode is already out on and its already been 8days wheres the new episode at on here

  • Naruto best

    come on people keep voting and fast do all 10 star rating and write a nice review of it.

    I also i wanted to say is that this Naruto series is so Awesome i love all the characters and i love all the episodes their are.


  • naruto

    best serie ever!
  • Revived Tayuya Edo Tensei

    is it just me or revived tayuya looks extra hot.
  • Love you for ever

    Best anime i never see I love you naruto
  • Empty Empty Empty

    It tries to be cute and it's not.

    It tries to be funny and isn't.

    It tries to be clever and it's transparent.

    Completely unoriginal garbage that goes nowhere and gives nothing to the viewer. You can watch 10 episodes and an hour later not remember a damn bit of what happened.
  • the show would leave no nostalgia

    i had watch hundreds of anime till the ending but naruto is now becoming a dissapointment. there were so many fillers and the non fillers is composed of flashbacks that doesnt move the story forward or help to understand the plot better. it is just there to lengthen the life of anime. having watch the anime for 10 years the anime owe its fans a good ending . i kind of know what the anime is aiming at- they will be re-airing shippuden at a more concise form after it has ended. just like full metal achemist to full metal alchemist brotherhood. ill not rate it as a whole but rate it by the show they had created from august 2012 to august 2013. gundam series is a 7 for me by that standard ill give shippuden a 2.5
  • i liked it i liked it alot

    its one of the best anime i seen but i dont get it that much like why does he turn into that wierd creature and where do they come up with the abilities but its funny and has great plot and charecters
  • Naruto shippuden question

    Does anyone know why they continue to make naruto shippuden fillers? I'm asking because there's a great amount of hate towards watching the fillers in most comment's I see towards the anime. Sometime's there's interesting filler's though most of the time there boring, so why so many filler's if fan's don't like them? I know the fillers are there to keep the anime away from the manga, but there's that question that keep's popping up, why do they keep making them? Why not go on hiatus instead of soiling what naruto used to be back in the day. If your reading this I don't care about the rating I just want know if you know why the people who make the show are doing what their doing, which is making all these fillers?
  • Fillers are Bleh!!!

    I'm really hating the fillers. There has only been 1 filler that I have ever liked and that was the Guren (Crystal User) Filler. It didn't go with the story but it was still pretty cool to watch. But the other fillers are pretty much all boring cr*p that causes people to not even want to watch the show anymore. And I was so excited to see that the fillers are finally gonna be done but now guess what, a week is being taken off. Why not just take a few months off instead of giving us these nasty fillers? I'd rather not be wondering if it's finally story or filler in the next weeks episode. These War Fillers are the absolute worst. Adding background stories for characters that don't even exist or adding horrible background stories to actual characters. (BTW My rating is for the actual story, not the fillers)
  • The main story is fine but...

    The anime is so overrun with fillers that it's hard to enjoy.

    Regardless of whether or not you've read the manga, the quality of the fillers on average are so bad it makes me stop watching for months.

    They do everything possible to stretch out the anime and quality suffers.

    Yall seriously have to watch your spoilers. You can review an anime without spoiling the whole god damn thing for everyone else. Seriously, spoiler tag your shit people.
  • watch naruto and naruto shippden

    i have watched naruto shippden from a long time and i only have one thing to say about this show it amazing it has an amazing story and it keeps on getting better and better i know there are alot of fillers but all animas do that does not make it a bad show this show has a twisted story and i think its an anime you must watch i love this anime i love its story line there is not an anime that can be as great as this anime the manga is really nice to ,i used to watch this anime dubbed but i stopped subbed is better and cause dubbeb it takes for ever to air online so prefer subbed ,trust me this show is worth watching and dont forget people who dident watch naruto then they shouldent watch naruto shippden cause they wont undertsand anything cause naruto shippden is like another season of naruto but it were the real story line and story really starts to take plaace it when u watch it you will understand watch this anime its the best
  • Spectacular

    Been watching Naruto since it came on Toonami. I must say I'm a Narutard. I prefer it subbed and it's great as a whole. Though I do have to saw the filler and flashbacks are annoying. Naruto will forever be the best anime ever. It's got good humor, awesome fight scenes, and interesting philosophies that make you think.
  • Awesome

    been watching this show since naruto was just a child and now its gone so much farther than i thought it would, one of the best anime only watch japanese version since english drives me crazy!
  • The Show as a Whole

    I can't speak for the american version because I can't stand The English voice for Naruto He sounds incredible lame in English which is partly why years ago I switched to watching it in Japanese. Shippuden in my experience is much darker and more mature. It has much more symbolism, edgier plots, more character involvement, etc. I like seeing the characters progress through out the show and seeing more in depth plots to constantly test them while providing important background information. In the first series they would mentioned quite a few things that were never fully explained until shippudden was made. I think in that way the play off each other very well. For example how they explained in full detail all about the nine tails, Naruto's mother and father, and even madara. I like how they are focusing on Naruto really trying to understand his power. Having him learning not to rely in full on the nine tails power is a much better approach then having that as his "ace" in the first series. I also do like that they still implement it a lot, but now he's learning to control it rather then be overwhelmed by it. Naruto is still hot-headed and rushes into battle, but at least now he's far more skilled and actually has interesting plans of attack. I remember watching the chunin exams in the first series and was so unimpressed with his idea to dig underground and surprise attack Neji to win the match. I thought to myself what a lame and almost cheap way of winning. Why did he have to win by enduring hits the whole round to end up surprise attacking for a victory? In Shippuden the way he dominates pain changed everything... The way he fights now is with much more skill than luck. Every character has a bigger role in this show. Even Sakura isn't completely useless. There are however some cons to this series. There are a lot of fillers and draw outs. Its like watching DBZ sometimes, just takes forever to beat one opponent. Another example of con would be Naruto still wanting to be friends with Saskue after all he has done. Realistically no one would go that far for another after that person has done so many horrible things. The show as a whole to me is much more enjoyable. I don't feel like i'm watching a kids show with this series, and I always feel like something interesting is always coming.
  • While Naruto vowed to me the best ninja the show had already become my favorite anime

    The show draws you in with a facinating and yet color world. The artwork complements the show and the story nicely. The charcters are very good and are three demisional they each have there own agendas and are very fleashed out. The actions scenes are great they are fun to watch and often make you want to see what happens next. The show doesn't rush the action scenes either it lets them take there time and captivate the audience. The script is tight and everything the character say makes complete sense knwoing there past and motivations. The villians in this show may just me the best part becuase they are either very evil vial people. Or we get the simpathetic villian who give the show the emotion and freashness that makes me enjoy it so much. The show establishes its own rules and plays by them to great extent always exspanding on it's massive universe. The show can be alittle confusing when you missed an episode or two but it doesn't take long to get cuaght up to speed. I can go on about this show forever. But it's not perfect the animation is colorful and draws you in but it's not the best I've nor is it very new. Also some characters feel like they are card board cut outs of characters we've seen before. At times there are even characters that I hate becuase they are annoying and are intrupting what I think would be great story telling. I do think it's the best anime I've ever seen though I love the things it does right.
  • sasuke rules - NOT

    @sasukesheringan: Are you blind? Sasuke didn't take down Bee...Bee fooled him with a clone kawarimi. Even Tobi told him he screwed up. Sasuke is a megalomaniac and egotistical beyond belief and too arrogant. If not for the Sharingan, he'd be useless.
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