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  • three words

  • fillerssss

    i like this anime very much because it is inspiring and can influence our thoughts very much but the fillers are too much and i guess all viewers are done with the fillers. soo please consider this issue and thank u for this wonderful anime
  • Finish the fucking anime you ***s

    Fuck this shiiiiitt, the fillers can suck my little diiiick.
  • Worse shonen

    When i first started watching naruto in 2012 i wondered how most people could say that One Piece was better. I was told to read on and continue watching.

    I did....

    One Piece is better. Naruto is probably plot wise and anime filler wise the worse shonen around.

    Thats a hard title to take with Bleach around but yep. Naruto has it, truely a wonderful pile of stuff...

    What the fuck............ fillers fillers fillers it really sucks. Hayato Date and Masashi Kishimoto what wrong with you damitttttttttt how much fillers left are you going to make 100 epi. of fillers. Stop this shittttt we want the war if not the stop this naruto shippuden, now really suck man. this is too muchhhhh. Dream and dream then flash back.. man a general person don't have this much dream and flash black than this fucking naruto flash back fillerssssss
  • Naruto Shipudden

    pls improve the quality of the anime, the recent episodes of naruto shippuden looks bizzare!!!

  • Disappointed in Naruto

    I have been a huge fan of naruto since 2009 when I first started watching it. But now I am getting very tired and disappointed of it due to the massive amount of fillers. Fuck dat!! I am done with Naruto. Masashi just fucked what could have been the best anime ever.
  • Naruto Still Rocks

    Ive been watching Naruto since it was on Jetix/Fox Kids when i was like 13 and i'm 22 now. I think personally its one of the best anime's out there as long as you skip out the fillers and just watch the canon and mostly canon episodes. The filler amounts are ridiculous i hadnt watched it since the beginning of january and I've caught up to the canon episodes. Dont take the fillers seriously go on and dont watch the fillers unless you're super bored and have nothing to do
  • This is pretty much where the series got screwed

    Now I'm not saying all of Shippuden is bad because there are some good moments, but this wasn't as good as the original Naruto.

    Firstly, the characters are arguably worse than before, especially the main characters. Naruto had barely changed when Shippuden started fighting wise. All that he was taught by Jiraiya was a bigger rasengan. Plus, now they bring up the whole prophecy thing where it was Naruto's destiny to have the life he has. It wasn't about working hard like he did before. I don't have much to say on Sasuke since we all know he got way stronger than Naruto in Post Time skip. Now where do I begin with Sakura? I WOW! It was going good at first like in the first arc where she helped Chiyo take down Sasori and it just went downhill after. She even lied to Naruto that she loved him just so he wouldn't save Sasuke. That's when I just hated her. I knew she was bad in the original but her character got worse from there. Then there's Kakashi who is just surrounded by plot holes. Has anyone noticed that he had his Mangekyo sharingan almost the entirety of the war, when in the Pain arc he was weak while using two lightning attacks AT THE SAME TIME? Did Kishimoto once again not know what he was doing? The other characters such as Shikamaru and Gaara are some of my favorites though (I miss Jiraiya btw :( ).

    The biggest disappointment of this show however is the fourth great ninja war. It gotten awful pretty much when Obito started to become the villain. His whole reason for doing because of Rin was so stupid. Not to mention you have Neji, one of the best characters in the series, die. It just seems out of nowhere, idk probably just me thinking that. Madara was actually pretty good, but the only problem is Kishimoto said himself that he had no idea how to kill him off. Being a writer, you can't have these things happen or it weakens the story. Even when he does get killed, we still get another villain named Kaguya who again, was out of nowhere. Do I even want to mention how boring she was? It just seems Kishi threw her in there to stall more time. LIKE WE REALLY NEEDED ABOUT 50 CHAPTERS OF THIS TRASHY ARC!!!

    And what's with all the fillers in Shippuden. Most of them seemed pointless anyways. But really, that's least of the show's problems to me. The whole last arc ruined Naruto to me and all because Kishimoto messed it up. But it's been a fun ride with the whole series and won't be forgotten. I just hate how it ended in a poor executed way. I'm still probably going to end up hating the live action movie that will come out, but if they do it based on this arc I wouldn't care. Plus, there's at least one good side to it ending. I can now catch up with One Piece.
  • You guys fcked this show up man!!

    Wow, you guys dissapointed me so hard, i am a huge fan of naruto and own the almost all Manga volumes, and what are you guys doing with my money... shit you guys are doing, fillers here fillers there, what's the point of doing these fillers????? I do understand that some are conclusing the characters but others just are made so that the fck Anime has more than 400 episode instead of 200 that the actuall plot has.... you guys wasted my time and i won't buy shit anymore for you guys so that you can waste it or get richer with it whatever. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who things like this maybe something like 50.000 people think the same or even more since Naruto has a big fanbase and you guys just want to dissapoint us and take our money.. it makes me rlly sad what happend to this show.. well waiting for the real last episode until then i won't even watch those ***ed fillers

    PS: Masashi Kishimoto you should feel ashamed what you did with this amazing story and what you did to your fans who believed in you and in Naruto
  • Just shoot me. Seriously.

    I've been addicted to this show since day one. After going through REALLY grueling fillers, waiting for the Sasuke episodes, I managed through it. I was a child then! I had more patience. MANY MANY YEARS LATER, its extremely disheartening to be teased the same way! If you care about your fan base, stop doing torturing us! This is ridiculous and I'm seriously losing all hope in this anime. At the end of this episode, I literally said "are you freaking kidding me. More fillers??" I'm going to Japan soon, and I would love to see what Japanese viewers think of this crud. Obviously many of us are loyal viewers. Play the good stuff, not just throw fillers everywhere. I've seen a calculation of the fillers, it was over 65% of the anime. I wouldn't recommend this anime to anyone. It's too bad I'm still in the trap, hoping and wishing for better episodes. Screw you guys. I regret ever watching this show. It's like a cat trying to catch a laser dot. Eventually we get bored, and I'm way passed that stage!!
  • A Huge Part of my Life

    I would honestly not not consider myself an anime fan, but just a Naruto fan. I can remember when the show first aired in the US back in 2005 on Toonami when I was 8 years old. I thought it was the greatest thing ever; it was instantly a huge part of my life, I was a faithful viewer watching a new episode each week on a Saturday night (when I was suppose to be in bed). I don't remember when, but it went off the air from Toonami and I was distraught. I was very young I had no idea how to find it. So then it was gone, but then I rediscovered it in 2010 to learn that Naruto Shippuden had started. Naruto Shippuden had already been airing since 2007 so I had a lot of catching up to do. My whole summer that year consisted of rewatching the whole first Naruto series and then catch up to the current episode of Shippuden. It is now 2015 and I am 17 years old. It has been almost 10 years and I am still in love with Naruto. When I watched The Last: Naruto the Movie it was so nostalgic that I honestly cried man tears. This show is a way of life, with the good times(canon) and yes the bad times(filler).
  • Naruto Shippuden : the Grow version

    Dear Naruto Producer ,

    I have a New character that could go in this . show and he is Naruto long lost cousin from the cloud village and you can add a demon that inside him is call ten tailed fox and his name is called Daruto Uzumaki and his daddy was naruto's father older brother and his mother was tenten father's sister.
  • Terrible.

    Once upon a time this anime was good when it actually had a plot. Even at the beginning you see it's an obvious copy of DragonBall Z. The sad part is they copied one of the greatest anime in history and still managed to ruin it. Fillers have nothing to do with this. This anime is filled with contradictions and broken laws they establish themselves. The story is terrible, he gets free power constantly without training, even if he does train he masters a jutsu it takes 50 years to learn in the course of a month, which it doesn't matter how talented you are, if one of the most gifted and strongest people in the world took 50 years, there's no reason it should be a month for naruto. Note that this isnt even a big deal. I used to think bleach fucked up, with all its fillers and such, but naruto took that failure and stepped it up to a point where i lost all hope for this anime, this writer, and these producers, its pathetic. You take what could be a very good story and violate it. This anime is made for children between the ages of 10 - 15, the ones that don't understand plot yet.
  • Naruto was good but Shippuuden sucked.

    It only had one plot and had many fillers. Why it cant be like one piece and have many plots and constantly be creative.
  • just watch it!! one of the best show

    good story ,good music ,almost perfect show....
  • Love this show so much

    It's easily the best thing I've ever seen on television.

    But dang it's time for a double episode soon, need one soooo badd!

    Wish this show was an hour long, only thing wrong with it. =)
  • .

    Ok hey guy! Imma a HUGE fan of Naruto!!! (And Bleac,Fairy tail,and One never knew it was going to start going up everyone gets stronger,smarter,and more favorite character is Neji he dies later I love how they made it look like a bit of reality when some people wasit Kasuma or Asuma?Well one of them dies and then Neji always get confised with Asuma and . >.
  • every kid in his dreams want to be like naruto ,and mostly like that world in reality

    hiii , guys i am form india, i like naruto series ,i am a huge fan of it, every child in his dreams thing that he have powers like naruto ,wowwww ,i love watching it,when he fights in series ,i enjoy as a second hand fun , uuu japans are really good at creating like this mangas ,who every he is i thank him for such a manga ,this series is legendary, like this series never comes or came before, but series is too big ,i grow form 12 years old to 20 yrs old ,hahahahaha
  • Way to Ruin top Manga

    I gotta say, the anime makers chose the best way to ruin the anime by keep on going with fillers, whenever they feel like it. I am really disappointed. 4/5 for actual episodes and 0 for all the fillers, which are almost 50% of total episodes.
  • Awwesome Idea By Masashi1

    I Didn't Ever Imagine That The Anime Will Go This Way. The Writer Masashi Is Awesome As He Wrote This Story. Man This Show Has Every Types Of Genres. I Never Expected This. You Should Watch This..........
  • May want to see more

    In 330 or so manga wise. The show is quite similar to the manga (13)
  • I like cause of the fighting and jutsu

    Naruto is a really good show and my favorite is Neji, and Yagura. Show has really good fighting and good powers to use. The little hard thing is trying to remember a lot of important details the things cause it will be some how important further more into series. But this show is really good and i really like the Water Release Jutsus they made
  • wtfed

    the newset episode is already out on and its already been 8days wheres the new episode at on here

  • Naruto best

    come on people keep voting and fast do all 10 star rating and write a nice review of it.

    I also i wanted to say is that this Naruto series is so Awesome i love all the characters and i love all the episodes their are.


  • naruto

    best serie ever!
  • Revived Tayuya Edo Tensei

    is it just me or revived tayuya looks extra hot.
  • Love you for ever

    Best anime i never see I love you naruto
  • Empty Empty Empty

    It tries to be cute and it's not.

    It tries to be funny and isn't.

    It tries to be clever and it's transparent.

    Completely unoriginal garbage that goes nowhere and gives nothing to the viewer. You can watch 10 episodes and an hour later not remember a damn bit of what happened.
  • the show would leave no nostalgia

    i had watch hundreds of anime till the ending but naruto is now becoming a dissapointment. there were so many fillers and the non fillers is composed of flashbacks that doesnt move the story forward or help to understand the plot better. it is just there to lengthen the life of anime. having watch the anime for 10 years the anime owe its fans a good ending . i kind of know what the anime is aiming at- they will be re-airing shippuden at a more concise form after it has ended. just like full metal achemist to full metal alchemist brotherhood. ill not rate it as a whole but rate it by the show they had created from august 2012 to august 2013. gundam series is a 7 for me by that standard ill give shippuden a 2.5