Naruto Shippuden - Season 11

Thursday 8:30 PM on TV Tokyo Premiered Feb 15, 2007 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Naruto's Vow
    Episode 21
    Naruto is almost done with his journey, he only needs to make one more stop for supplies before venturing on. His last stop is on the island, Land of Water. While there Naruto runs into Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi who are on a mission from the Hidden Stone. Will Naruto help his new friends on their mission, or will he simply continue on his way?moreless
  • 12/22/11

    With Naruto's group on the final stretch to the Land of Lightning, Yamato, Guy, and Aoba meet up to clarify their route and go over the true purpose of their mission. When the topic of calling for support comes up, Yamato and Aoba caution Guy that enemies could potentially disguise themselves as allies, down to their actual chakra. Meanwhile, Kakashi receives an SOS from Guy and rushes over to the group's ship in response. Guy, however, has no memory of sending an SOS, and gets paranoid over Yamato and Aoba's earlier warning, soon becoming convinced that Kakashi is an imposter. Can Kakashi convince Guy otherwise before things get out of hand?

  • Kiba's Determination

    Remembering the time at the Academy when Naruto was the underdog, Kiba becomes frustrated that Naruto has since surpassed him in strength and become the village hero. Kiba thus resolves to train to catch up to Naruto, and asks Kakashi for help doing so. Kakashi responds by summoning his ninja dogs to go up against Kiba. With the help of Akamaru, will Kiba be able to outmaneuver the trained hounds?

  • 12/8/11

    As Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji discuss events in the shadow of the upcoming war, they encounter Kosuke, the "world's strongest genin" whom they saved from a group of rouge ninja back when they were genin themselves. Shikamaru asks what Kosuke meant back then when he said it was the second time he was saved by the Ino-Shika-Cho trio, not recalling them saving him any other time. Kosuke then tells his story of the first time he was saved by the trio, albeit not exactly the same people.

  • Sai's Day Off
    Sai's Day Off
    Episode 17

    As Sai takes a break from his shinobi duties, he reflects on his times with Team 7, and ponders his bonds with Naruto and Sakura, along with the bonds the two share with Sasuke.

  • 11/24/11

    As Tenten has a sparring session with Lee, she thinks back to the time she was a little girl and determined to become just like Tsunade. Upon being made a genin, Tenten trained to the best of her abilities to become like Tsunade in all possible aspects.

  • 11/10/11

    Shino recalls to his three young students the time when he was defeated in physical combat by a rouge ninja, and vigorously trained thereafter with Kiba and Hinata to improve his taijutsu skills.

  • 11/3/11
    When stopping at a port on the way to the Land of Lightning, Naruto witnesses a princess kunoichi gracefully fight off a man who raves about taking her as his wife. As he goes on his way, he's stopped by the princess' guard who asks if he knows the whereabouts of one of Jiraiya's students, which Naruto happens to be. Upon discovering this, the guard gives Naruto a background of their village's customs before making a startling request.moreless
  • 10/27/11

    As the Hidden Leaf Village prepares for war, Konohamaru determines to figure out a way to get directly involved in the war itself in order to make himself distinguished among the shinobi. He, Udon, and Moegi visit Sakura, Shikamaru, and even Tsunade to ask about getting involved in the war, but to no success. When Temari arrives in the village to deliver a message to Tsunade, Konohamaru decides to challenge the former to a battle to prove himself capable for fighting in the war.

  • Naruto's Imposter
    Episode 12

    As Naruto and the others cross an island on the way to the Land of Lightning, they encounter a local thief named Banna who's been using Naruto's identity. After finding out that Naruto is the real deal, Banna challenges him to a battle to determine who the real one is which Naruto wins easily. A man named Iggy intervenes and says that he can deal with Banna, allowing Naruto and the others to continue on their way. Iggy is partners with Banna, however, and the former determines that they will continue to rob other islanders. Meanwhile, nearby mercenary ninja hear about "Naruto" robbing people on the island and decide to capture him to win some money.

  • 10/13/11

    Back at the Hidden Leaf Village, Hinata continues to train for the upcoming war, determined to get stronger. Tenten decides to organize a girls-only get-together at the local barbeque restaurant, prompting Choji to do the same thing for the boys. At the restaurant, the young Leaf ninja reminisce over the past, and talk about their purpose in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

  • The Closed Route
    Episode 10

    Seeing that Shikamaru is worried about his ability as a leader during the upcoming war, Shikaku signs him up for a delivery mission to help relieve the stress. Shikamaru is sent with Tenten to crescent-shaped Mokuzu Island where they meet up with Naruto's group before setting sail out of the island's bay. Things go wrong very quickly, however, as the group finds themselves in a repeated loop through dense fog, running up against jagged rocks and giant whirlpools, with Naruto, Guy, and Yamato quickly depleting their chakra keeping the ship from complete disaster. Can Shikamaru figure out what exactly is going on and come up with a plan before the group is dragged to bottom of the sea?

  • 9/29/11

    As Naruto and the others continue to the Land of Lightning, a powerful storm occurs during which Naruto calls for the assistance of his shadow clones to help keep the ship from capsizing. The shadow clones start to complain about being forced to work so much, however, and eventually rebel against the real Naruto; they tie him up and demand the same rights as him. When Naruto refuses, the shadow clones go on strike and hold up the ship at a nearby island, forcing Guy and the others to figure out how to save the real Naruto and stop his clones.

  • 9/22/11

    Naruto and the others arrive at a sea port to stock up on supplies before sailing through the next area of their journey: The Sea Route of Silence, where no wind blows and the ocean is devoid of life. There is a thin strip of moving water that the group can sail through, but it will take them two weeks to do so, and once they enter the sea route they won't be able to turn around. While at the port, Naruto buys a "moldmushroom" from a man who says that it will provide a last-resort source of food. Once the group sets sail from the port and enters the Sea Route of Silence, however, the mushroom starts multiplying extremely quickly until the group's entire two-week stock of food and water is destroyed and replaced by mushrooms. Not knowing whether the mushrooms are poisonous or edible, will Naruto and the others be able to survive the trip through the sea route?

  • Fight, Rock Lee
    Episode 7

    When the Leaf ninjas' ship once again gets caught in a storm, Guy once again comes down with a severe case of seasickness. As Naruto consoles him, Guy remembers the time when he drunkenly humiliated himself in front of Lee by getting into a fight in a bar. The morning after the fight, Lee didn't remember a thing, so Guy determined to give Lee some "special training" based on the bar's menu in order to keep it that way.

  • 9/1/11

    On the way to the Land of Lightning, a vicious storm whips up, and a giant bird appears, kidnapping Guy before flying away. After the storm clears Naruto and the others track the bird and Guy to a small island. While Aoba follows a mysterious village native into the woods to question her, Naruto and Yamato set out to find Guy. The island is more dangerous than it first seemed, however, as Naruto and Yamato are attacked by giant summoning animals everywhere they turn. Will they be able to muscle their way through the masses of creatures and get Guy safely back to the ship? What secrets does the island hold?

  • Battleship Island
    Episode 5

    Continuing on their voyage to the Land of Lightning, Naruto and the others find themselves under attack by a group of rogue pirates situated on a nearby island. Led by a vicious leader, the pirates destroy the bulk of the ninjas' ship, but Yamato is thankfully able to save the body and use his Wood-style jutsu to turn it into a submarine and escape from the pirates' cannon-fire by guiding it into an underground chamber beneath the island. Once inside the cavernous space, Naruto and the others discover that the pirates utterly wiped out the indigenous people who once lived on the island, took it over, and built massive cannons used to drive anyone else away. The shinobi decide that the original inhabitants of the island must be avenged, and Naruto comes up with a plan. Will they succeed in driving the pirates away from the island?

  • 8/18/11

    With the crew caught in a thick fog on the way to the Land of Lightning, Yamato tells Naruto and Aoba an old superstition of such fog and a group of crows signaling the arrival of a ghost ship. No sooner does he finish than a swarm of crows caw overhead, and a large and seemingly abandoned ship drifts toward them. Ignoring Naruto's fear of ghosts, Yamato and Aoba board the ship to stake it out, leaving Naruto no choice but to follow them. Naruto encounters a boy named Hishaku resolutely cleaning the ship, but there surprisingly seems to be no one else on board. Who is Hishaku, and what is the story of this mysterious vessel?

  • 8/11/11

    On the way to the Land of Lightning, Naruto, Guy, Yamato, and Aoba are forced to stop at a nearby island so that Guy can recover from extensive seasickness. The group meets Sakura, Ino, and Choji on the island, and Sakura explains that Tsunade sent them there to gather medicinal herbs in preparation for the impending war. Sakura coaxes Naruto into helping until Guy recovers, but as the four search for herbs, they find almost nothing despite the fact that Tsunade said the island was a treasure trove of them. Naruto and others soon find out why when they encounter three shinobi from the island of Benisu who also came to gather herbs, and gained a significant head start. Sakura determines that they can still collect herbs from the more remote areas of the island, but the Benisu ninja are set on gathering those as well. Can Naruto and the others make it to the last remaining herbs before the ninja of Benisu nab them all?

  • 8/4/11
    Naruto, along with Yamato, Guy, and Aoba, arrives at the Land of Fire's only harbor and prepares to embark for the Land of Lightning. Their voyage is put on hold, however, when they hear that a giant marlin, likely a summoning animal, is blocking all ships from leaving the harbor. Upon trying to take on the marlin, they end up saving a young fisherman named Yusuke. Yusuke explains that he wants to catch the summoning animal himself to avenge his father, whom the marlin killed, and only accepts minimal help from Naruto and the others. Can Yusuke accomplish his goal and catch the giant marlin?moreless
  • 7/28/11
    The Five Kage come together for another meeting to discuss how to set up their unified army against Madara. After they come to a unanimous decision to hide Naruto and Bee, the Raikage decides to have them sent to an island where he and Bee once trained. Following the meeting, Raikage grants a request from Tsunade for Bee to train Naruto to fully control the Nine-Tails. In order not to get Naruto riled up about the upcoming war, Tsunade tells him he's going on an S-Rank mission. Will Naruto start living out the prophecy proclaimed by the Great Lord Elder, and, in addition, finally learn how to tame the beast within him?moreless