Naruto Shippuden - Season 5

Thursday 8:30 PM on TV Tokyo Premiered Feb 15, 2007 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 6/4/09
    The battle for the Three-Tails comes to an end as neither the Leaf ninja nor Orochimaru are successful at obtaining it. Tsunade classifies the mission of catching it as a failure, for it is too dangerous to accomplish. As Naruto and the others prepare to return home, Yukimaru goes missing. Unbeknownst to everyone, Akatsuki lies in wait, and they have their own plans for the Three-Tails.moreless
  • Shattered Promise
    Episode 23
    The Sealing Team continue their efforts to seal the Three-Tails while Kakashi and the others go up against a monster created by the fusion of Kihou, Kigiri, and Nurari. Kabuto reveals Orochimaru's plans involving the Three-Tails and he and Naruto begin to fight. While protecting Yukimaru, Guren fights the real Rinji, who has been resurrected by Kabuto. When Guren sacrifices her life to save Yukimaru, Yukimaru's powers go into full effect. Now, in order to protect Yukimaru, Naruto prepares to go against the rampaging Three-Tails.moreless
  • Memory of Guilt
    Episode 22
    Katsuyu arrives to help the Sealing Team with the barrier. Naruto and Guren arrive to save Yukimaru from Rinji, but after Guren and Yukimaru have a brief discussion, Rinji reveals the truth about Guren to Yukimaru in hope that he'll make the Three-Tails go wild as a result of hearing it. What will Yukimaru's reaction be when he finds out that Guren killed his mother?moreless
  • 5/14/09
    The sealing team once again attempts to use the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier on the Three-Tails after Naruto and Guren are set free, whom are nowhere to be seen. Sai is ambushed, while Yukimaru is kidnapped by Kihou, Kigiri, and Nurari after Kakashi orders Sai to take Yukimaru to safety. The trio give Yukimaru to Rinji, who reveals to them the cost of the Cursed Seal. After that, the trio attempt to destroy the barrier but are stopped by Yamato, Shino, and Kakashi. Elsewhere, Rinji forces Yukimaru to use his powers. Where are Naruto and Guren with all of these events taking place?moreless
  • 5/7/09
    Yukimaru informs Kakashi and the others on Naruto and Guren's whereabouts and they attempt to free them with Yukimaru's help. Kiba, Tenten, and Lee once again battle Kihou, Kigiri, and Nurari, who gained more power from Kabuto. Naruto and Guren continue to search for a way out, coming across human-sized Three-Tails-like creatures, as well as illusions. Will Naruto and Guren ever find a way out?moreless
  • Strange Bedfellows
    Episode 19
    Sai, Hinata, Kiba, Yamato, Shizune, and Kakashi search for Naruto while Sakura and Ino are healing Yukimaru. Naruto and Guren find themselves swallowed by the Three-Tails and are attacked by miniature Three-Tails-like creatures. Naruto and Guren decide that they must work together if they are to escape from the belly of the beast. Meanwhile, Kabuto decides to help Kihou, Kigiri, and Nurari and orders them to get Yukimaru back at all costs.moreless
  • Red Camellia
    Episode 18
    Yukimaru stops the Three-Tails from killing Guren, but the Three-Tails then attempts to attack both of them. Rinji stabs Guren in order to trigger Yukimaru's Three-Tails-controlling powers, but his chakra reaches its limit. Naruto notices Yukimaru using his powers and runs off to find him, and soon finds himself fighting the Three-Tails alongside Guren.moreless
  • 4/16/09
    The Three-Tails gets trapped in the sealing barrier and Kabuto plans to destroy the barrier. While Guren fights Lee and Tenten, and Naruto and Shino stop Rinji from attempting to destroy the barrier, the Three-Tails breaks loose.
  • 4/9/09
    After Shino finishes gathering chakra for his insects, he goes up against Guren's Crystal Style. Elsewhere, while Shizune, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata are bringing the sealing barrier to the Three-Tails, they are being watched by Tobi and Rinji. Rinji decides to make a move.
  • 4/9/09
    The sealing unit prepares the sealing barrier while the other two teams go into battle with Guren and her henchmen. Naruto, Kakashi, and Sai stall Guren and Gozu while Shino prepares to go up against Guren's Crystal Style. Meanwhile, Lee goes up against Guren's other henchmen and gets trapped in their smokescreen. Can Lee find a way to defeat them?moreless
  • Regroup!
    Episode 14
    Shizune, Ino, Lee, and Tenten arrive, and Kakashi, Shizune, and Yamato discuss a strategy to seal the Three-Tails and rescue Yukimaru. Meanwhile, Kabuto and Rinji notice Guren's growing affection for Yukimaru and become concerned about it.
  • Everyone's Feelings
    Episode 13
    While Shizune, Ino, Lee, and Tenten follow Pakkun to the others' location, Naruto searches for Yukimaru to take him to the Hidden Leaf Village. It won't be that easy, however, as he comes face-to-face with Guren in the process.
  • Inside the Mist
    Episode 12
    The Three-Tails creates a thick mist that can create illusions, forcing everyone to leave the area. Elsewhere, Guren awakens by Yukimaru's side and discovers a dangerous side-effect to his abilities. Not willing to let Orochimaru get ahold of the Three-Tails, Tsunade sends a handpicked backup unit to detain it so that the Hidden Leaf Village may protect it.moreless
  • 3/5/09
    The Three-Tails rises from the lake and Guren attempts to capture it; it isn't going down without a fight, however. Kakashi, Naruto, Kiba, Shino, and Yamato follow the bat to their enemy's location and Kakashi has Naruto investigate the lake while he and the others distract Guren's group. Meanwhile, Akatsuki decides to make a move.moreless
  • The Target Appears
    Episode 10

    Naruto successfully breaks through the crystal labyrinth with his new jutsu and he and the rest of Team Kakashi come to Kakashi, Kiba, and Shino's aid, and rescue Hinata as well. Meanwhile, Kabuto, Guren, Yukimaru, and Gozu head to the lake that Kabuto and Yukimaru went to before. What could be in the lake that Orochimaru wants?

  • Not wanting Kakashi and Team Kurenai to interfere with Orochimaru's plans, Guren traps them in a crystal labyrinth. Kakashi and Team Kurenai are then attacked by Guren's crystal clones. Meanwhile, Team Kakashi arrives on the scene and attempts to break through the crystal wall.

  • The Unseeing Enemy
    Episode 8

    While Naruto continues to practice his Collaboration Jutsu with Gamatatsu, Kakashi, Kiba, and Hinata have a run-in with Guren's gang. Will Kakashi and Team Kurenai be able to defeat these strange foes?

  • The Two Charms
    Episode 7

    While Naruto continues his training with Gamakichi and Gamatatsu, Yamato, Sakura, and Sai prepare to leave and back up Kakashi's group. As Guren and her gang prepare to intercept Kakashi's group, Yukimaru grows concerned for her safety and gives her a charm in hope of a safe return.

  • A Night of Rain
    Episode 6

    Kabuto assigns Guren to look after Yukimaru. Guren isn't all too happy about the assignment, and things only become worse when Yukimaru falls ill on a rainy night. Elsewhere, Kiba discovers the mystery of where the dog whistle is coming from, and Tsunade sends assistance to Kakashi and Team Kurenai.

  • 7/9/09
    Having successfully recruited Karin, Sasuke seeks out the final person for his platoon, Jugo. Karin warns Sasuke and Suigetsu of Jugo's uncontrollable murderous instincts, but when they arrive at the northern hideout, they find another matter that they must attend to first. Meanwhile, shocking news reaches the ninja of the Hidden Leaf.moreless
  • Connecting Hearts
    Episode 5

    Naruto runs into unexpected difficulties as he trains with Gamakichi and Gamatatsu. While Kakashi's group searches for Guren and her gang, Yukimaru seems to develop interest in Naruto.

  • Encounter
    Episode 4

    Kabuto is up to something involving Yukimaru's abilities. While Naruto attempts to get along with his partner, Guren discovers the power difference between herself and Sasuke. What will happen when Naruto has an encounter with Yukimaru himself?

  • 8/20/11

    Kakashi leads Kiba, Hinata, and Shino on a mission to infiltrate Orochimaru's lair. What horrors and traps await them? Meanwhile, Sasuke ponders Orochimaru's interest in Yukimaru.

  • 8/6/11
    As Naruto recovers from his injury, Kakashi prepares to tell him the grim news about his new technique. Meanwhile, Sasuke secretly trains and has an encounter with a strange young boy.
  • The Price of Power
    Episode 1
    In the aftermath of the battle, Teams 7 and 10 return to the Hidden Leaf Village. After examining Naruto, Tsunade officially classifies Naruto's new technique as a Forbidden Jutsu and warns Kakashi never to let him use it again. What is the terrible secret of Rasen Shuriken that has left even Tsunade stunned by its power? Meanwhile, Orochimaru orders Kabuto to search for a woman who will help him reach his goal.moreless