Naruto Shippuden - Season 6

Thursday 8:30 PM on TV Tokyo Premiered Feb 15, 2007 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 1/14/10
    Killer Bee easily overpowers Suigetsu and Jugo, so Sasuke decides to take him on. Can Sasuke survive against the insanely strong Eight-Tailed Jinchuriki?
  • Battle of Unraikyo
    Episode 30
    Once Sasuke finally learns the truth about Itachi and the Uchiha Clan, he decides to join forces with Akatsuki with only one thing in mind: to take revenge upon the Hidden Leaf Village for the death of his brother. Before that, however, Sasuke must prove his loyalty to Akatsuki by capturing the 8-Tails. What kind of opponent will he and his team be facing at Unraikyo, and what are Sasuke's new powers?moreless
  • Truth
    Episode 29
    After Madara finishes telling Sasuke about his past, he reveals the unfathomable truth about Itachi's massacre of the Uchiha Clan. What really happened on that night? Why did Itachi join Akatsuki? And for what reason did he really spare Sasuke's life?
  • Fate
    Episode 28
    Seeking to gain Sasuke's trust, Madara reveals to him the origins of Konoha. Madara and the future First Hokage founded the village long ago, but a rivalry between them would one day stem a chain of events leading to THAT night, the night that Itachi Uchiha annihilated the Uchiha Clan.
  • The Mystery of Tobi
    Episode 27
    As Sasuke has finally fulfilled his goal in killing Itachi and avenging his clan, he collapses from exhaustion. The news of his victory reaches the Leaf ninja and Tobi, who both race towards Sasuke's location. What does Tobi plan to do with him and who will reach Sasuke first?
  • The End
    Episode 26
    Sasuke thinks that he's finally killed Itachi with the help of his most powerful technique, Kirin, but Itachi still has one final trick up his sleeve. Having used both Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu, Itachi calls upon the power of his third and final Mangekyo ability, Susano'o. Itachi has turned the tide of the battle against Sasuke, but the latter receives aid from an unexpected source. The battle between the Uchiha brothers is nearing its shocking conclusion!moreless
  • Amaterasu
    Episode 25
    After successfully breaking out of Itachi's Tsukiyomi, Sasuke gains the upper hand on his weakened brother. With no other alternative, Itachi activates his second Mangekyo ability, Amaterasu, a black flame said to burn forever.
  • Itachi reveals to Sasuke that Madara is the second culprit behind the Uchiha massacre, as well as the history of the Mangekyo Sharingan and the first two Uchiha to obtain it: Madara and his brother. One question still remains: Why did Itachi really spare Sasuke's life?
  • The Longest Moment
    Episode 23
    Sasuke's long awaited battle with Itachi begins with the Uchiha brothers throwing genjutsu after genjutsu at each other. Sasuke seems to have Itachi cornered and asks him a few questions of the Uchiha massacre. Is Itachi not the only one involved in the Uchiha massacre? And does Sasuke still not possess enough hatred to defeat Itachi?moreless
  • Banquet Invitation
    Episode 22
    During his search for his brother, Sasuke finally encounters Itachi. Sasuke attacks Itachi and finds out that it's just a shadow clone. Itachi tells Sasuke to meet him at an old Uchiha hideout where they'll settle things. Meanwhile, the Leaf ninja run into Tobi.
  • 10/29/09
    Jiraiya realizes that the six Pains are all ninja that he's met before. Putting various pieces of information together, Jiraiya figures out Pain's true identity, but Pain doesn't intend to allow Jiraiya to leave with that information alive.
  • 10/22/09
    Jiraiya is now confronted by two new Pains who both possess different abilities than the one he was fighting. Just who is Pain and how many Pains are there?
  • Honored Sage Mode!
    Episode 19
    Having no other choice against Pain's powerful and strange summonings, Jiraiya undergoes a powerful transformation to go up against Pain with the help of the Toad Sages. Will this Sage Mode be enough for Jiraiya to take on not only the Pain he's been fighting, but two more as well?
  • 10/8/09
    Having suspicions about the Nine-Tails' attack on the Hidden Leaf Village years ago, Jiraiya tells one of his frogs that the time may come when Naruto will need to access the fox's full power. His interrogations finished, Jiraiya sets out in search for Pain, but winds up encountering Konan instead. How will the reunion of Jiraiya and his former students turn out?moreless
  • Jiraiya infiltrates the Hidden Rain Village in hopes of gathering information on the Akatsuki leader. He captures two Rain ninja and interrogates them about Pain, but what he learns shocks even him.
  • In the Rain Country, Jiraiya decides to take care of three young orphans for a while. Yahiko, a spunky young boy, wants Jiraiya to train him, Konan, and Nagato to be shinobi, but it's not until he sees a strange phenomenon in Nagato that he decides to do so. What is the secret behind Nagato's Rinnegan eyes? What will become of these three children?moreless
  • During his time as a genin, Jiraiya becomes absorbed into learning the Summoning Jutsu after watching the future Third Hokage perform it. While training, Jiraiya ends up on Myouboku Mountain. There he meets the Great Toad Sage who predicted his arrival. See the origins of the Toad Sage Jiraiya!
  • Twilight
    Episode 14
    As Sasuke rests from his battle with Deidara, the Leaf ninja pick up on his trail. Noticing that they're being followed, Karin tries to send them in the wrong direction while the members of Team Hebi head to the nearest Akatsuki hideout in hopes of finding Itachi. What will happen when Naruto's search for Sasuke leads him to a solo encounter with Itachi Uchiha?moreless
  • Disappearance
    Episode 13
    By using himself as an explosive, Deidara creates an explosion ten kilometers in diameter, something not even Sasuke will be able to escape from. Is this the end of Sasuke? Elsewhere, someone approaches the Akatsuki leader and gives him orders to catch Naruto himself. Who is this true mastermind of the Akatsuki plot lurking in the shadows?moreless
  • Art
    Episode 12
    Sasuke's Sharingan proves to be superior against Deidara's explosives. Deidara creates one of his finest works, the C4 Karura, in order to take him down. What will Sasuke do now?
  • Clash!
    Episode 11
    A battle between Deidara and Sasuke begins! When Sasuke avoids Deidara's usual explosive attacks, Deidara decides to go with his C2 Dragon. Sasuke seems to be cornered by Deidara's C2 explosives, but he's far from being defeated.
  • The Hunt
    Episode 10
    Kakashi splits the two teams into five separate groups, each aided by a couple of his ninja dogs, in order to locate clues about Itachi and Sasuke's whereabouts. Unknown to everyone, familiar foes have set their eyes upon both Naruto's group and Sasuke.
  • Assemble
    Episode 9
    As Akatsuki begins to seal yet another tailed beast, Itachi and Kisame are warned that Sasuke and his group are after them. Both Konoha and Team Hebi prepare to move out for their quests to find Itachi, but Sasuke makes a little trip to an old Uchiha storage house first.
  • When Rin is taken hostage by the enemy ninja, Obito becomes determined to save her. Not willing to end up like his father, Kakashi would rather carry out the mission than save Rin. Can Kakashi and Obito work out an agreement? Will Rin be saved? Witness the shocking origin of Kakashi's Sharingan!moreless
  • Before the start of the series, during the Third Great Shinobi World War, a young ninja named Kakashi Hatake has just recently been promoted to the rank of Jonin. Together with his teammates, Obito Uchiha and Rin, and his mentor, the future Fourth Hokage, they set off on a mission to destroy a bridge and prevent the Stone ninja from getting supplies.moreless
  • Formation!
    Episode 6
    After successfully convincing Jugo to join his team, Sasuke finally has everyone he needs for his platoon. He names it Team Hebi, and explains the true reason as to why he gathered them all together. Back in the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto takes a guess on what Sasuke is planning and proposes a new plan to everyone: they must find and capture Itachi Uchiha.moreless
  • 7/2/09
    Sasuke and Suigetsu seek out the next member that Sasuke hopes to recruit for his team; Karin, a woman who controls one of Orochimaru's prisons. As Sasuke tries to convince Karin to join his team, Suigetsu releases Orochimaru's prisoners under Sasuke's order, but only on one condition.
  • Zabuza's Blade
    Episode 3
    Having defeated Orochimaru, Sasuke releases one of Orochimaru's test subjects, Suigetsu. Determined to put together a team to achieve his goals, he decides to request Suigetsu's assistance. Suigetsu agrees, but only if he's willing make a detour to the Land of Waves first.
  • Eye of the Hawk
    Episode 2
    Orochimaru reveals the true, hideous form his body has taken resulting from years of experimenting on it. Can Sasuke defeat this menacing form, or does Orochimaru still have a few tricks up his sleeve?
  • 6/11/09
    Orochimaru's body has reached its limit and the time for the ritual has come. Sasuke has other plans, however, and seeks to target a bedridden Orochimaru.