Naruto Shippuden

Season 1 Episode 9

The Jinchuriki's Tears

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 02, 2009 on TV Tokyo
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As the group travels to the Hidden Sand Village, Naruto realizes that Sakura doesn't know why Akatsuki is after him and Gaara. Has the time finally come to tell her the truth?

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  • Nothing special.

    Not that this episode suffers from bad execution, interruption of flow by shifting through different scenarios like the others have, but that nothing really happened in this episode. Lots of story development and some interesting twists, and the sob story with Naruto and Gaara was pretty sad, but other than the ending, nothing really grabbed your attention much. Admittingly though, the one thing that did, which is the whole business behind "The Siblings" and their connection with Sasori, was executed pretty well. It led from a half conscious Kankurou spreading the world to Baki who travels all the way up in the mountains acquiring the help of the past generation. Overall though, this episode isn't anything special.moreless

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    • Baki: Honorable Siblings, I've come to ask for your aid.
      Mysterious old woman: Antiques are supposed to be left alone up on a high shelf. What could we possibly do now?
      Baki: An organization called Akatsuki has taken Shukaku. Leaving things as they are will be disastrous.
      Mysterious old man: Your generation is in charge now. Deal with it yourselves.
      Baki: You have many contacts spread across all the countries, including the hidden villages we don't have alliances with. There's only so much information we can dig up on our own.
      Mysterious old woman: We've been retired for some time now. We're no longer tied to anything in this world. Although I'd have liked to see my grandson's face one last time.
      Baki: That's very convenient. Your grandson is a member of Akatsuki.

      ~Japanese version

    • Sakura: Naruto, you've met him before, haven't you? Itachi Uchiha. And he's after you. It's not like I did nothing but train for two-and-a-half years. I had full access to Master Tsunade's library and I used it as much as I could. And now I finally have a link to something I've always wanted to know more about. The person that Sasuke wants to kill is his brother, Itachi Uchiha. He's a member of Akatsuki. That's why Sasuke is with Orochimaru, trying to become more powerful. But Orochimaru's goal is to take over Sasuke's body, and we only have half a year left! Orochimaru was originally a member of Akatsuki. What I'm trying to say is the closer we get to Akatsuki, the closer we get to finding information on Orochimaru. And the closer we get to them, the closer we get to Sasuke!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Gaara and I... We both have monsters inside our bodies. That's what those guys are after us. I hate it! They just see us as monsters! I can't stand the way they see us! He was just like I was, and he fought all on his own a lot longer than I did. He's been targeted by Akatuski. We're in the same situation again! And despite that... Why does everything bad always have to happen to him? It's always him! That's why I can't waste a second! This time, I want to save him as fast as I can!
      Temari: (Thinking to herself after feeling one of Naruto's tears hitting her cheek) Naruto Uzumaki... Thank you.

      ~Japanese version

    • (Team Kakashi are heading to the Hidden Sand Village)
      Naruto: (Angry) I can't take this! I know why they're after Gaara and me. Sakura, you don't know, do you? Inside of me... The Kyubi is sealed inside of me.

      ~Japanese version

    • Baki: Thanks to Gaara, the Hidden Village of the Sand made it through with barely a scratch. But the price we paid was far too great.

      ~Japanese version

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