Naruto Shippuden

Season 11 Episode 5

Battleship Island


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Continuing on their voyage to the Land of Lightning, Naruto and the others find themselves under attack by a group of rogue pirates situated on a nearby island. Led by a vicious leader, the pirates destroy the bulk of the ninjas' ship, but Yamato is thankfully able to save the body and use his Wood-style jutsu to turn it into a submarine and escape from the pirates' cannon-fire by guiding it into an underground chamber beneath the island. Once inside the cavernous space, Naruto and the others discover that the pirates utterly wiped out the indigenous people who once lived on the island, took it over, and built massive cannons used to drive anyone else away. The shinobi decide that the original inhabitants of the island must be avenged, and Naruto comes up with a plan. Will they succeed in driving the pirates away from the island?

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