Naruto Shippuden

Season 8 Episode 21


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Nagato begins to tell Naruto his story, starting with his parents' murders at the hands of Leaf shinobi in the war-torn country of the Rain, and the awakening of his Rinnegan. All alone, Nagato takes to the road, running into a dog companion named Chibi and getting food when he can. Just when he thinks he's about to die of hunger, however, a girl named Konan appears and gives him bread, and takes him to a boy named Yahiko. Yahiko allows Nagato to join them, as long as he helps in stealing food for the group. The newly formed trio, along with Chibi, fend for themselves, until they eventually encounter a battle between Hidden Rain Leader Hanzo and Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru. In the aftermath, determined to learn ninjutsu to achieve his ultimate goal, Yahiko decides that the three of them will go and find the Legendary Sannin and request to be their disciples. Will they be able to find them, however, and if they do, will the Sannin accept this request?moreless
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