Naruto Shippuden

Season 11 Episode 1

The Five Kage's Decision

Full Episode: The Five Kage's Decision (23:19)

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The Five Kage come together for another meeting to discuss how to set up their unified army against Madara. After they come to a unanimous decision to hide Naruto and Bee, the Raikage decides to have them sent to an island where he and Bee once trained. Following the meeting, Raikage grants a request from Tsunade for Bee to train Naruto to fully control the Nine-Tails. In order not to get Naruto riled up about the upcoming war, Tsunade tells him he's going on an S-Rank mission. Will Naruto start living out the prophecy proclaimed by the Great Lord Elder, and, in addition, finally learn how to tame the beast within him?moreless
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