Season 3 Episode 33

360 Degrees of Vision: The Byakugan's Blindspot!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 24, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

In the beginning of the episode Neji uses Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Fours Palms and unleashes the attack on Kidomaru. Neji thinks that he has defeated Kidomaru but it turns out that Kidomaru protected himself with a golden shield right before Neji attacked him. Neji decides that attacking his pressure points will not work. Kidomaru decides that he can't engage in close combat because of Neji's Gentle Fist and, that he will have to attack in long range. Kidomaru then attacks with a kunai with an exploding tag. It turns out that it is a fake and that it was a diversion for Kidomaru to get behind Neji. Kidomaru then attacks Neji with multiple kunai and thinks that he has caught Neji off guard. Neji proves him wrong by using Eight Trigrams: Heavenly Spin, which he spins around really fast expelling chakra from his body surrounding himself with chakra. Neji then attacks Kidomaru with a kunai but he dodges it. Kidomaru then activates his curse seal. Kidomaru then summons a giant spider. The giant spider does an attack that creates multiple of spiders. Neji does Eight Trigrams: Heavenly Spin again and the spiders are deflected. Neji stops because using that technique uses up a lot of chakra. Kidomaru sees this as an opportunity and throws a kunai straight at him. Neji is caught off guard and barely dodges it. Kidomaru then unleashes another barrage of kunai but, Neji dodges all of them. Right after the batch of kunai, the Giant spider unleashes another barrage of spiders. Neji then uses Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four palms and tries to destroy them all. Neji quickly realizes that there are too many spiders. He then stops and uses Eight Trigrams: 128 Palms. Neji is a lot much faster and hits every spider. The Giant Spider then attacks with an even larger amount of spiders. Neji, even using Eight Trigrams: 128 Palms, discovers that there are just to many. Neji concludes that Kidomaru is the strongest person he has ever fought. Kidomaru discovers that Neji has a blind spot.

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