Season 1 Episode 6

A Dangerous Mission! Journey to the Land of Waves!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 08, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • This is something you would expect from watching anime.

    At the end of the episode you kind of feel like there is always a thing that seems boring at first and then it turns out to be something completely exciting. I kind of didn't expected to see the Demon Brothers. I liked their style and also the way Naruto stabbed himself to make it more dramatical. In a way this was just an episode with the same base of anime (where something boring turns out to be fun) and the change of setting. Altogether this episode was good to watch and let all that stress out, but it was not something to be hysterical about.
  • good episode

    Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are headed after the target in accordance with Kakashi-sensei's training. They pounce and capture a cat, thus completing "Operation Capture Tora the Lost Pet" for Madam Shijimi, wife of the Country of Fire's Feudal Lord. She is thrilled to pieces.

    Soon they are ready for their next ninja training mission: babysitting Yojyu-sama's boy, grocery shopping, etc. Naruto starts whining that he's sick of these stupid missions and he is soon scolded by Iruka sensei. Hokage-sama then explains what missions are. People come to the village requesting tasks every day. Those tasks are then separated into the difficulty levels A, B, C, and D, just as ninjas are separated into Hokage, Jonins (Elite - like Kakashi sensei), Chunins (Commoners - like Iruka sensei), and Genins (Cadets - like Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke) according to their abilities. A tasks are assigned to the Jonins, B and C tasks are assigned to Chunins and C and D tasks are assigned to Genins. When the Hokage finishes, Naruto has stopped listening to him. Naruto meanwhile is talking to his teammates about Ramen. The Hokage shouts and Naruto shouts back. To stop Naruto from shouting Kakashi hits him in the head.

    Naruto still isn't convinced and decides to sit and hold his breath. Hokage gives in and assigns the ninja cadets a C task. A drunken man enters and insults Naruto. He then introduces himself as the bridge building expert Tazuna. Their task is to protect his life while he finishes building his bridge.

    As they journey towards the Country of the Wave, Tazuna again insults Naruto, which again makes him angry. Sakura then asks Kakashi if there are also ninjas in the Country of the Wave. He answers that there aren't, but explains that there may be hidden ninja villages equivalent of the country's military powers. They maintain their relationship with neighboring countries, but aren't under the control of the country. Supposedly, they are equal in position. However, because the Country of the Wave is so small, they don't need a ninja village. The five hidden villages of the countries of fire (Hidden Village of Konoha (Leaf)), water (Hidden Village of Mist), lightning (Hidden Village of Cloud), wind (Hidden Village of Sand), and earth (hidden Village of Rock) make up the Five Great Ninja Powers. Their leaders carry the name of 'Kage'. Hokage, Mizukage, Raikage, Kazekage and Tsuchikage are known as the 'Five Kages' that reign over the tens of thousands of ninjas. When Sakura and Naruto hear that, they immediately doubt Hokage's abilities. Then Kakashi shouts and knows that the two are doubting the Hokage. They started to panic and then Kakashi tells them that there are no ninja battles in a C-rank mission.

    They start to head towards their destination. Suddenly, two ninjas with wraith like characteristics jump out from a puddle of water and kills Kakashi sensei. Naruto is next, but Sasuke fights back and takes out their chain weapons. With their weapons gone they start to head towards Tazuna. Sakura gets in front of him and Sasuke gets in front of Sakura. Then Kakashi-sensei comes to the rescue and takes out the two ninjas. It turns out that Kakashi used the replacement technique. Naruto was poisoned from the battle and startled that he couldn't do anything while Sasuke was calm and unafraid.

    Kakashi explains that their two attackers are Chuunin ninjas from the Hidden Village of Mist known as the Demon Brothers. They are trained to keep fighting no matter what the cause. Kakashi knew about them because there was a puddle on the ground. He thought that was strange because it hasn't rained in several days. He waited to learn who their real target was. He then reprimands Tazuna for not revealing the actual difficulty level of the mission, which is not C but above a B. Sakura wants to give up and go back to the village. Naruto isn't ready to yet. He pulls out his kunai (throwing knife) and thrusts it into his wounded hand, vowing to become stronger and to protect the old man with his kunai. Kakashi asks to look at his hand and observes the wound has already started to heal. He says that this is the power of the nine-tailed fox. Naruto asks him if he is going to be okay because he had a weird look on his face and he says that Naruto will be fine. They continue as planned.

    Meanwhile, the man who hired the Demon Brothers is perturbed that they couldn't get the job done and rants to another ninja.
  • Team 7 gets their first C rank mission.

    The show begins with team seven (Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura) out in the woods tracking down something. What follows is funny and silly. After finishing that mission, they go to see the Hokage. He is about to assign them another D rank mission, but Naruto makes a scene. After a noisy Naruto is quieted by Kakashi, the Hokage decides to go ahead and assign them a C ranked mission. They are to escort a bridge builder to his homeland, The Land of Waves. On the way, team seven is ambushed by chuunin from another village. It seems there is more to this mission.....
  • They go on a "C" rank mission.

    Ah, this was pretty cool. Because Naruto was so extremely whiny, the group was allowed to go on a C rank mission. Well, that's one way of advancing further. So, they are to transport this dude, and it's supposed to go without much trouble. However, they get attacked by these awesomely cool ninja! Seriously, those dudes were awesome! Anyway, they seemingly rip Kakashi to pieces. However, he used that replacement technique. So easy to understand. Oh, and Sasuke almost owned them. But then Kakeshi revealed himself again, and owned those ninja instantly! Then, he says that ninja attacking equals at least a B rank mission. Ooh, awesome! Anyway, this was without doubt a very cool episode!
  • New Mission

    Naruto feels that he is getting small missions and is not getting missions that include a lot of action which is what he really wants. Naruto feels threatened because Sasuke does the missions easily. As always Sasuke does great in each mission. The team is sent to escort Tazuna to the Land Of The Waves and it seemed like a small mission but the team gets attacked. Sasuke easily beats them. I liked this part of the episode because it showed how talented Sasuke is when fighting. Naruto feels threatened even more because he sees how Sasuke is so well at fighting and how he (Naruto) just stood there in fear. Sasuke taunts Naruto because of it.
  • Another good episode

    This episode is about, well, Naruto and his team where sent on a mission, to capture a lost cat. But Naruto thought it was stupid, that all of the missions, where kids play. So the Third Hokage gave Team 7, a C-Rank Mission So now they have to escort a bridge builder to the Land of Waves. Soon after departure, they were attacked by two chunin-level ninjas while on there way, so Kakashi noticed that the ninja where after the bridge builder, so he figured that it should have been either a B or an A Rank mission, and well this continues into the next episode, so thats pretty much all for this one see.
  • good ep

    naruto, sasuke, and sakura are on another action packed mission.....or not. they capture a cat named tora and bring it to it's owner. big deal. naruto asks for a better mission and the hokage seems to accept. he gives squad 7 a C ranked mission: protect a master bridgebuilder so his people can escape poverty. along the way kakshi explains the different villages and kages. soon after they are ambushed by 2 chunin ninja. kakashi takes them both out and sakura and sasuke gat praises while naruto doesn't. he takes out the poison in his hand that the 2 chunin made and swears to never run away.
  • A Dangerous Mission! Journey to the Land of Waves! (1-6) First episode of the Wave Country Mission arc

    This episode starts as Team 7 track down a runaway cat. They manage to capture it, and bring it back to the village. Upon arriving at the village, they give the cat to its rightful owner, and the Hokage looks over a list of possible missions, for one that he can assign to Team 7. Once he reads through the list (it includes babysitting and picking potatoes) Naruto starts complaining about getting such boring missions. Lord Hokage then goes into explaining that missions are sorted into 4 groups, A/B/C/D, and the ninja are also sorted into groups. D rank missions are given to genin, B and C rank missions are given to chuunin, and A rank missions are given to jounin. Naruto ignores everything Lord Hokages says, and then is lectured by Iruka. Lord Hokage then decides to give Naruto a C rank mission, one usually reserved for chuunin rank ninja. Their new job is to protect Tazuna, the bridge builder, until he can get home safely. On the path, Sakura asks Kakashi about the various other hidden ninja villages. Kakashi tells her that there are 4 other hidden villages, each with their own customs and their own leader. Their leaders are also given the name of kage, or shadow. Kakashi then reads the worry on Sakura's face, and tells her not to worry, and that there won't be any real ninja battles in a C ranked missions.

    Just after he says this, he is ambushed by two ninja, known as the demon brothers. He is killed, and then the two foreign ninja move towards Tazuna. Sasuke jumps in the way, and manages to take out their chain. They then attack with their claws. Just before they get to Sasuke, Kakashi jumps in and saves them. It turns out that he used a replacement jutsu, and is safe after all. The only injury was Naruto, who's hand was stabbed by a kunai, which turns out to be poisoned. Kakashi then explains that their attackers were two Chuunin class ninja from the Hidden Village of the Mist. He explains that he saw puddles on the ground, when it hadn't rained for days. When Tazuna furiously asks him why he didn't take out the enemy ninja earlier, Kakashi tells him that in the mission report, they were to be protecting him from highwaymen and common thieves. There was no mention of enemy ninja trying to take his life. Kakashi then wonders whether to return to the village or not. He tells Naruto that the poison will enter his system, and will need either immediate medical attention, or a clean flow of blood.

    Naruto turns his back, and stabs himself with his kunai. He swears that he will become stronger, and will protect the bridge builder Tazuna with all his strength. Kakashi takes a look at the wound, and tells him that he overdid it, and that he may bleed to death. Naruto is worried, and starts to panic, but on closer inspection, the wound has already healed, and Kakashi thinks that its the chakra of the nine-tailed fox inside of him.

    Meanwhile, a mysterious short figure verbally assaults a taller, muscular, and fearsome ninja. The ninja responds by telling the other figure that he is Momochi Zabuza, and that he will get the job done!

    This episode is a pretty good one in my opinion. It introduces a new arc to the series, the Land of the Waves arc. It combines action, and a sense of humor. It also introduces the other ninja villages. This episode gets a 9.1 out of 10, due to the fact that there was not too much action, and it was more of a filler to begin the arc.
  • to the land of waves!

    naruto, sasuke, and sakura are on another action packed mission.....or not. they capture a cat named tora and bring it to it's owner. big deal. naruto asks for a better mission and the hokage seems to accept. he gives squad 7 a C ranked mission: protect a master bridgebuilder so his people can escape poverty. along the way kakshi explains the different villages and kages. soon after they are ambushed by 2 chunin ninja. kakashi takes them both out and sakura and sasuke gat praises while naruto doesn't. he takes out the poison in his hand that the 2 chunin made and swears to never run away.
  • A Great episode.......

    This episode is about, well, Naruto and his team where sent on a mission, to capture a lost cat. But Naruto thought it was stupid, that all of the missions, where kid play. So the Third Hokage gave Team 7 A, C Rank Mission So they have to escort a bridge builder to the land of waves. But they get attacked by two chunin while on there way, so kakashi noticed that the ninja where after the bridge builder, so he figured that it should have been either a B or an A Rank mission, and well this continues into the next episode, so thats pretty much all for this one see ya! :)
  • Naruto goes on his first "Real" Mission.

    Okay, the episode started out with team 7 rescuing a cat. They complete they mission. Naruto was bored that he didn't get any "real" missions. He told the 3rd Hokage that if he wants to become a Hokage, he have to do harder missions. So the 3rd Hokage gave team 7 a C rank mission. The mission was to guard a bridge builder. They protected them bridge buider then the Demon Bros. came out from a puddle to attack the bridge builer. They attacked Kakashi and sliced him to pieces but it was only couple of logs. Kakashi helped them out and won. Kakashi asked them why they were ambushing the bridge builer and they told them's their maneger wants the bridgebuiler. Then they heads off to to protect the bridge builder.
  • Nice episode.

    This episode was good. The beggining was funny and how Naruto was always screwing things up poor him, he always seems to get the bad end of the stick, I guess. Naruto is always complaining about getting boring missions and stuff and he gets a good one, well, not what he expected. Yay for Sasuke actually doing good, Naruto got his arse whooped and Sakura and Sasuke should be a couple they rule together yeah sorry but I am a big shipper for them yayz. Kakashi is well there. It was funny when Kakashi was like "Naruto, if you lose anymore blood you will die" and things. Well, it was a nice episode.
  • First on Journey Mission.

    This Episode doesn't have a whole lot other than the very end of the show.

    The first part was basically the Kakashi's aquat doing some low ranking missions such as find the missing cats or do some chores for the village people.

    Finally Naruto gets a better mission where he and his squat goes on a journey protecting this Bridge Builder. It was really cool when Sasuke took care of the first enemies by himself where Naruto just froze with fear and got scratched with the enemies' posion claws.

    That Nine Tailed Fox chakra that is inside Naruto must be nice to have because it sure healed Naruto's cut on his hand and got rid of the poison that was going to affect him.
  • Naruto has a large and colorful cast of characters, running a gamut of detailed histories and complex personalities, and allowing many of them their fair share in the spotlight; they are also seen to grow and mature with the series

    The show opens this time with Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto checking in with Kakashi via headphones. The three act with military skill and study the situation, their actions are fluid as they work as a team and eventually come to their target. It turns out to be a lost cat, which in turn starts attacking Naruto while the others watch and confirm the success of finding the lost cat with Kakashi. Naruto then yells at Kakashi because all they have been doing are boring missions, and he wants more exiting ones. With the mission a success, the Hokage reads them their next missions, which consist of babysitting, grocery shopping at another town, and helping dig up potatoes. Naruto promptly refuses in grand Japanese style with a big X style arm motion, complaining that he wants to do more exciting missions. Both Sasuke and Sakura agree in their minds. Iruka then gets annoyed and reprimands Naruto for his outbursts. Naruto, still complaining, takes a well placed knock on the head from Kakashi to shut him up. The Hokage then proceeds to lecture Naruto on what the job of a ninja really is and that jobs range from babysitting to assassinations. He then explains the ranks of the jobs they're in."A" type missions being the most difficult and dangerous, they are left to the Jounin or elite class of ninjas, like the Hokage and Kakashi. "B" type missions are in the mid range and are preformed by the Chuunin or commoner class of ninjas like Iruka. "C" type missions can be done by both Chuunin and Genin or cadets. "D" type missions are the easiest and there for best suited for genin class ninjas. Each class brings a certain cost to the client and is there for revenue for the village". Having finished his rant, Naruto and the others are paying no attention to the Hokage at all and Naruto is talking about what ramen he is going to eat tonight. The hokage yells, yet undaunted by the verbal thrashing he just received, Naruto stands his ground, saying that he is no longer the child prankster he once was, turning his back holding his breath like a kid. Understanding how he feels, the Hokage decides to give the team a C rank mission. The mission is to escort a certain person. The hokage then tells the person to come in. The door slides open to reveal an old man drinking sake out of the bottle, he make several comments about there age and size and really pisses Naruto off. He then introduces himself as Tazuna, an expert bridge builder and states that the job is to get him safely home and protect him till the bridge he is building is done. As the next scene opens we see the flash of a figure jump through the trees and run. Then it pans to the large gates outside of the hidden leaf village and the five figures walking out. Taking the lead, Naruto proclaims his excitement, having never been out of the village and Tazuna makes a comment about Naruto's ability. Making naruto mad, he reprimands the old man and states his dream of one day becoming hokage. The scene flashes to once again show a figure running through the forest. Tazuna responds to Naruto's claim with more snide comments and sends naruto into a fit. The five continue on unaware of the eyes that are upon them, as they walk, Sakura starts asking questions about the country where they are heading to. Kakashi fills them all in about the 5 major countries and the hidden ninja villages within each country, and puts to rest Sakura's fears of them having to fight with other ninjas on this mission. As our friends walk along the scenic path, they pass a small puddle that catches Kakashi's eye for a second. Once past the puddle, a head emerges from it, then a body. One figure is thrown and a chain, trailing from one arm, is wrapped around Kakashi. Taken by surprise, Kakashi body is torn to bloody shreds by the barbed chain that the two attacking ninjas have attached to thier armguards. Shocked by the sudden attack and death of Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto scream out. The two ninjas surround Naruto while he is petrified with fear and go in for the kill, but Sasuke thinking fast, tethers there chain to a tree with a well placed shuriken and kunai combo. He then proceeds to land on there arms and kick both of them, they quickly detach the chain and split up, one attacking Naruto and the other going after Tazuna. Sakura, shaken by all the sudden activity, stands her ground as one of the ninjas bares down on the two. Sasuke rushes in front and readies for the attack, when out of nowhere the ninja get attacked by Kakashi. Now holding both ninjas, having used the replacement technique to evade any injury. He apologizes to Naruto for not being fast enough to stop him from getting hurt and compliments Sasuke and Sakura on a job well done. Naruto is mad at the fact that he could do nothing while Sasuke did all the work. Sasuke then asks Naruto if he is alright and calls him ”Mr. Scaredy Cat”. Naruto yells at him only to be stopped by Kakashi with the news that the ninjas claws were poisoned. Naruto's wound needs to be leeched or Naruto will die, Kakashi also tells Tazuna he wishes to talk with him. With the two ninjas securely tied to a tree, Kakashi tells them how he knew they were being followed and why he let the ninjas attack, Kakashi wanted to see who their target was. He then reprimands Tazuna because he lied in the job description just because he could not afford to state what the real problem was. Faced with the new information and an injured Naruto, the group decides to go back to the village. Naruto pulls out a kunai and thrusts it into his hand, releasing a gush of blood. Naruto then states that he will no longer be a burden to the group and that the mission is still on. Kakashi congratulates Naruto on his bravery but then tells him that he will die of blood loss if he does not take care of the wound. Naruto flails around and shows Kakashi his hand, but because of the nine tails demon sealed inside of naruto it is already healed. They patch things up and move on The final scenes in this episode are in a large dark tree house where we find a vary short man yelling at some ninjas for failing at their job. Then one of the ninjas sitting down with a wrapped mouth and face pulls out a huge decapitating sword. Stating that he will get the job done. We then find out that the two ninjas that were just beaten were called the Demon Brothers. The name of the ninja in the tree house is Momochi Zabuza from the Hidden Mist Village.
  • Naruto complains about not getting good missions and finally gets what he wants. But it isn't exactly what he had in mind.

    Beginning of the Journey to the Land of Waves Ark. Naruto complains and complains about not getting good missions like the higher ranked ninja get. Finally the Hokage gives Team 7 a C-ranked mission: to protect a bridge-builder named Tazuna. Naruto also complains about this. But once they get out of Kohona nd into the forest, things turn messy. Twin ninja from the Village Hidden in the Mist (the Mist Village) attack the group. When the group finshes them Naruto must cut himself to eject the poison. It actually shows him doing it (Japenease Version.) The first apearences of Gato and Zabuza.
  • Decent episode

    In this sixth episode of Naruto we get to see team Kakashi for the first time in real action. The Konoha hokage decides to assign to them a c rank mission of protecting a certain architectural builder of bridges. Even though Naruto is really excited and is about to go all out for this mission the builder is really dissapointed in the shinobi the hokage assigned for his protection (maybe he is hiding something hehehe). While on their way to the country where this client wants to arrive safely they encounter two shinobi assasins. For the first moment Naruto realizes that he is incapable of doing anythinf since the ones who actually saved the cliant were kakashi and Sasuke.
  • Naruto's such an idiot

    So Naruto gets tired of doing simple missions, like babysitting, and cutting grass, and saving cats from trees and sutff like that. He tells Iruka and Lord Hokage that he wants to do something better, so Lord Hokage gives him and Team 7 a C ranked mission to be body guards to an old bridge builder names Tazuna, who thinks Naruto's a dorky doofus, like Sasuke and Sakura do. Later the group finds out that Tazuna had people after him to kill him, and Kakashi gets mad and told him he should've told Lord Hokage that so he wouldn't have sent out three Genins and a Jonin. Episodes later, they realize they got themsleves more into than they could handle.
  • naruto trys to act cool

    i loved it when naruto acts all cool and omportant then kakashi comes in all calm and tell him he will die if he dosent stop the belding,then naruto startes to panic. i loved the line naruto it would be a good idea to stop belding now, serecly stop it. that was so funny. saska was a total jerk calling him a frady cat, but that will come back on him in a bit. that is what i like about naruto as a show and a character the compansion of hummor and sereus ideas, it workes well in a balench
  • Zabuza vs. Team 7. It's gonna be nice.

    The next day, Kakashi tells the team that they must pass a survival training. This is the method by which the Jōnin decides if the team passes or fails. Pass means they become Genin, fail means they go back to the Academy.

    Kakashi's method is simple: take two bells from him, and they pass, however, to do so is extremely hard. Comparing the sensei to his students, Kakashi is a Jōnin while Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are merely Academy graduates. By noon, no bells have been acquired, and Kakashi reveals that the underlying problem is the team's lack of teamwork. Naruto's stupidity, Sakura's obsession with Sasuke, and Sasuke's arrogance prevent the team from working well together.
  • Naruto will not accept D-rank missions...A review from an Artist.

    Naruto is as anxious as ever to go on a higher ranked mission so the hokage allows them to go on a C - rank mission. The mission is to protect a * cough * * cough * rude * cough * * cough * bridge builder. The bridge builder's name is Tazuna. Tazuna tells them all that it is a C - ranked mission. The mission is actually a B - ranked mission. Sakura Harunon , Sauske Uchiha , Naruto Uzimaki , and Kakashi - sensi ( Kakashi Hatake ) embark on a long mission. This is my masterpiece.
  • Dun Dun! The Next Arc! The Village Of The Waves! A GReat Way To Introduce This Arc! Believe It! Dattebayo! OK. I'll Shut Up Now.

    Dun! Dun! The Next arc! The Vllage Of The Waves! A Great Way To Introduce This arc! Believe It! Dattebayo! OK. I'll Shut Up Now. Anyways, This Arcs About Naruto And Gang Going On A REAL Mission. No Regular Mission, But A C-rank. This Emotional Arc Is Making Me Cry. Too Much Blood In This Arc Too.
  • I like this one. No, I love this one. It is nearly my favorite EP of all time!

    This was really good. It was cute, it was funny, it had action and a lot of Ninja stuff that I didn't understand. I love in the beginning where it looks like their going on an important mission, and it turns out that they are rescuing a cat!

    I also love where Kakashi punches Naruto in the head, making him fall to the ground, and says, "Put a lid on it, will you?" Soo cute.

    Anyway, they get a tougher mission than saving a cat; to protect someone. Then Tazuna (The guy their protecting) walks in, and makes some comment about Naruto being small, and stupid, and Naruto tried to attack him, only to be held back by Kakashi, who is calmly telling Naruto he's not allowed to attack the old man they were assigned to protect.

    As the EP goes on, they are attacked, and Naruto get's hurt. So, in order to get rid of the poison, Naruto stabs his hand so the blood will flow more freely. Then Kakashi says, "Uh, Naruto, it was really cool how you got rid of the poison and all, but uh, if you bleed anymore, your going to die." I was laughing, and rewinding and rewatching it again and again.

    The action in this was wonderful, and I liked the interaction between the characters. I think that the makers of this show/Manga really knew what they were doing. They put three totally opposite people on one team, and it had a great effect.

    All in all, wonderful EP.

  • Great way to introduce the new arc.

    Naruto, after completing a mission where he has to locate a lost cat, is tired of being fed with simple missions, and demands of Iruka and the Hokage to give him at least a C ranked mission. The Hokage, who is pleased with Naruto's maturity development, grants him his wish. Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and Sasuke, have to escort an old man to the country of wave and protect him in completing the bridge from robbers and gangsters. But on the way there, they encounter two Chuunin ninjas that were aiming to kill the person Kakashi and his group were escorting. Kakashi however, was too powerful. Kakashi then makes the old man spill the beans. He didn't have enough money to afford an expensive B ranked mission, so he tried his luck with getting C class ninjas. In a rich mansion elsewhere, the person who hired the two ninjas is disappointed that he's paying these ninjas so much, and has only received lackluster results. But the strongest ninja, who weilds a sword bigger than himself, is determined to succeed.

    It was great how they set things up for the next arc, like how Kakashi fooled the two enemy chuunin ninjas in thinking he was dead, and even fooling the old man he's escorting by witnessing who these ninjas were targeting. These little things are just so intriguing. What was pretty sad is how Naruto saw himself as an inferior when Sasuke was able to handle those two chuunin ninjas so exceptionally well, and he was only able to stand still in fear. Then the flashbacks roll of him working really hard on ninja techniques and physical work outs. These things just make you want to pity the character.
  • Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto get a level c mission

    Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto have to do small, stupid and pointless missions like captureing lost pets and other pointless missions. Naruto complains that he is sick of these pointless missions. So Hokage gives them the task of guarding an old man, Tazuna. He introduces himself as the bridge building expert Tazuna and insults Naruto. And they begin to go to where tazuna wants to go, the Land of Waves. Then Sakura asks Kakashi if there are ninja in other contrys but Kakashi say no but there are other dangers and he explains that there are five contrys, the contry of fire, water, lightning, wind, and earth. Their leaders are named Hokage, Mizukage, Raikage, Kazekage, and Tsuchikage. Then suddenly two men come out of nowhere and attack and kill Kakashi. Then they attack Naruto but Sasuke saves him and Kakashi reveals he isn’t really dead by destroying the demon brothers. Then Kakashi explains that heir are some bad people after Tazuna and Naruto has poision in his hand from a slash by the nija but Naruto cuts the poision out with his knife. Kakashi says that it was a cool thing to do but if he looses any more blood he will die. The next assassin is Zabuza Momochi, the Demon of the Hidden Village of Mist.
  • Naruto and his friends finally get to go on a real mission!

    This episode was an okay episode. I didn't like how Kakashi got ripped to shreads and how Naruto was bleeding. I thought this was Edited!

    This episode looked Uncut to me. But if this is edited I think that I NEVER wanna see a Uncut episode.

    The water ninjas that attacked Naruto and his friends were very skilled. The bridge builder never said there would be Ninjas out to get the bridge builder!

    Kakashi was very smart, noticing that there was a water puddle in the middle of nowhere when it hasn't rained in weeks. So Kakashi quickly used a Replacement Jutsu! Very smart!

    It was a cool battle just a too much gore. I hope they don't have too many episodes that had as much gore as this.
  • Finally a Real Mission! Believe it!

    Naruto is a great anime and it is just getting better! Naruto and his squad are getting woosy missions like saving cats and helping mothers shop. Naruto is pissed and pleads and begs that his group gets a real mission! Finally the Lord Hokage gives in and gives the group a mission, to escort a bridge builder. Enemy ninjas attack and the story is closed until a new episode comes around. Overall a very good episode! Believe it!
  • Naruto and his friends get a new mision. There mission is to get a man to a different country. While going, they encounter ninjas. They defeat them and continue on the jouney.

    That was a really good episode. At least i think. My favorite part was when Sasuke said to Naruto, "Hey you okay?....Scaredy Cat." That was so funny! The other part that I thought was funny was when Kakashi said to Naruto, "Seriously, if you lose any more blood, you'll die."