Season 3 Episode 9

A Dubious Offer! Tsunade's Choice!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 23, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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While Naruto continues to try and master the third step, Tsunade continues to think about Orochimaru's offer. Jiraiya tries to convince her by taking her out for a drink, only she slips a paralyzing potion into his drink while he's not looking. Will Tsunade agree to Orochimaru's offer? And will Naruto master the Rasengan before the week is up?moreless

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  • Good job Tsunade.

    It's good that Tsunade pulled through at the end. Because they included a good fight I gave it a higher rating. I must say that I saw a new side of Kabuto during that episode. As in a new side, I mean of course his talent. Unfortunately he just has to be Orochimaru's slave, what a pity..yeah right! I couldn't ask for more, I mean look at how strong he got. He could of turned much worse without Oro, and watching awsome ninja's fight is good entertainment (as long as it's fiction). This has been my review, talk amongst yourself in the mean time.moreless
  • Too many flashbacks.

    Tsunade's character has been a handful so far, you never know what she is going to do. Poison Jiraiya, knock out Shi-zune and trick Orochimaru into thinking his arms are going to get healed and get killed at the last minute? Like Kabuto said in an earlier episode, she is definitely single! With her "do it all" type of character who won't let anyone get in the way, it adds a uniqueness to her though. On the other hand, what really barred this episode down big time was the numerous flashbacks from previous episodes. There were just too many of it it got annoying at one point.moreless
  • Tsunade has made her choice.

    Jiraiya meets with Tsunade to discuss her potential meeting with Orochimaru. When Jiraiya is distracted for a moment, Tsunade slips something into his drink. Tsunade's assistant finds Naruto in the woods passed out from exhaustion. She brings him back to the room that he and Jiraiya are staying in. Tsunade checks on Naruto and says he is exhausted and will sleep for two days and also that his hand is severely burned from the chakra he's been using. Tsunade's assistant asks Tsunade if she is going to meet with Orochimaru and says if she is that she will stop her. Tsunade knocks her out and...moreless
  • Naruto finally masters the Rasengan, Tsunade is about to make her choice about what to do with Orochimaru but Kabuto stops her.

    Naruto finally masters the Rasengan. I didn't think he would master the Rasengan in time for the bet of Tsunade and Naruto to end. Tsunade decides after all to destroy Orochimaru by tricking him but it didn't work because Kabuto, as the great subordinate that he is, stopped the attack that Tsunade was about to accomplish. I didn't think that she would actually give up the chance of getting back Nawaki and Dan by the way that she took her time considering the offer that Orochimaru had made her. Kabuto saved Orochimaru in time. I am not surprised because he just wants to serve Orochimaru as he always does. The episode went very well with Naruto, $hizune and Jiraiya trying to find Tsunade.moreless
  • Good answer, Tsunade!!!!! ^_^

    This was a good episode. This is how it goes. Naruto has taken on Tsunade's challenge: Complete the Rasengan within a week. Well, the week is almost up, adn Naruto still hasn't nailed it yet. Tsunade has been sneaking around and watching him practice without Naruto noticing. She notes how similar he is to Dan (her dead boyfriend) and Nawaki (her dead brother). The week is up, and Naruto trained so hard he falls unconcious. Meanwhile, Jiraiya and Tsunade have a drink together. Jiraiya tells Tsunade that he knows Orochimaru had been to see her and offered her something. Jiraiya states that he will have no choice but to kill her if she takes him up on his offer. Tsunade slips a drug into his drink when he isn't looking. The drug makes him fall asleep, and he is out cold until the next morning. He wakes up to find that he is very weak. Meanwhile, Tsunade meets with Orochimaru, preparing to heal his arms. But before she can do so, she is stopped by Kabuto.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • For a portion of the episode when Jiraiya, Shizune and Naruto are traveling through the forest, Naruto is shown traveling upside down without pushing off on any branch, apparently not being affected at all by gravity.

    • When Shizune falls to the floor after being knocked out by Tsunade, her head is facing the window. Later, when Naruto wakes her up, her head is now facing the door.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Shizune: As soon as his arms are healed, Orochimaru is planning to destroy the Leaf Village.
      Jiraiya: Of course, that's just what I would expect. And trust me, he'll do far more than that if we don't manage to stop him somehow.
      Naruto: Who does this creep think he is?!

    • Kabuto: I wasn't expecting to find Jiraiya, the Mountain Sage. That's more than I bargained for. I may have to rethink this. And Naruto, to think you'd be here too.

    • Naruto: (Sarcastically) Great, Pervy Sage. And you're always going on about what a great ninja you are. What did you get distracted by, her pretty face?
      Jiraiya: Shut up!!!

    • Jiraiya: Double crossing little vixen! She must have spiked my drink when I wasn't looking. I can't build up any chakra. My body is so weak, I don't think I could throw a kunai straight.

    • Naruto: No matter how beat up I get, just give me a good night's sleep and I'm right back at the top of my game.
      Shizune: (Thinking) Of course, the Nine-Tailed Fox.
      Naruto: Besides, I've got a date to keep with that rotten old witch, Tsunade. Today's the day I wipe that smirk off her face.

    • Shizune: Lady Tsunade, answer me! I need to know! Because if you tell me you're going....
      Tsunade: What then?
      Shizune: I will try and stop you, if it costs me my life.
      Tsunade: Shizune, have you forgotten who you're talking to?
      (Tsunade knocks Shizune out cold)

    • Orochimaru: It's important that nothing interferes with these negotiations.
      Kabuto: Your point being?
      Orochimaru: Tsunade's companion could be trouble. I would feel better if she were dead.

    • Orochimaru: (After Kabuto stops Tsunade from healing Orochimaru's arms) What is the meaning of this?! Am I to believe that you seriously came here just to betray me...Tsunade?!

    • Kabuto: I wonder which it will be. If Tsunande agrees to what you have proposed, Lord Orochimaru, your arms will be healed. But if she says no....
      Orochimaru: In that case, I'll have to get her to restore me by force!

      ~Japanese version

  • NOTES (6)


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