Season 3 Episode 9

A Dubious Offer! Tsunade's Choice!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 23, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Good job Tsunade.

    It's good that Tsunade pulled through at the end. Because they included a good fight I gave it a higher rating. I must say that I saw a new side of Kabuto during that episode. As in a new side, I mean of course his talent. Unfortunately he just has to be Orochimaru's slave, what a pity..yeah right! I couldn't ask for more, I mean look at how strong he got. He could of turned much worse without Oro, and watching awsome ninja's fight is good entertainment (as long as it's fiction). This has been my review, talk amongst yourself in the mean time.
  • Too many flashbacks.

    Tsunade's character has been a handful so far, you never know what she is going to do. Poison Jiraiya, knock out Shi-zune and trick Orochimaru into thinking his arms are going to get healed and get killed at the last minute? Like Kabuto said in an earlier episode, she is definitely single! With her "do it all" type of character who won't let anyone get in the way, it adds a uniqueness to her though. On the other hand, what really barred this episode down big time was the numerous flashbacks from previous episodes. There were just too many of it it got annoying at one point.
  • Tsunade has made her choice.

    Jiraiya meets with Tsunade to discuss her potential meeting with Orochimaru. When Jiraiya is distracted for a moment, Tsunade slips something into his drink. Tsunade's assistant finds Naruto in the woods passed out from exhaustion. She brings him back to the room that he and Jiraiya are staying in. Tsunade checks on Naruto and says he is exhausted and will sleep for two days and also that his hand is severely burned from the chakra he's been using. Tsunade's assistant asks Tsunade if she is going to meet with Orochimaru and says if she is that she will stop her. Tsunade knocks her out and...
  • Good answer, Tsunade!!!!! ^_^

    This was a good episode. This is how it goes. Naruto has taken on Tsunade's challenge: Complete the Rasengan within a week. Well, the week is almost up, adn Naruto still hasn't nailed it yet. Tsunade has been sneaking around and watching him practice without Naruto noticing. She notes how similar he is to Dan (her dead boyfriend) and Nawaki (her dead brother). The week is up, and Naruto trained so hard he falls unconcious. Meanwhile, Jiraiya and Tsunade have a drink together. Jiraiya tells Tsunade that he knows Orochimaru had been to see her and offered her something. Jiraiya states that he will have no choice but to kill her if she takes him up on his offer. Tsunade slips a drug into his drink when he isn't looking. The drug makes him fall asleep, and he is out cold until the next morning. He wakes up to find that he is very weak. Meanwhile, Tsunade meets with Orochimaru, preparing to heal his arms. But before she can do so, she is stopped by Kabuto.
  • Tsunade choice hmm...what would it be I wonder......

    Tsunade biggest moment yet the toughest choice that she has to make.Naruto continue his training.Tsunade is stuck of making an difficult choice.Something that she isn't too sure of.Jiraiya fears what Tsunade,decusion might be so he decide to talked to her again.Unfortunelly she gives him something which force him paralazye.Than her assitant tried to stopped her but couldn't.So relizing that its the next day.She tries to go after her.Tsunade promised to heal the arms of Orchimaru,however in return not to hurt the leaf viliage and leave it alone.However Tsunade wasn't going to do it.

    Yeah awsome episode! Looks liked its the sign that Tsunade is turning down the deal.
  • Tsunade is gonna join!!!!!

    This is a very inportant episode. Tsunade is gonna be the hokage and naruto will learn the rasengan!!!! This is probaly gonna be challenging for Tsunade and Naruto since they whole have a tough choicies. But i can't wait for Naruto to learn the rasengan and Tsunade to be the hokage, its like a new series or something.