Season 2 Episode 12

A Failure Stands Tall!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 12, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • The match between Neji and Hinata comes to an end.

    The match between Neji and Hinata comes to an end. Neji and Hinata have been trading blow for blow and neither seems to have the advantage. Hinata charges and tries to give a decisive blow to Neji. Neji strikes Hinata in the chest where her heart is and she coughs up some blood. She tries again to hit Neji, but he blocks all her attacks. He pulls her sleeve back to reveal where he has been hitting her chakra points and rendering all her attacks useless. He hits her in the chest again and knocks her to the ground. Is Hinata dead??....
  • All Stalkers Must Perish.

    I loved this episode, because although Hinata got onwed by Neji, you should of seen everyone's face. They were like omg is that really Hinata and all. It was so funny I love Hinata she is the best Kunoichi ever. I don't know where Kishi gets this from

    Wow, Hinata was so cool in this episode. She was like "pow pow". She should of launched a "Kamehameha!" Oh wait, that's Dragon Ball Z lol. Other than that, I liked the end where Hinata asks Naruto his she was able to change but couldn't finish the sentence, then she blacked out. The scary part was when they said that she was going to die. She is so cute and innocent, I don't know how people can hate her :cry: And then where Naruto swiped his hand to touch the blood, I was like, kill Neji Naruto lol. Good Bye.
  • I loved this episode, because although Hinata got onwed by Neji, you should of seen everyone's face. They were like omg is that really Hinata and all. It was so funny I love Hinata she is the best Kunoichi ever. I don't know where Kishi gets this from

    Wow, Hinata was so kool in this episode. She was like "pow pow". She should of launched a "Kamehameha!" Oh wait, that's Dragon Ball Z lol. Other than that, I liked the end where Hinata asks Naruto his she was able to change but couldn't finish the sentence, then she blacked out. The scary part was when they said that she was going to die. She is so cute and innocent, I don't know how people can hate her :cry: And then where Naruto swiped his hand to touch the blood, I was like, kill Neji Naruto lol. Good Bye.
  • Hinata is strong.

    As Neji and Hinatas battle continues Neji deals a major hit to Hinata as she loses all of her ability to use her charka or to use the gentile fist. Even though she cant use her charka she still wants to show Naruto that she is tough. Hinata than rushes at Neji and Neji land a fatal hit to Hinatas heart. Neji says that Hinatas hits were ineffective. Naruto yells down to Hinata and Hinata gets up. Hinata than tells Neji that she is not the one who is suffering it is Neji. This make Neji mad and he rushes at Hinata. Gai, Kakashi, Kurenai, and Hayate stop him in time thus making Neji the winner. Hinata falls over and the others rush to her. Neji tells Naruto that he should stop his cheering and once a failure always a failure. Naruto than tells Neji that he will defeat Neji for Hinata.
  • The battle between Hinata and Neji ends.

    Neji keeps on taking Hinata's self-confidence. Neji, as skillful as he is, disables Hinata's chakra points so then Hinata can't use chakra but Naruto keeps on cheering her.That was a nice moment. Hinata still was loosing because Neji had disabled her chakra points. Hinata tells him that she believed he was suffering because he was batteling with his destiny. Neji was angry and about to make his last move to kill her but four Jonin stoped him before he could deliver the last blow. At that moment I knew something big was going to happen. Hinata's heart went into cardiac arrest and Naruto vowed to avenge her. It was a good episode and I liked the fighting technique that I saw in the fight.
  • go hinata!

    with the thoughts of her crush naruto watching her, she continues to fight without giving up. she vows to follow her nindo(ninja way):to never go back on her word. as she remembers why she is a ninja, she thinks about how naruto's determination motivated her. her father said she wasn't cut out to be a ninja. with these thoughts driving her she continues to fight neji, but when he delivers a blow to her heart she is unable to move. hinata says that neji is suffering more then her. with that she is defeated. naruto promises to avenge hinata on her blood.
  • Hinata was so close...

    Hinata was so close at beating Neji. The first time I watched this episode I was holding my breath the whole time. And I can't believe Naruto still didn't get the picture that Hinata admires him so much. I got goosebumps when Hinata said, "And that is my nindo. My ninja way." I think she said sounded like that. Well, anyway, very good episode. Not my favorite, but very close to it. I hope someday Naruto will get rid of his denseness and figure out why Hinata's so shy around him....and blushes every time he talks or gets even 2 feet in front of her.
  • Hyuga Hinata vs. Hyuga Neji!

    Hyuga Hinata vs. Hyuga Neji!! I think during battle the people fighting talk way to much, but it's nice to know about their past. Naruto pushed Hinata pretty far by cheering for her and although it may just cost her her life, it was cool to see Naruto cheer for Hinata and not the other way around. Hinata is pretty strong to fight against Neji and last for a long time too. When Neji went after Hinata even though the match was over did all the Jounin really need to come out? Ok, they did but the way they stopped Neji was weird, the referee only put a finger to his forehead...
  • Hinata rocks !!!

    Hinata is getting more and more beaten by Neji, but she still fights on Naruto's way... I cried my eyes out when she fell, and Naruto came and took her blood and swore that he's gonna beat Neji. So sad. But, she's definitely the coolest character - mostly cause she's so pure, and she's always worrying about others. And even though she's so strong she hates to fight. Poor Hinata. She really got her butt kicked. But she earned Naruto's devotion, so I guess she reached her goal. I'm so glad he finally start noticing her. Two of them are very much similar - I guess that's why she loves him so much. They are both outcasts, trying to prove that they're worthy... although she's far wealthier outcast. Anyway, this episode was one of the saddest episodes, and Naruto taking blood in his hands was definitely one of my top 10 Naruto moments.
  • OK, I didn't cry, but it was such a sad episode!

    The Hyuga cousins are going for each other's heart. Neji grabs Hinata's arm and shows her where he hit her chakra points and turned them off. In that case, Hinata's blow to Neji's heart was uneffective. However, Neji's blow was bad. Hinata falls. Naruto gets pumped and continues to cheer on Hinata. She tells herself that she can't give up and make herself look bad. Not in front of Naruto. Hinata gets up and continues the fight. She tells Neji that he will never be great, because he is from the branch family. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Neji goes into a rage of fury. He runs toward Hinata, preparing to kill her. Hayate stops the match, and he runs to stop Neji along with Kakashi, Kurenai, and Guy. Neji's blow to Hinata's heart takes affect, and she collapses. Naruto jumps into the arena as well, and runs to her side. Kurenai unzips Hinata's jacket and listens to her heart. She yells for the medics. The medics rush Hinata to the hospital. If they didn't immediatley, Hinata would die. Naruto sees the blood on the ground she had coughed up. He touches it, and swears on Hinata's blood that he will make Neji pay.
  • The battle between Neji and Hinata continues, with Hinata already having taken some really tough blows, it's hard to see how she could still find the courage to face her own death to prove herself.

    This episode was really hard to watch, with Neji already having beat down Hinata in the first half of the match and then, even after she is so severely injured, continuing a full throttle pounding showing no remorse after each heart crushing blow. This episode truly shows the will in Hinata's drive to prove her standing as a kunoichi and her worth to Naruto, and even after she is beaten almost to death, continuing her drive and fighting Neji to the very last breath. In my opinion, Neji won the match, but Hinata won the war.
  • Man this episode was cool, but yet sad kind of because Hinata kept getting her butt kicked by Neji....

    The score board Randomly picked Hinata and Neji to Fight, at first Hinata was scared, but then soon reliazed that she wanst going to give up, because she saw Naruto getting back up on his feet after he kept getting punched and kicked, so she wanted to be like him, Neji kept hitting her chakra points, so she could barly move, she kept getting up on her feet trying to force herself to fight him but kept bleeding, and falling, in the begining Neji was talking to Hinata saying that she was never meant to be a Ninja but then naruto, out of no where, said to Neji that he cant tell her what she can or cant do, at the end of the battle when the battle was over, neji was about to attack Hinata agaain, but people stoped him and held him back, then after that Hinata's pulse stoped because of all what Neji did to her and had to be helped immeditly.
  • A great episode where Hinata Hyuuga shows her best and how she has always tried to be a good shinobi... just like Naruto. A very great episode.

    This episode is installed around my favorite character, Hinata Hyuuga. At the beggining of the episode, they strike each other, deflecting and blocking each others blows. Then Neji blows her away with a gentle fist attack, sending the poor girl onto the ground. Naruto cheers her on as Neji insults her, giving her the encouragement she needs to continue fighting. She trys again to hit her cousin but it was a failed attempt as Neji hits a tenketsu on her arm/elbow and she coughs up some blood. Then he pressure point hits the tenketsu on her other arm. He explains that the battle was done, and that from the beggining none of her attacks have connected. Then he says," Is this the power of the Main Branch?" Then a flashback comes of her struggling, with her team and how she trained so hard but when it came to missions she always was a little short and failed. It also explained that her family also "disowned" her and how her younger sister Hanabi, 5 years younger than her, was more skilled than her. After the flashback fades, she knocks Neji's hand away and trys yet another strike, only to sent flying. Neji then tells her that the match is over, that she should give up, again. Naruto cheers her on again and another flashback of how Hinata had envied Naruto because of his courageousness and his confidence on that he was going to be Hokage, and how ne never gave up. She stands tall and trys to strike Neji again with a strong blow and she missed, while Neji hit her heart with a very strong blow, sending her once again on the ground. She coughs up more blood. As the referee is about to call the match, Naruto tells him not to, and shouts to Hinata to stand up. Everyone knows she cannot, but she slowly rises, much to everyones suprise. Neji tells her that she is pain, but then she says that it is he who is torn, cut between the main and branch part of thier family. He then trys to kill her ignoring the referee's shouts, but he gets stopped by the jounin. Hinata falls back in critical condition. Kurenai, Naruto, Sakura, and Rock Lee try to go to her aid. She coughs up A LOT of blood and Kurenai glares at Neji, concluding that he was indeed trying to kill the poor girl. As she fades into unconsouness, she says,"Naruto-Kun..." and in thought,"Did I change... Maybe just a little bit?" Hinata is taken away, and Naruto vows to Neji that he will get his revenge for Hinata. I really liked this episode as you can tell from my about 500 word review. I liked it because Hinata showed that she was not a little weakling, and that if you try your best you will hopefully succeed(well not in her case.) It was a great episode with my favorite character, Hinata Hyuuga.
  • Hinata and Neji finish their battle.

    Hinata and Neji finish their battle... and Hinata loses. She goes into cardiac arrest and Kurenai wonders if Neji really intended on killing Hinata. Naruto vows to win and defeat Neji.

    This episode was better than the one it followed. There was more action, and was more heart pounding. I give all of the Naruto episodes a ten out of ten, so this one gets a ten out of ten. Hinata really showed what she can do, and to prove that she can fight on her own. Not much else to say. . . It was a good episode. Yeah.
  • Hinata continues her battle with Neiji and struggles hard but suffers a major defeat.

    The best episode of naruto so far!! Hinata shows great character development through this episode. She shows she is not a pushover and that even though she knows she may lose but she is willing to try her best. Throughout the episode her teacher reflects on how much Hinata has changed since she first began training. Hinata has come a long way and she is finally becoming the type of person she has always wanted to be. Hinata is most inspired by Naruto. Even though she tries her best she is still no match for Neiji but the fact that she never gave up even though she could have, shows what a great character she is and hopefully will continue to be. I wish she would have won but maybe she will in future episodes.
  • The battle between Neji and Hinata continues...A review from an Artist.

    Neji and Hinata are nearing the end of an intense battle though Hinata has fought well its ovbious Neji has won Hinata can not even stand up let alone fight. Neji sealed off Hinata's chakra flow. Hinata won't give up especialy with Naruto watching her. Hinata fights but then all of the Jonin need to jump down to stop Neji from killing Hinata. Hinata goes into Cardiac Arrest. The leader of Hinata's group finds out. The streacher comes and as Hinata's leaving Naruto takes one last look at as shes out the door He makes an oath. He will avenge her. This is my masterpeice.
  • I love this episode. It shows that people can change ... and Hinata does.

    This developed Hinata's character a lot. In her fight with Neji, I really think she couldn't have won, but she changed. People say, Once a failure, always a failure. But it's not true. People can change, and I love what they did with Hinata in this. I also love when Naruto vows to fight, and win, Neji. I really can't wait to see if they do fight. I hope Naruto wins, if they do.

    I think that Neji would have killed Hinata if the Sensi's hadn't stopped him. And since Hinata was one of my favorite characters, I was on the edge of my seat, just waiting for them to kill her off. I was wishing they wouldn't, and from what I can see, she lives. I hope.

    Anyway, this EP had a lto of character development, in more than one character. I think that Naruto changed a little, too.

  • Poor Hinata :(

    The fight is about reaching its climax, and to everyone who is spectating, it's pretty clear who'll be the winner. Neji has filled up Hinata's chakra holes, meaning that her attacks that she's been relying on, are now nullified. However, she still desires to fight on, for the one she admires is watching him, and secretly, giving her the power to move forward. She uses basic taijutsu now, and remininsces on flashbacks, but was beaten down rather easily. She got back up one more time, despite being nearly killed, which angered Neji. He was about to deliver a final, fatal blow, but the jounins stopped him. Naruto vowed that he would take Neji down.

    Unlike the past flashback episodes, this one didn't feel superficial at all, and had that down to earth greatness. Most of the flashbacks are about Hinata failing, being depressed, or watching Naruto the whole time, and now, she's using that to her advantage in this battle with the strongest member in the branch family. It was an emotional roller coaster ride the entire episode through, and it's by far, one of the best episodes in the series, so far. Though it doesn't beat Rock Lee's that's about to come in the coming episodes. Still, such a greatly executed past, and a commemorable fight fought by the most shyest examinee within the exam, who was battling against arguably the second strongest participant.
  • The final fight of hinata hyuga and neji hyuga as they battle it out to determine two things: who is the better fighter and as a family they battle it out the others watch what will the other do...naruto cheers but no one else can say anything..

    MAN I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!! it is sad and yet heartpounding... what will the other do? this is all i could think about while watching this ep. My favorite characters at neck to neck until one falls...a family fued of the past determined here and arguement that neji (well i think only him) has been thinking about all his life... does he deserve to be born in the other branch and not the main branch? This is awesome to watch and determine what will happen!!!!!!!
  • This episode is great. After a difficult battle with Neji we get to see that the shy insecure girl we saw at the beginning of the series has grown into a young shinobi with a determination that rivals even that of Naruto.

    The episode begins by recaping the battle between Neji and Hinata. In the previous episodes we learned that the Hyuga clan uses a special technique that attacks an opponent\'s chakra network directly. At the end of the previous episode we see that a direct blow to the heart of one of the Hyuga\'s was landed, but we do not see which one. The resolution of that shows that while it appeared that Hinata was holding her own against the fierce onslaught of Neji, this was not in fact the case. Against all odds and reason Hinata continues to battle even though her entire flow of Chakra has been stopped by Neji\'s attacks. We see in a touching speech, given mentally as Hinata struggles to stand, that what appeared to be a school-girl crush on Naruto is actually much more. She holds a deep admiration for his resolve and detirmination. We also see that the Jonin instructors are in complete control of situation as all 4 Jonin present rush to stop Neji when he attacks Hinata in a rage after the match has been declared over. This episode lacks the action that many fans desire, but more than makes up for it in story depth and character development.
  • Its time for Hinata to shine the spotlight.In this conclusion battle between her and Neji.

    The 2nd part episode of Hinata Vs Neji.Altough it may seemed that Hinata was losing.But she wont give up! She wanted to be strong! You could say Hinata was more liked coming out of the shadows of her fear.It seemed that Neji was going to kill her also trying to tell her to quit now.There was some few flashback of the past episodes.Of her remembering Naruto and his braveness.She knew she wont give up! As her teacher pointed out that she felt weak during the missions.But she see's that this is an different Hinata right now.I cried at the end of what had happened to her.When she laid unconious.I tell you this has more Naruto and Hinata evidence! I mean Naruto was cheering her on.So I think it hints us for Naruto VS Neji somewhere in some point.
  • Plainly just the best episode of naruto thus far!!!!!!!!!!!

    This episode is some more character development with Hinata. even being so shy and passive she is more like Naruto than any of the other characters. In the ep she is fighting a person from her same bloodline, so they posses a similar fighting style and special techniques. plainly this is the best episode of naruto and the best episode of any anime i have seen since the last episode of the FMA series. this is full of emotion and determination!!!!!!!!! dont miss this for one of naruto\\\'s poorly coordinated fights!!!!!!!!
  • excellent episode

    Good episode the battle bewteen Hinata and Neji resumes and Hinata is not doing good. Neji hits Hinata's chakra points so she who lose chakra and won't be able to use any technuiqes. But Hinata keeps on battling no matter what but still doesn't stand a chance against Neji and loses. Hinata is badly hurt and needs medical attention. Then Naruto makes a promise he will beat Neji and the next battle will begin.

    This episode was cool but it was kinda obvious who would win at the end, it even said in the title of the episode. Which i have to say is a little well ... uh.. mean
  • A kewl battle between Neji and Hinata.

    This episode is the end of a battle between Hinata and her older relative Neji! It brings out the best in Hinata and it takes a turn for the worst at the end. You need to see the previous episode to understand it, but man was it awesome!!!! Aparently there is a head family and a branch family who have wayy too many arguments, but you\'ll find out exactly durning the battle between Naruto and Neji. OH!!! I just loved this episode...but it has a harsh title... you\'ll see why if you watch it!!! It\'s SOOOOOOOOO KEWL!!! It really is.
  • Hinata is finally thrust into the spotlight as the prelim matches have their second "grudge madge" following Ino v. Sakura. Similar to Sakura's match, we mainly see how Hinata has "grown." This clever, though unsurprising, episode plays on the popular "

    Hinata is finally thrust into the spotlight as the prelim matches have their second "grudge madge" following Ino v. Sakura. Similar to Sakura's match, we mainly see how Hinata has "grown." This clever, though unsurprising, episode plays on the popular "relationship possibility" between Naruto and Hinata.

    This is a pretty good episode as many must have been wondering what mild Hinata could do in these tough matches. This episode mainly introduces the readers to the Hyuuga family technique, emphasizes Neji's strength/cleverness (similar to what the writers did with Shikamura in episode 43), and continues to play with Hinata's interest in Naruto, who yells a lot from the sidelines.

    The battle is midly surprising, though the outcome is not to those who have been watching Neji. It is mainly a character-builder for Hinata, and it totally uses the love "connection" (if we can call it that) between her and Naruto. We had seen very little of Hinata's powers before this so it revealed some good info here.

    The end is somewhat telegraphed, but the characters are used very well, and the story is well-rounded. It's less talky than some of the other "relationship" battles as the fighting is intense (that beating heart of Hinata's is a great touch). This is more like what they should have done with Ino v. Sakura.
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