Season 3 Episode 22

A Fierce Battle of Rolling Thunder

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 14, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Fukusuki continues to celebrate with women and food when Aoi warns him that he might be celebrating prematurely. Meanwhile, at the bottom of Modoroki Shrine, Naruto begins his ascent up the long flight of stairs to the top of the shrine while carrying Idate.

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Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke

Aoi Rakusho

Guest Star

David Vincent

David Vincent

Fukusuke Hikyakuya

Guest Star

Roger Craig Smith

Roger Craig Smith

Idate Morino

Guest Star

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    • Sakura: We have sworn to protect you. You can trust us, Idate.

    • Aoi: Always so strict, Ibiki, even towards your own little brother.

    • Naruto: Come on! What are you doing wasting your time on him? Your fight is with me, remember?
      Aoi: Hmm, still at it, eh? How touching. Defending each other... Looking out for each other... Pathetic nonsense. Only a weakling needs to depend on others, trusting other people to give him the strength he hasn't got for himself. For a man like that, it's always easiest to run away. Isn't that right, Idate?

    • Aoi: The Blade of Thunder's spirit can cut anything; it even cuts through chakra like it were water.

    • Aoi: Mudballs, huh? What is this, a playground fight?
      Naruto: Sorry, but I didn't have any kunai knives on me.
      Idate: Naruto?
      Naruto: You're going to need more than an umbrella to catch the next ball I throw at ya.

    • Naruto: All the way up there?
      Idate: Yep.
      Naruto: That's pretty high. How many steps are there anyway?
      Idate: I'm not really sure. That's why they call these stairs "The Spirit Breaker".
      Naruto: Heh. They do, do they? Piece of cake, just hang on. Here we go, gah!
      Sakura: You're kidding? How does he do it?
      Sasuke: Well, no one ever accused that kid of not having any energy.

    • Aoi: Heh, I see that the stories are true. I'd always heard that the last of the great Uchiha clan was a hopeless loser unworthy of his family name.

    • Aoi: So the rumors are true. Out of the noble Uchiha clan, the weakest one survived.

      ~Japanese version

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