Season 8 Episode 11

A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Naruto trapped inside the water bubble with the carnivorous fish. He is running out of air, but he is quickly saved when Chouji dives on top of the bubble with his Multisize Jutsu, dispelling the water and the fish summon, but squashing Naruto who quips that he's "not okay with your weight." Chouji charges at the ninja with his Meat Tank attack over Naruto's objections that it won't work, and the enemy ninja, Ruiga, halts Chouji's movements by stopping him with a wall of water. The enemy ninja notes that "the water absorbs all attacks and gives me the perfect defense." He extends the wall of water over Chouji, attempting to drown him.

Yurinojou comes to the aid of Chouji, using a fire jutsu to drive the enemy back for a moment. Chouji yells "I'm saved," and rejoins the group. The enemy ninja reappears behind the flames and summons water bubbles from underground that float into the air and extinguish the flames. Naruto throws some explosive kunai at the bubbles, which are surrounding them, but they only destroy a few bubbles and are quickly replaced by others. The group decides to retreat: Chouji calls it "running away" while Naruto says "falling back!"

The enemy ninja makes two more large bubbles and uses a Summoning Jutsu to recall his fish. These two bubbles chase after the group, even breaking through tree limbs as Naruto tries to evade them in the air. Unable to escape the fast bubbles, they decide that they will have to beat the water ninja after all. Naruto notes that something about him sees weird, and Yurinojou notes that the villain is holding his weapons like dowsing rods. From here, we are treated to a flashback of the elderly peddler woman explaining dowsing.

Back in action, Naruto uses Kage Bunshin to allow the group to scatter. The enemy yells that it is time to "end this game of tag." Yurinojou uses his flower jutsu to throw sharp weapons at him from a tree, which are easily blocked. Naruto then punches the ninja as he dives on him and breaks his dowsing rods.

Ruiga then summons a new bubble that contains a huge shark. This bubble chases the group up onto a rock cliff that Naruto had climbed earlier. Chouji is caught in the bubble, and he tries to hold the shark's mouth open to prevent him from being devoured. Naruto gestures for Chouji to drink all the water. The large-framed ninja opens his mouth and swallows all the water, swelling to a large with a note that "I'm full." Out of water, the shark flitters for a moment and vanishes.

The water ninja tries to summon more water but can't. Naruto reveals that he can't because they led him onto the rock cliffs where there is no water. After Naruto explains about being at the cliff before and breaking the water-sensing rods, Chouji uses his "new jutsu", which is really just his Meat Tank technique with a "waterwheel" name, to knock out the enemy.

The action moves towards the princess and Hinata who are running ahead. The princess needs to take a rest and Hinata gives her some water. Hinata suggests they wait for the others, but the princess says to press on, saying they should have used the peddlers as a decoy and that it is only important for her to survive to revive Nano country. She insults Naruto which leads to an argument with Hinata that the princess and Naruto have similar backgrounds of difficulty. The princess tells her that it isn't the same which makes Hinata quiet. The princess then asks Hinata if she likes Naruto; Hinata blushes and can't speak. The princess guesses Hinata feelings and says that they can wait. She offers to help Hinata take her backpack off, but she hits Hinata over the head with a rock when she turns her back. Hinata falls to the ground unconscious, and the princess runs ahead.

The action moves to Ruiga who is regaining consciousness and is met by his brother Jiga. Ruiga asks his brother for help, but Jiga says that one less brother means that Nano County will be divided in one less part and rises into the air and buries Ruiga in rubble from the cliffside.

The action returns to Naruto who discovers Hinata unconscious. Waking her in his arms, she tells him what happens. Telling her to return to Chouji who is aiding a wounded Yurinojou, Naruto pursues the princess.

Alone, Naruto is quickly confronted by Jiga and dodges his first attack from the shadows. Jiga appears from behind the trees and is seen carrying a hammer (spiked ball attached to a chain) weapon. Naruto uses Kage Bunshin to throw kunais after him, but Jiga twirls his weapon and the kunais attach to the ball in mid-air and are launched back at Naruto, dispelling all the shadow clones. After some banter, Jiga reveals that he uses a jutsu that creates magnetic forces in metal and creates a force in his metal ball that attaches itself to Naruto's forehead protector. Jiga proceeds to throw Naruto about as Naruto is stuck to the end of his weapon.

Naruto is finally able to untie his protector and goes flying down a ravine. The forehead protector lies on the ravine's edge. Jiga pursues him down the ravine.

The action moves toward the princess who is running alone through the woods; she says she will survive.

The action returns to Naruto, slowly rising to his feet before Jiga at the bottom of the ravine. He tries to attack Jiga, but the ninja can easily avoid his attacks using magnetic forces.

Hinata is now running along the ravine edge unable to find Chouji. She sees Naruto's forehead protector and is worried for him. Nearing the edge, she sees Naruto and Jiga below. Naruto yells for her not to come down as Jiga is too strong.

Jiga explains that he drank iron since he was a kid, and he has made himself into a magnet that can easily avoid Naruto's attacks as he can repel himself from the rocks, which are rich in iron. He says he can also turn the rocks into magnets. Slamming his weapon into the ground, he hurls magnetic rocks at Naruto, slamming him into the rock wall, and knocking him unconscious.

The episode ends with Hinata yelling Naruto's name. The preview features Hinata fighting Jiga.
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