Season 8 Episode 11

A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Naruto, Choji and the Flower Ninja attack the Water-justsu ninja.

    Another installement in the Flower-country-needs-help arc. Naruto seems not to know his strength b.c he seems not to remember all of the awesome moves he has learned over the past 8 seasons! I mean come on, use the summoning jutsu! Get some Frogs to help you battle! But seriously, its a decent filler episode but if your like me, you really dont care about this episode, your just waiting for the Main Plot to be brought back. So Naruto can learn some new moves from Jirayia! Heck ya and be like his ol\' man, the 4th Hokage.
  • Nice episode.

    Hinata got decieved so easily by the so called princess. She only cares about herself. i'm shocked to see one of the other brothers, Jiga killed his youngest brother. He does seem stronger. With a jutsu that can control magnetic polarity and a magnetic mace. Its up to Hinata to finiish him.
  • Naruto, Choji, and Yurinojou defeat Ruiga.

    Naruto has just been trapped in some sort of water bubble and is now being attacked by some kind of piranha that were summoned by Ruiga. Choji shows up in the nick of time and frees Naruto from the trap. Choji then tries to attack Ruiga but is stopped by another water shield. Naruto decides that now is the time for a tactical retreat. As they run, Yurinojou and Naruto come up with a plan to defeat Ruiga. They realize that all his attacks are based on water, so they lead him to an area that is without water. Just before they make it there....
  • Some more stuff...

    Due to the excessive ammount of homework and other stress related objects, I can't remember a single detail about this episode. But now I have a problem. I've vowed to write a review for every Naruto episode. How am I supposed to do that if I can't remember the episode? I really don't know. So I'm going to ramble on for a bit, and I hope you guys understand and don't report me, because I've been getting enough grief from the Disney FANS (I've been forbidden by the mods to refer to them as Groupees) and I really don't need any from the Naruto peoples either. Well, I've reached 100 words, I guess I can stop rambling now. Peace out!
  • From fearsome pirahnas & sharks to gravitating magnets!

    This was a pretty good action packed episode. We see Choji, Naruto and Yurinojou fight off Ruiga, who seems to be quite the fearsome opponent. Summoning pirahnas in water that's in mid-air, and then summoning a shark. We know these two kinds of fishes are pretty dangerous, now take that up to 11 when they're practically on land!

    We also meet Jiga, a big guy that ingested a lot of iron as a kid and now has an ability to magnetize anything and himself. It's not as colorful as the real Magnet Release techniques, but it still is pretty good. A good one-sided battle goes on with Naruto and Jiga, Naruto is albeit surprised at his opponent's abilities to not react efficiently especially if he does not know his opponent at all and goes off without thinking.

    The animation was pretty good so far in both battles, better than some of the earlier episodes in the last season.