Season 8 Episode 11

A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • From fearsome pirahnas & sharks to gravitating magnets!

    This was a pretty good action packed episode. We see Choji, Naruto and Yurinojou fight off Ruiga, who seems to be quite the fearsome opponent. Summoning pirahnas in water that's in mid-air, and then summoning a shark. We know these two kinds of fishes are pretty dangerous, now take that up to 11 when they're practically on land!

    We also meet Jiga, a big guy that ingested a lot of iron as a kid and now has an ability to magnetize anything and himself. It's not as colorful as the real Magnet Release techniques, but it still is pretty good. A good one-sided battle goes on with Naruto and Jiga, Naruto is albeit surprised at his opponent's abilities to not react efficiently especially if he does not know his opponent at all and goes off without thinking.

    The animation was pretty good so far in both battles, better than some of the earlier episodes in the last season.