Season 8 Episode 11

A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo



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    • Jiga: While I was growing up, I drank iron every single day. Thanks to that, I have plenty of metal floating around in my body that I can use as a magnet whenever I want. And in case you hadn't noticed, this mountain is full of iron. As long as I fight you here, I'm invincible.
      Naruto: So you're a walking magnet, huh?
      Jiga: That's one way to put it, but I also have the ability to magnetize the things I touch.

    • Jiga: This is your tomb, hope you like it.
      Naruto: Nah, ain't my style. You can use it instead.

    • Naruto: I guess you're the second Jonin then.
      Jiga: Well gosh, to think that a great ninja like you knows about little ol' me. You're lucky, it's an honor getting destroyed by Jiga. Definitely something you can brag about in the afterlife.

    • Jiga: You're reflexes are pretty good, kid. I see how you could beat Ruiga.

    • Hinata: This isn't the mission we were sent out to perform. What if we can't handle the other two? Maybe we aren't good enough.
      Naruto: Good point. You're right, Hinata, this isn't the mission we came out here to do. But the princess, she's running for her life, doing the best she can, and now she's doing it by herself. Yeah, she's bossy and mean and acts like the world revolves around her. I know, but what kind of person would just write her off?

    • Hinata: Maybe we should head back to the Hidden Leaf and ask the Hokage what to do about this.
      Naruto: No! We don't have time to go ask for advice. There are still two more of these evil ninja punks running around. And if the princess gets caught by either of them, they're gonna snuff her out!

    • Hinata: Where's the princess?
      Naruto: Beats the heck out of me. I was about to ask you.
      Hinata: I said let's wait for the others, then I turned away and then...
      Naruto: How'd you let an amateur get close enough to clobber you in the back of the head?
      Hinata: I'm... I'm sorry.

    • Jiga: Well, don't you look fierce down there in the dirt.
      Ruiga: Jiga, ya gotta help me. I'm your brother.
      Jiga: Doesn't matter to me. 'Cause with you out of the picture, instead of me getting a third, Renga and I can split the profits in half.
      Ruiga: But Jiga...
      Jiga: It's nothin' personal.
      Ruiga: Wait, you gotta listen to me...

    • Hinata: What do you know about Naruto? You don't get to stand here and judge him like that! At least you had a mom and dad; Naruto's an orphan. He lives all by himself, totally alone. He's worked hard to gain everyone's acceptance and become the next Hokage, giving it his all. He's had a difficult life himself, but he would never think of sacrificing somebody else for his own well being. You know why? Because he's a good person, and a good ninja too!

    • Haruna: Hinata, you can't imagine the things I've been through; taken from my parents and held as hostage in a foreign land, bullied night and day. But that suffering has taught me a valuable lesson, I realized when I was just a child anyone foolish enough to put their faith in people deserves whatever they get.

    • Naruto: He threw a shark at the wrong ninja.
      Choji: Yeah!

    • Choji: I've got a lot of water weight now, so this one's gonna hurt!

    • Ruiga: Fight's over, time to eat. Our special for tonight: raw shinobi.

    • Yurinojou: We can't outrun them forever!
      Naruto: Ya think?! Guess we'll have to beat him up after all.
      Choji: Great! How? Nothing we've tried has even hurt this guy a little!

    • Ruiga: Better not slow down, my pets haven't been fed for a very long time.

    • Naruto: So how do we beat a ninjutsu that never runs out? Maybe we'd better...
      Choji: Run really fast!
      Naruto: It's called a tactical retreat!

    • Ruiga: (Chuckles) Shouldn't play with fire, somebody could get hurt.

    • Choji: No fair!
      Ruiga: Isn't water amazing? Whatever you throw my way, this bubble will protect me from the impact. In here, my defense is ironclad.
      Choji: That is kinda cool.

    • Yurinojou: Thank goodness! You're just in the nick of time.
      Choji: Oh yeah! Hey, Naruto, are you okay down there?
      Naruto: (Sarcastically) Never better. You saved my life just in time to crush me to death.
      Choji: Just doing my job, man.

    • Naruto: Why would you, a ninja, be fooled like that?
      Hinata: I-I'm sorry.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Right now we should...
      Choji: Run away?
      Naruto: No, fall back!

      ~Japanese version

    • Ruiga: After a bonfire, you have to put the fire out.

      ~Japanese version

    • Ruiga: This water will absorb all kinds of attacks and give me the perfect defense.
      Choji: Oh really?

      ~Japanese version

    • Hinata: Naruto? Where's the princess?!
      Naruto: That was supposed to be my line.

      ~Japanese version

    • (After Hinata and the pricess have stopped)
      Hinata: I understand. Let's wait for everyone here.
      Princess: There's no need to wait. After resting just a bit more, you need to take me to a safe place
      Hinata: But Naruto's group is still...
      Princess: That kind of thing doesn't matter.

      ~Japanese version

    • Choji: (Bloated with water) I'm full.

      ~Japanese version

    • (Choji squashes Naruto to save him)
      Choji: Are you okay, Naruto?
      Naruto: I'm fine, but I`m not okay with your weight!

      ~Japanese version

  • Notes

    • YTV Airdate: July 11, 2009

    • Original Episode Title: Underground Water, Inexhaustible Supply of Ningu
      Romaji Episode Title: Chikasui, Mujinzou no Ningu
      Kanji Episode Title: 地下水 無尽蔵の忍具

    • Original Airdate: June 14, 2006

    • Ruiga is defeated and as a result is unable to prevent himself from being murdered by his older brother Jiga. Jiga reasoned it would be easier dividing Nano country between two people instead of three.

    • The secret behind Ruiga's ability to draw water from the ground is revealed. He uses his tonfas as dowsing rods to locate underground water then draw it to the surface.

    • Hinata was about to admit to Naruto that she liked him before he interrupted her and ran off.

    • Chouji uses a new technique: Mizudan Suisha (Ballistic Water Wheel).

  • Allusions

    • The episode has several allusions to dowsing, an ancient technique that practitioners claim can help locate underground sources of water. The idea is that dowsers can sense electromagnetic currents raised by water underground through their body which causes a jerking motion in the instrument (usually some type of bent wood or metal rod or a pendulum). Dowsing is regarded by the scientific community as a pseudo-science, with little or no valid scientific data backing it, but its practitioners still fervently advocate its authenticity.