Season 1 Episode 20

A New Chapter Begins: The Chunin Exam

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 21, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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With their latest mission complete, it's time once again for the group to go back to mediocre missions. After all are done, Konohamaru and his friends pay a visit to Naruto. All which result in being chased by Sakura. Everyone is soon over though, as two mysterious ninja block their way, and one of them isn't too happy with Konohamaru. Sasuke arrives to save the day, but the leader of the group shows up, with stealth skills that surprise even Sasuke. Meanwhile, the Third Hokage announces that it's time once again for the Chuunin selection exams.moreless

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  • the first episode of a long arc

    we are back at the village hidden in the leaves. after their first A rank mission, naruto still complains about his team's d rank missions. also, some strangers came to visit konoha. its people from the village hidden in the sand. sasuke comes to save the day and naruto gets jealous. there was 3 people from sunagakure. their names are kankuro, temari, and gaara. kankuro has a huge thing in his back that has bandage all over and has hair on top. gaara has a huge gourd on his back and temari has a huge metal stick on her back. lolmoreless
  • Naruto and company return the village to train more.

    As Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are waiting on the bridge for Kakshi sensei to give them assignments, the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke begins to worsen. Naruto wants to prove that he is better than Sasuke and Sasuke looks down on Naruto. Kakashi realizes that he really has his work cut out for him. Kakashi leaves to turn in his report on their last mission. Sakura asks Sasuke to train with her and he refuses. Naruto offers to train with Sakura, but he gets hit by Sakura after Konohamaru calls her his girlfriend. After a short spat, they run from Sakura and run into some strange genin...moreless
  • It Begins.

    Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and kakashi return to the leaf village after completing their mission in the land of waves. Back to mediocre missions. Soon after a handful of missions, kakashi enlists them to participate in the chuunin exams, which is held twice a year. sasuke goes back home and naruto and sakura are left to themselves. naruto's advances on her are halted when konohamaru arrives to bug him.but they soon run into trouble when they meet ninja from the sand village. they start trouble when konohamaru accidentally runs into him. sasuke comes out of nowhere and saves konohamau. suddenly, a new figure appears on to the scene.moreless
  • perfect beginning

    This new arc is after the Zabuza arc it is so much better like 100x better. And the this episode starts it off well. Naruto and Konohamaru come with some friends and then 2 sand ninja appear and Konohamaru gets the first one Konkaro mad at he goes of on him then Sasuke comes and stops him with a pebble. And then a another Sand ninja appears Gaara and he says sorry to Sasuke and then Kankoro says they where bugging him and then Gaara's be quite or he will KILL HIM!!!! Then it goes to Naruto and co with Kakashi tell them about the chuinn exams. And they are really pumped.Also that is why the Sand ninja where there.moreless
  • Naruto meets Konohamaru's 2 friends. Konohamaru insults Sakura runs for his life because Sakura got mad. They meet, Gaara, Teamri and Kankuro from the sand village who are there to take the chunin exams. Sasuke starts tomoreless

    This episode is the start of a new arc. The arc is Chunin Exam arc: Phase One. In this episode Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are back at the village, doing small missions. Sakura feels angry because Sasuke called her annoying and under Naruto's level. I didn't really care if Sasuke told Sakura but he was right, Sakura was weak, even weaker then Naruto and defiantly annoying. Konohamaru insulted Sakura and Sakura got so mad that he tried to run for his life. Konohamaru bumped into Kankuro and so Kankuro was about to beat him up and later Naruto because he was annoying him too. Sasuke saved Konohamaru's life by pelting a rock at Kankuro. Kankuro is ready to make a fight when Garra comes and tells Kankuro to stop and that he is a disgrace to the sand village. Sasuke said that Garra was as quiet as Kakashi because he had been on the other side of the tree and he had not noticed it. At this moment I knew that this was going to be a great arc. This was a good episode.moreless
Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Ino Yamanaka / Konohamaru

Recurring Role

Doug Erholtz

Doug Erholtz

Asuma Sarutobi

Recurring Role

Kate Higgins

Kate Higgins


Recurring Role

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    • Sasuke: (Talking about Gaara) How did he get there? He didn't make a sound...Only Jounin at Kakashi's level are that smooth.

    • Konohamaru: (Talking about Sakura) I don't even think she's human! Did you see how wide her forehead is?

    • Sasuke: What a loser.
      Sakura: Uh! Of course, he just has to choose the biggest dog.

    • Sakura: (Thinking) Good grief! Not again. They've been like this ever since we got back from the land of waves. Uhhh! It's like being stuck with a couple of children.
      Inner Sakura: Cha! Hurry up, Kakashi-sensei, or you've had it!!

    • Naruto: All right! Kakashi Sensei, I love you!
      (Naruto hugs Kakashi)
      Kakashi: Hey, stop! Let go of me!

    • Naruto: Fake rocks? What's up with that?! (Naruto starts running, with the giant rock following him until he comes to a stop) That's the worst disguise of all time, there's no such thing as square rocks!

    • Kakashi: Hey, guys. Good morning. Sorry I'm late. Afraid I got lost on the path of life.

    • Iruka: All right, thanks for the report, Kakashi-sensei. How's Naruto doing? Is he getting along ok with the other students?
      Kakashi: Hmm? Uh, well, little by little...
      Iruka: Things have been so busy around here. I haven't seen him since he got back from the mission to the Land of Waves. I'm a little worried about him.
      Kakashi: You know, Sasuke is also in our group. Naruto sees him as a rival, which puts a constant strain on the group, but it also pushes Naruto to excel, so he's making amazing progress. One day, his skills might be so strong they'll match the person he respects most in the world: you.
      Iruka: You don't say?!

    • Sakura: Hey, Sasuke, why don't we...well...Let's do something more personal! You know, to improve our teamwork and all!
      Sasuke: I swear, you're just as bad as Naruto. Instead of flirting, why don't you work on your jutsu and make the team stronger? Let's face it, you're actually worse than Naruto.

    • Kakashi: (Sigh) Guess we're not making a lot of progress on the teamwork thing, huh?
      Naruto: That's right! Our teamwork's all messed up and it's all because of you, Sasuke! You think you're better than everyone else?!
      Sasuke: Not everyone. Just you. Face it: I'm better and stronger than you. It's a fact...unless you have what it takes to prove me wrong!

    • Moegi: I'm Moegi, the sassiest Kunoichi in pre-school! Check me out!
      Udon: I love algebra! Call me Udon!
      Konohamaru: And I'm the number-one ninja in the village: Konohamaru! And when we're all together...
      All: We're the Konohamaru Ninja Squad!

    • (Kakashi vanishes in a puff of smoke)
      Naruto: Huh? Sensei disappeared! Is he giving us some alone time?! (Suggestively)

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