Season 6 Episode 16

A New Squad! Two People and a Dog?!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 01, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • I missed most of this one.

    I know I promised to write a review for every Naruto episode, but I had this on in the background when I was working on my book report, so I don't fully know the episode. Here is what it says on wikipedia. Please don't report me.

    Naruto is having trouble with the two brothers, and Iruka is having his share of difficulties with Mizuki. Iruka struggles to try and get the old Mizuki back, but Mizuki explains the only reason he was ever nice to Iruka was because he wanted to be the Hokage's favorite too. He wanted Iruka to be miserable, and not to have everyone else be so kind to Iruka and not himself. Iruka and Mizuki then prepare to fight again. Meanwhile, after many shadow clone attacks, Naruto finally has a chance to use Rasengan. The brothers accidentally destroy their lunch and make Naruto's attack hit his doppelgangers. As they prepare to kill him, Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino come to the rescue.
  • Nothing great.

    Although the fighting here was mildly entertaining for the fact that we actually get to see Iruka in action for once, and the Idiot brothers always offer some entertainment for their sheer idiocy and childlike approach to fighting they have, it was killed by some lackluster aesthetics and the fact that it switched between Mizuki-Iruka and Naruto-Idiot brothers fights. It was at least smart and kind of tactical, but some scenes felt too dragged out and the fact that both fights take up the entire episode is an indication. The representation of Mizuki's and Iruka's past relationship as kids wasn't really well executed at all, and seeing them stroll down through the woods holding hands was disturbing.
  • Naruto finds out how strong Fuujin and Raijin are.

    Naruto uses his shadow clones to attack Fuujin and Raijin with no effect. Meanwhile Iruka and Mizuki are locked in combat. Mizuki runs off and challenges Iruka to follow and defeat him. Naruto runs out of clones and Pakkun jumps in and tells him to leave Fuujin and Raijin alone and focus on Mizuki. They take off after him and Fuujin and Raijin think that everyone is playing hide and seek. Naruto is going through the forest when Raijin appears above him and knocks him to the ground. Mizuki has led Iruka to a bamboo grove and starts to sneak up on Iruka...
  • Naruto is still try to bring back Mzuki to prison but theres trouble with the 2 brothers.

    Here Naruto's mission was to bring Mizuki back to the leafs correctional facility, but he has trouble with the two brothers MIzuki brang alon they are more powerful then Naruto thought because of that problem it will ake him a litttle longer than he had hoped it would take him. Fujn and Rajin think this is all a game like when Naruto tries to run-away they think it is really a game of Hide and go seek which they ar mad because they were it without playing rock papaer scissors first which they believe they should. Also Iruka still seems to have alot of trouble with Mizuki since childhood they have been friends and Mizuki was the stronger one than the rest in the group. So Iruka i having a hard time letting that go that they were comrades and tells Mizuki its not to late to turn back and pay for his mistakes.
  • Next episode is sure to be good.

    As I said I think the next episode will be good a ton better than this one. This was like a follow up to the next one. All that happened in this episode was pretty much basic fighting between Mizuki and Iruka and some childhood memories. And Naruto getting his butt kicked around by the Legendary Stupid Brothers. It was kind of funny when Rasengan failed him. I really can't wait for the episode now. Ino-Shika-Cho! Now to take up this space... yeah. I guess Ton Ton saved them after all getting help and reinforcements from Tsunade. So yeah great episode still not the best.
  • iruka and mizuki are talking about there past, how mizuki could chand back to a good person. Then iruka finds out that mizuki just wanted to be the hokages favorite. Naruto, meanwhile is about to be smashed but inos team comes and saves him.

    I thought it was an ok episode
    i showed how iruka and mizuki were childhood friends and how mizuki is somehow in contact with orochimaru.
    It had very little action and it wasn't so great in effect!!!!!!!!
    i need one hundren words so i have to type this and it really stincks so i have to write the word over and over.
    I think that this whole section of the series are fillers. i really want to get to a important part in the series so i have to type type type type type type type i i i i i i i
  • Mizuki is one jealous guy. I'm shocked to see how powerful and idiotic those brothers are.

    For two dumb people they make one heck of a team. The problem is for there consant need of food. They deforsted a part of the forest with one attack. If Naruto took that hit from them he would be done. But Shika came and saved the day. It was a filler episode. With those annoying flash backs. Iruka basically talk his way through the battle
  • Filler but building up for another great team battle.

    This episode involved nothingness. Nothing happened, except a little story developement of Mizuki and Iruka. Their "friendship" as children was revealed to be nothing but a front. They fight in a battle that is proving to turn deadly.

    Naruto is in a battle of his own. Shikamaru shows up with is famous troublesome attitude to save the day. Another great team battle is in the works. Naruto is saved and the build up was slow but it is about to reveal what they can accomplish this time around. Can they stop these hulkish monsters? Can they beat the brick walls? Naruto is hurt but I am sure he will continue to put up a good fight to find out what is going on and what Mizuki knows. Overall it was filler but not a waste of time.
  • Bad episode but shows that the next one has promise.

    The first part of this long filler arc was just about tollerable this story line with Mizuki is awful. Why does it all have to be connected to Orchimaru and why on earth did they bring back a bad guy, make him insane and give him two ultra s**t sidekicks. The two brothers are awful and this episode just made them even worse.

    However the ending to this episode made me happy because it had Shika and Chouji in it. Also it is quite good to have more Iruka in an episode but Mizuki kind of taints the good character of Iruka with sh**ness. Please make the next episode better.
  • Merely an un-exciting filler episode.

    About a month ago the TV episodes of Naruto caught up with the Manga series, as such filler episodes were created so that the Manga could get ahead a bit. While I was excited about the first filler plot (Orichuma's castle), I feel that this plot isn't as thrilling. Of course it is nice to see Iruka fight and learn abit about him however Naruto's enemy is just a joke, and I feel that a joke will eventually calm the invincible duo.