Season 3 Episode 3

A New Training Begins: I Will Be Strong!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 05, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Now that Sasuke is with safe hands, Naruto and Jiraiya can continue their search for Tsunade. Their trip ends when they arrive in a city where a festival is on its way. Jiraiya and Naruto have some fun until a Naruto puts a stain in a man's shirt. He attacks them and Jiraiya used a new technique that he will teach Naruto. What is this new technique? And can Naruto master it?moreless

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    A laid back episode that has a lot of light hearted interactions and moments. The episode opened with another Gai moment whipping out his trademark green jumpsuit that Lee wears and gives it to Naruto. Naruto's enthusiasm towards the gift was amusing. While a lot of the episode was spent on Naruto going around the festival, eating food and purchasing merchandise by himself, it was somehow fun to watch. It ended perfectly with Jiraiya introducing Naruto to his next training sequence, the rasengan. Another thing that I liked was the way that Jiraiya introduced Tsunade. A lot of suspense was created with him pausing at "She's the Legendary..." you were just waiting for something epic, then you find out "She's the Legendary Sucker." Really threw me off guard.moreless
  • Naruto and Jiraiya begin their search for Tsunade.

    Gai has Sasuke on his back and is going to take him back to the Leaf Village for medical help. Gai likes Naruto's spirit and gives him a green suit that is just like Rock Lee and his suit. Jiraiya thinks it looks stupid. As they go along to the next town Jiraiya tells Naruto a little about Tsunade. It seems that she is a compulsive gambler who has really bad luck. She also uses a jutsu to keep herself looking younger. She is fifty years old but makes herself look like she's in her twenties. They get to the next town where Jiraiya...moreless
  • Naruto and Jiraiya continue to look for Tsunade while on the way Naruto tries to learn Rasengan by spining the water in a balloon with his chakra.

    Naruto as clumsy as he is, made a stain on a guy's suit. Naruto is clumsy and it is why I am not surprised that he accidentally did it. He (the guy) was ready to attack him and Jiraiya used a technique called the Rasengan to defeat the guy. Naruto was surprised that there was a technique like that. Naruto tries to learn that technique by spinning the water in a water filled balloon with his chakra to pop it. Naruto is determined to pop the water balloon because he just wants to get more powerful. This episode shows a lot of Naruto's determination and the new technique that he is hopefully about to learn.moreless
  • Darn these fillers..... No wonder my mom got sick of the show because of the fillers in the Land of Waves Arc!

    OK, like I've said before. I might hate an episode, but I give it a 10 anyway to make it feel special. So Naruto and Jiraiya are out looking for Tsunade, and they stop in a town that's holding a carnival. Naruto can't wait to spend some of the money he's earned, but Jiraiya takes it from him, saying he can only have a few dollars (or whatever the money is called in Naruto) because money is one of the three things that can get a shinobi into trouble. The other two are ladies and beer. Naruto agrees, and takes what the Pervy Sage will allow him. So Jiraiya goes off and spends Naruto's money on what he told Naruto that he shouldn't. Ladies and beer! At some point, Jiraiya ends up having to fend off a thug with the Rasengan, and now must teach it to Naruto.moreless
  • Naruto at a festival with money...

    I didn't like this episode. The whole Gai suit thing really turned me off at the beginning, and it went downhill from there. The only thing I can say is that Tsunade's parts were quite funny, but all of the banter about the three taboos of a ninja and the whole festival thing... it really wasn't the best episode for me. I wanted to see some action again! Well, I guess the next episode with the training will be better... I hope...

    It was alright, just not my ideal episode. Although Naruto's moneybag is quite the cute little thing! An okay episode.moreless
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