Season 3 Episode 3

A New Training Begins: I Will Be Strong!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 05, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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    A laid back episode that has a lot of light hearted interactions and moments. The episode opened with another Gai moment whipping out his trademark green jumpsuit that Lee wears and gives it to Naruto. Naruto's enthusiasm towards the gift was amusing. While a lot of the episode was spent on Naruto going around the festival, eating food and purchasing merchandise by himself, it was somehow fun to watch. It ended perfectly with Jiraiya introducing Naruto to his next training sequence, the rasengan. Another thing that I liked was the way that Jiraiya introduced Tsunade. A lot of suspense was created with him pausing at "She's the Legendary..." you were just waiting for something epic, then you find out "She's the Legendary Sucker." Really threw me off guard.
  • Naruto and Jiraiya begin their search for Tsunade.

    Gai has Sasuke on his back and is going to take him back to the Leaf Village for medical help. Gai likes Naruto's spirit and gives him a green suit that is just like Rock Lee and his suit. Jiraiya thinks it looks stupid. As they go along to the next town Jiraiya tells Naruto a little about Tsunade. It seems that she is a compulsive gambler who has really bad luck. She also uses a jutsu to keep herself looking younger. She is fifty years old but makes herself look like she's in her twenties. They get to the next town where Jiraiya...
  • Darn these fillers..... No wonder my mom got sick of the show because of the fillers in the Land of Waves Arc!

    OK, like I've said before. I might hate an episode, but I give it a 10 anyway to make it feel special. So Naruto and Jiraiya are out looking for Tsunade, and they stop in a town that's holding a carnival. Naruto can't wait to spend some of the money he's earned, but Jiraiya takes it from him, saying he can only have a few dollars (or whatever the money is called in Naruto) because money is one of the three things that can get a shinobi into trouble. The other two are ladies and beer. Naruto agrees, and takes what the Pervy Sage will allow him. So Jiraiya goes off and spends Naruto's money on what he told Naruto that he shouldn't. Ladies and beer! At some point, Jiraiya ends up having to fend off a thug with the Rasengan, and now must teach it to Naruto.
  • Naruto at a festival with money...

    I didn't like this episode. The whole Gai suit thing really turned me off at the beginning, and it went downhill from there. The only thing I can say is that Tsunade's parts were quite funny, but all of the banter about the three taboos of a ninja and the whole festival thing... it really wasn't the best episode for me. I wanted to see some action again! Well, I guess the next episode with the training will be better... I hope...
    It was alright, just not my ideal episode. Although Naruto's moneybag is quite the cute little thing! An okay episode.
  • Time for a new jutsu.

    This is a pretty good episode.I mean even though it's just about naruto walking around doing stuff at the carnival.It was nice to take a break from all the action.There's only so uch fighting that one can take.Wow Finally a new jutsu and it's a powerful one to.Um I don't have anything else to say so I'm just going to say a few things so that I can reach the 100 word requirement.Welcome back Shaq,I'm about to review the latest episode of Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo,I got Naruto:Ultimate Ninja a while back I'm doing pretty good at it.Well that's all,peace out yo,bye
  • I think Naruto is cool.I love watching it all the time.My friend doesn't like it.I think people don't have to like th e same thing.

    I think Naruto is cool.I love watching it all the time.My friend doesn't like it.I think people don't have to like th e same thing.Why do they not have it on youtube?Youtube has it in Chinese?I need to watch a episode now.I can't write no more.Why do we have to do this?I need a episode!Help me!This so fun writing and reading the words.Naruto I can't watch Naruto.Help me now.Man this is gay and I need my water.I'm I done.Naruto is fun.Naruto is fun.Naruto is fun.Naruto is fun.Naruto is fun.Naruto is fun.Naruto is fun and funnt too.Naruto is funny when Naruto talks to Kakashi.
  • Not the best episode, but still it is a good one. It looked a little un-dubbed, which caught us off-guard.

    The episode starts off Naruto's training to become stronger, but instead, this episode is justing having fun. A little TOO much fun. Not really the best episode in the series, but still it was okay. It had a lot of unusual things involved. But how will Naruto and Jiraiya find Tsunade, and how will Naruto learn that new techinque that Jiraiya showed to him? Overall, 9.4 out of 10 for some unusual things we never saw coming, but it caught off-guard with somewhat odd un-dubbed scenes and for the most part, it isn't the best time to be showing it right now.
  • It was great.

    So basically in the beggining Gai gives Naruto this ugly jumpsuit as a parting gift, which was stupid! (In a good way of course). Than it pictures Tsunade, her voice is so deep it's amazing! Go Tsunade! You finally get to see her face in this episode. She's also known as the "Legendary Sucker". Than Naruto and Jiraiya go to this city. The three sins in which Jiraiya betrays Naruto and uses his money and then shows him the Rasengan at long last. They get these water balloons and Naruto is going to begin training. Yeah it was a great episode I guess.
  • The Training Begins

    Jiraiya and Naruto continue their journey to find Tsunade and to bring her back to the leaf viliage.Tsunade is gambling of course her companion isn't too thrilled with it.Jiraiya explains about Tsunade is legendary and that she uses special jutsu to make her look young.Naruto is also eager to trained once arriving to the town which has an festival going on.Naruto begin to eat himself out.However he found out that Jiraiya was being cheat.So he went to looked for Jiraiya to give him an peice of his mind.Than the training begins for Naruto.

    The first scene was funny it made me laughed when Gai gave Naruto an Rock Lee oufit and Naruto was liked already idolizing it.
  • Another good installment that doesn't disappoint, but neither is it thrilling.

    I have watched Naruto all the way through from the very first pilot to the current shows (all in Japanese which is far to superior to the irritating accents and 'Believe it!').
    I have come to realise that I can not feel truly involved in battles as each one has a similiar base but glaring continuity errors. So many in fact, that naming one example above the rest would be insulting. To add to that, the fights last so long, over countless episodes that they become extremely tiresome.
    This episode could be considered a filler but I enjoy the comedy, show of casual power in which you expect as easy one sided battle with humour thrown in. One down side is the Japanese only say 'Ero-Sennin' or even less frequently 'perverted hermit' which is not quite as humourous as 'pervy sage.'
    A good episode, which is nice to sit down and watch with a cold coke.
  • Naruto and Jiyra head out to a festival, learn about the 3 taboons of a ninja, and guesss what? Jiyra breaks them all XD

    Before they leave Konoha, Gai sensi gives Naruto a present: Green spandex that are identical to the ones that made Lee strong! Naruto is excited about the preasent, but Jiyra forbids him to wear it.
    They then go to a festival. There, Jiyra tells Naruto this is where they're going to train. Naruto gets all excuted and pulls out his Spandex uniform again, causing him to get scolded by Jiyra.

    I love this episode. It's hillarious. Each time Jiyra literally says the word 'training', Naruto pulls out his spandex. You should really see Jiyra's face when that happens. Then, there's the tree taboons of a ninja: Money, Alcohol, and women. Unfortuantely, when Naruto comes back and finds Jiyra drunk, used up all of Naruto's money, in a strip club, boy was Naruto mad.
    This is a must see for anyone. Seriousily XDDD