Season 6 Episode 5

A Plea From a Friend

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 19, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

A huge explosion comes from Naruto. Sasuke says that is Naruto and he also say what the red chakra was coming from Naruto before. Sasuke then asks what Naruto is and Naruto says he is Sasuke's friend and he will not let him go to Orochimaru! Naruto also said that is why he would break Sasuke's arms and legs to stop him from going.

Naruto then punches the air and water goes flying towards Sasuke knocking him back then Naruto charges him. Naruto punches Sasuke with a hard first then Naruto starts to punch Sasuke sending him up into the air. Sasuke lands on the water but Naruto is appears above Sasuke sending him like a missile the water. As a giant hole where Sasuke was standing disappears Naruto starts to howl like the fox inside him.

Sasuke emerges from the water next to a wall Naruto uses his new found speed to charge Sasuke and kick him sending Sasuke flipping back in the water. Sasuke recovers from the fall but Naruto is right there and start to attack him with hard strikes sending Sasuke stomach up in the water.

Naruto back flips onto a wall and then into the air. Sasuke quickly performs some seals and uses Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu(Fire Fireball Jutsu) and a massive ball of fire comes from Sasuke's mouth but due to Naruto's strength from the fox inside him he is able to block the ball of flame putting it out causing a massive shockwave of water from the spot where Sasuke and Naruto are.

With Sasuke still on his back, Naruto comes down and shoves to kicks into Sasuke's stomach sending Sasuke back down into the dark water. Under the water Naruto starts to strike Sasuke with punches. Sasuke swims back up to the surface but Naruto uppercuts him putting him in the air.

Then Naruto kicks Sasuke in the head and grabs Sasuke's legs and throws him into the rock wall. Naruto grabs Sasuke by his shirt and tells him that he is going to beat Sasuke up and drag him back! Sasuke tells Naruto to shut up saying that what does Naruto know about him, having no siblings or parents.

Sasuke says that Naruto was alone from the start what does he know! He also says that families suffer because on their bounds and that Naruto do not know how it feels to lose them! Sasuke grabs Naruto's arms and jumps off the crater they were in and Naruto's smoke bombs fall out of Naruto's pouch and when the two friends pass a edge of the rock wall smoke covers the air.

Both of the ninjas hop onto a log and get into a fighting stance. As the smoke clears from the bombs Naruto states that it is true that he does not know anything about parents or siblings, but when he is with Iruka he wonders, if that is what having a dad is like. Naruto also states that when he is with Sasuke he wonders if that is what having a brother is like.

Sasuke asks why Naruto would go this far for him. Naruto says that was one of the first bounds he had with somebody. That is why Naruto will stop Sasuke. Sasuke takes out his headband and puts it around his forehead and says that it is too late for him to go back. The long Sasuke is standing on snaps and Sasuke stands on the water and grabs a piece of wood and throws it at Naruto's log and his log snaps also.

A third dot appears on Sasuke's sharingan and he says for Naruto to come. That he will break the bounds of their friendship! Naruto asks why Sasuke put his headband on and Sasuke says that he has acknowledged Naruto because he shares the same pain of loneliness he has. Sasuke says that Naruto won't even be able to put a scratch on his forehead and that fact will never change.

Naruto says that whatever he says does not matter to Sasuke. Naruto charges Sasuke with incredible speed. Sasuke pulls out a pole of wood and throws it at Naruto and pole seems to explode and Sasuke sees Naruto's movement now because of his new sharingan and blocks Naruto's punch and flips him over his head and Naruto lands and does a spinning kick to Sasuke's head but Sasuke avoids the kick then Naruto tries to deliver a few strikes but Sasuke delivers his own fist to Naruto's jaw causing Naruto to roll over and try a strike again but Sasuke jumps onto the rock wall and gets into a fighting stance again.

Naruto follows Sasuke up and starts to attack but Sasuke avoids all of the fists. Sasuke delivers a hard strike to Naruto sending him into the water. We then see Kakashi running to catch up to Sasuke and Naruto. Naruto appears out of the water with 4 Kage Bunshins which Sasuke destroys. Naruto then grabs Sasuke legs and using a chain of Kage Bunshins throws Sasuke into a rock wall again. Sasuke uses Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu destroying all of the kage-bunshins.

As all of the Kage Bunshins drop into the water the fox inside Naruto opens his eye. Sasuke grabs Naruto and pile drives him into the ground below. Inside Naruto the fox says that he is too weak. The fox starts to laugh and says that Naruto should be thankful to him. He also says that when he was sealed by the fourth Hokage! Naruto lies in the water on his back and red chakra starts to cover his body Naruto gets up and punches Sasuke right in the face sending him spinning into the water.

Naruto grows a tail made of chakra and moves like a fox attack Sasuke making Sasuke get up on to a log. Sasuke says that he can't follow Naruto's movements like before. Sasuke starts to shoot balls of flame at Naruto but Naruto avoids them then Sasuke uses Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu but the red chakra protects him. Sasuke lands in the water and a huge red hand grabs Sasuke pushing him into the rock wall.

Sasuke is forced to use his curse seal but the hand still grabs Sasuke and Naruto punches Sasuke in the face causing him to go back into the wall. Sasuke laughs and says he is going to use the second level of his curse seal. As the curse seals attach together Sasuke's hair grows longer and his nails extend and his skin becomes a light brown color and a huge black mark appears above Sasuke's nose. Sasuke says that he is more special than Naruto!
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