Season 2 Episode 16

A Shadow in the Darkness: Danger Approaches Sasuke

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 09, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Nothing out of the usual

    The final battle commences but Chouji loses almost immediately to the lone sound ninja. Afterwards, the circumstances of the final exams have been revealed; a single elimination tournament! Though the tournament is based on performance rather than results, it makes it possible for everyone to pass the Chuunin exam, but also possible for no one to. Meanwhile Orochimaru is having a conversation with his secret operative Kabuto about his plans. He orders him to release the seal that Kakashi used to suppress Sasuke's seal. Kabuto got as far as Sasuke's body but was intercepted by Kakashi, he managed to get away but it was a warning sign that Kakashi needs to get back into fighting shape.

    A pretty standard story telling episode that doesn't do much other than progress the story. While it was deeply informative and it created suspense for future episodes, it could have at least been a little more exciting. Perhaps a bit more Naruto charm of him babbling on gibberish like he normally does, which is actually how this episode ends. Though to say the least it did get kind of exciting with the announcements of the match ups--Sasuke vs. Gaara, Naruto vs. Neji--and Orochimaru's plan that seems to involve setting off a world war.
  • The match between Dosu and Choji is ended and Sasuke is in danger.

    Choji and Dosu wrap up the preliminaries with their match. Choji knows about Dosu's attack to he hides his head in his body so he cannot hear. He performs his Human Boulder jutsu and charges Dosu. Dosu dodges Choji until Choji runs into the wall and gets stuck. Dosu then punches Choji and actives his sound weapon. Since the human body is seventy percent water and water carries sound waves, the weapon knocks Choji out. Kakashi goes to check on Sasuke and finds Kabuto in the room. Kabuto has killed the three Anbu Black Ops agents that were guarding Sasuke. Kakashi challenges Kabuto....
  • Kabuto NOOO!

    Choji quickly loses the match between him and Dosu. It was really quick. In this episode the finalist have a month to prepare for the next match to become Chunin. I was exited to see how the finalist would train. Kabuto is sent by Orochimaru to kidnap Sasuke but Kakashi gets there just in time to stop him. I was so glad because it wouldn't have been good for Sasuke to leave especially with Orochimaru. Naruto asks Kakashi to train him but instead Naruto gets Ebisu who he despises. I have nothing against what Naruto thinks about Ebisu. Ebisu has some issues he needs to clear out. Overall this episode is awesome because there are so many things that happen.
  • Awesome fight between Kakashi and Kabuto. Who knew that nerd could be a match for Kakashi?

    Awesome fight between Kakashi and Kabuto. Who knew that nerd would actually be a match for Kakashi? (Maybe Kakashi just wasn't at the top of his game that day. I don't know.) So the 2nd round of the Chunnin selection exam is finally over. (Could they have drug that out anymore? XD) The first match will be Naruto vs. Neji, and of course the knucklehead ninja is excited about this. (And of course he wins.) Kakashi goes to check up on Sasuke, and upon encountering Kabuto, finds that the (10 was it?) Anbu black ops that he had stationed to guard Sasuke have been killed. They get into a fight (duh), Kabuto's a little smart-arse, and then he eventually escapes using some crazy-arse/awesome justu. (XP This review's going from bad to worse, but I'm tired and don't really care. :P) So yeah, it was a really good episode.

    The bug eyed freak finally loses to Gaara. Now for the last match, Choji Akimichi vs. Dosu Kinuta. Choji is on Ino and Shikamaru's team and Dosu is one of the Sound Trio. The battle lasted less than 2 minutes. Dosu beat Choji and that was that. Lord Hokage calls forth the 9 winners. (It would have been 10, but dumb bunny Naruto had to call out to Sakura and making Ino lose!!!!!) They all draw numbers, deciding who they will fight against in the final rounds. The results: Neji vs. Naruto, Gaara vs. Sasuke, Kankuro vs. Shino, and Shikamaru vs. Dosu. Temari would fight whoever won the Shikamaru/Dosu match. In Sasuke's hospital room, Kabuto kills the ANBU Black Ops protecting the patients. He draws a knife and prepares to cut off Sasuke's breathing supporter, but Kakashi stops him. The two battle, and Kabuto jumps out the window and escapes. Later, Naruto finds Kakashi, hoping he will train Naruto for the final rounds. Kakashi has already decided to train Sasuke, to keep him safe. Instead, Naruto is stuck with Ebisu, the closet pervert.
  • A thrilling installment with grave danger, hillarious comedy, and it moves thing along alot...a review from an Artist.

    This episode has got to be my favorite so far even better than the Rock Lee VS. Sasuke Uchia!!! This is telling Naruto, Shikiamaru, and all of the other contestants besides Sasuke because he is resting in the infermory. In the mean time Kakashi goes to visit Sauske and he walks in as Kabuto is holding a scalpule ready to slice Sauske. Kabuto was recently warned by Orochimaru that Kakashi would probably catch him. Kakashi got him pinned down when he does a soul switch jutus and switches into a dead mans body that he had to kill to get in, Kabuto escapes just before Kakashi questions him to find out what he is tring to do. This is my masterpiece.
  • wow this episode was good

    wow this episode was good it had a fight, its a opening of something new, naruto is getting a new trainer, we found out who is naruto fighting in the last test, and we found out a few new things about the bad guys, over all this show is so cool and the 3rd season is coming up and nartuo is going to have a great fight coming up and guess who it is, well the 2nd season is drawing to a close this show was great over all this show rocks ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Kabuto atempts to kidnapped or kill Sasuke.

    As Chouji fought Dosu.He ended up losing of course.Meanwhile Orchimaru was talking to Kabuto.Orchimaru was telling Kabuto to steal Sasuke.But in Kabuto's mind.He wanted to kill Orchimaru for what reason is unknown.Of course Orchimaru told Kabuto if he wanted to kill him.Than he has to kill Sasuke.Altough he atempted to which it fails of course.Meanwhile those who had won the match.Ended up getting numbers to see who duels with who.Apparently Naruto is fighting aganist Neji first.He know it is perfect for Hinata of course.Yeah this episode was alright.
  • good

    good episode but the fight against dosu and chojiu was quick to quick well anyway most of the episode was about the hokage explianing about the main battles of the tormament and that in a month they will start so it gives everybody time to prepare. Meanwhile, Kabuto is talking to Orochimaru and talk about Sauske and then Orochimaru says if Kabuto wants to stop him he must kill Sauske. Kabuto goes there and takes down some ANUB and is about to kill Sauske till Kakashi appears and stops him but the real Kabuto was disguised as a ANUB and escapes Kakashi. Kakashi then says that the other Kabuto was a corpse to make it look like him and Kabuto disguised himself as a unconcious Anbu to escape if he failed.

    good episode but i think the fight bewteen Chouji and Dosu was to short.
  • This episode was okay I guess... An Anime King review

    This episode is at the bottom of the barrel for me. I've seen a lot better but it was still okay. Naruto gets a new teacher to train with. The closet perv!!!! The one that fell for his herom jutsu. He explained to Naruto that he will become strong if he listened to what he had to say. He was teaching Naruto how to use chakra control while a closet perv was interupting him. This has been an Anime King review.
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