Season 2 Episode 35

A Shirker's Call to Action: Layabout No More!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 20, 2007 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • When Shikamaru raises his right arm, to show the 8 Sound ninja what he used to fake Pakkun's paw prints, the Sound ninja do not copy his movements even though they are caught in the Shadow Possession Jutsu.

  • Quotes

    • Sound Ninja: His foot prints are irregular. Anxiety is probably increasing his fatigue. Hmm? (The sound ninja can't move. They're caught in Shikamaru's Shadow Possession Jutsu)
      Shikamaru: Oops, sorry. I was supposed to be the guy who didn't want to get involved, but I guess I'm not quite what you expected, am I?

    • Naruto: (Speaking about Shikamaru) He's lazy and always complaining, but he would never betray us.

    • Sakura: (Thinking) When did Shikamaru become this dedicated? Be careful, Shikamaru.

    • Shikamaru: Besides, our enemy is a special unit that was specifically put together just for this operation. And what are the four of us? A fool... (Naruto glares) A Kunoichi with no particular talent... (Sakura glares) A mutt... (Pakkun growls) And, me the shirker who doesn't even want to be here!

    • Shikamaru: I wanted to grow up, marry a girl who is neither pretty nor ugly, have two children, a girl then a boy, retire when my daughter gets married and my son is a successful ninja, die of old age before my spouse. Just a plain old regular life.

    • Pakkun: Hey, you guys! Increase your speed.
      Naruto: What is it? Did you find Sasuke?
      Pakkun: No. Two platoons, a total of eight people, are behind us. No, I sense another one... So nine guys are coming after us.
      Naruto: What?
      Shikamaru: Hey, man... Already? You've got to be kidding.

      ~Japanese version

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