Season 6 Episode 9

A Town of Outlaws: The Shadow of the Fuma Clan

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 02, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Average.

    This arc so far is missing that "Naruto" feel to it that makes it such a popular series. Every single anime series has its own feel; One Piece does, Bleach does, Yu Yu Hakusho does, and Naruto does. The past couple episodes have been missing that and it's really hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. The story so far in this arc is pretty mediocre so far and it's far too predictable. Plus I think this type of archtype has already been done before in previous filler arcs. Sasame is a pretty decent new character though, and at least her design is halfway unique.
  • Naruto and Sakura find out the identity of the ninja that had attacked them.

    Jiraiya says that they should check out the busiest outpost to get information on the Sound Village. Once they get there, it seems like a pretty rough town. Jiraiya gives Naruto and Sakura some money to buy some food and tells them to wait for him at the temple outside of town. Jiraiya finds a tavern and begins talking to some of the ladies in there. One of the women says she knows of someone who might know where the village is. She leads him into a trap. Jiraiya easily beats off the attackers and their leader recognizes Jiraiya as one of the Legendary Sanin...
  • this espisod was the best and i could ask for a better, i watch two time , that how good it was,

    the way naruto were in this it was very good even his a knuckled head but still he, show respionsible for this misssion a sakura. jiraha is peervet ninja but a least he konw when to take his responsibility even at the cause of his life and naruto and sakura is depent on on waht he do so he cannot da any thing stupid he' a going to died a it will be his fault. that he most took full responsible on this mission. that the fifth hookage tell he better becarefull. he also tell himself because that life on the
  • This was a classic Jiraiya comic hi-jinks episode. Sometimes the departures from the Japanese version go wrong. For example, "The Land of Rice Paddies? Ugh...dumb name. Overall, good job though.

    Also, Naruto's reaction to Sasame being a girl was a bit over the top! Overall, great episode though! My favorite part of this was the reference and background info on Arashi, Sasame's cousin. There was more background on The Land of Sound, and Orochimaru's impact on these clans. Although I think Jiraiya can be over the top, he made a good call when he told those villains that they were pathetic to use their training for common thievery. To see the looks on their faces when they realized they were facing one one of the legendaty Sannin was hilarious. I enjoyed seeing him use his Rasengan, and the hair technique. If anyone knows what it's called, PM me. All of his abilities have not been revealed as of yet I think.
  • read for more..

    So eventually, the 3 of them outrun the toughguys and find an old house to hide out in.So Jiraiya went to another village to get ore info about the sound. Naruto and Sakura were strolling outside of the village, when the mystery ninja pops out in front of them.But, the ninja seems to be injured. So naruto grabs the ninja and makes a run for it.Naruto and Sakura(with the mystery ninja)gets back to the old house.Sakura Punches the heck out of naruto to tell him to get out so she can treat the Ninja. When Naruto comes back in later, he sees that the Mystery ninja is a girl named Sasame.So Sasame tells Naruto and Sakura why she was snooping around.I also like this episode. I also had some funny parts in it. final grade:A!
  • I like Sasame. And I tried to tell them she was a girl, but anime characters never seem to listen to me.

    Anime characters never seem to listen to me, no matter how hard I yell at the TV. Anyway, Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya were being chased out of this town because Jiraiya did something to them and they wind up in this old run down place. Pervy Sage commands the two Genin to get lunch, while he does some "research". So Naruto and Sakura are hanging around this old temple place, and the ninja from the previous episode shows up, only she is injured. Sakura tries to heal her, but then realizes that she's female, and sends Naruto out of the room. COME ON! How could you not see that she was a girl?!? She only had a pony tail a foot long sticking out of her head, AND her eyes were the same shape as Sakura's!!! Anyway, she reveals her name as Sasame Fuma and she's looking for her cousin Arashi.
  • It was better than the episode before it, I guess.

    It was great. Jiraiya's side of the story was kind of stupid, but not really. Jiraiya encounters some of the Fuuma clan, and whoops there butts. Naruto and Sakura (as there walking) encounter a girl from the Fuuma clan and save her from Orochimaru's henchmen. Sakura treats her wounds later on (it was funny when Naruto realizes that he groped her lol that made me laugh). Yeah, and all the bugs were gross. Disgusting! Naruto and the Shadow Clones and then the technique sucking all of them in... solid. So yeah, it was a great episode. Still not the best, but great.