Season 6 Episode 9

A Town of Outlaws: The Shadow of the Fuma Clan

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 02, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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    So eventually, the 3 of them outrun the toughguys and find an old house to hide out in.So Jiraiya went to another village to get ore info about the sound. Naruto and Sakura were strolling outside of the village, when the mystery ninja pops out in front of them.But, the ninja seems to be injured. So naruto grabs the ninja and makes a run for it.Naruto and Sakura(with the mystery ninja)gets back to the old house.Sakura Punches the heck out of naruto to tell him to get out so she can treat the Ninja. When Naruto comes back in later, he sees that the Mystery ninja is a girl named Sasame.So Sasame tells Naruto and Sakura why she was snooping around.I also like this episode. I also had some funny parts in it. final grade:A!