Season 2 Episode 41

An Assassin of the Moonlit Night

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 24, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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As Sasuke is about to be defeated, Naruto and Sakura show up to save him. With this, Gaara begins to have flashbacks of his childhood. What happened in Gaara's past to make him experience so much suffering?

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  • "To be alone is worse than death."

    Gaara is the most tragic character in Naruto being picked apart since childhood like a kid picking off a fly's wings. It was pretty sad seeing Gaara getting denied love as much as he has been, especially during an age when love and communication is the most vital. Seeing him trying to help the girl he injured before by going out of his way to offer her ointment and then getting the door slammed on him was really shocking. The thing is though I don't think his side story was executed nearly as well as it should have been, there is an enormous amount of potential for Gaara to have the greatest side story in all of shounen history but that isn't what ends up happening. Plus when the hell is Orochimaru and Sarutobi's tug of war battle is going to end.moreless
  • We learn the background on Gaara.

    Naruto and Sakura have shown up in the nick of time. Naruto kicks Gaara out of the way before he can get to Sasuke. Gaara recognizes Naruto from their confrontation at the hospital in Lee's room. Naruto starts to freeze in fear and tells Sakura that they need to get out of here. As he turns to talk to her, Gaara lunges for Sasuke. Sakura stands in the way and Gaara grabs her and holds her against a tree. Gaara the cries out in pain as he has a flashback to when he was younger. It seems that there was a traumatic point in his past that haunts him to this day....moreless
  • Naruto, Pakkun and Sakura come in time to save Sasuke. Garra has flashbacks about his childhood.

    Garra has flashbacks about his childhood. Garra's childhood was a nightmare. Everyone was afraid of him and thought of him as a monster. To think that Garra thought that his uncle, Yashamaru, was the only one who loved him but truly he hated him. Garra's father ordered people to kill Garra and they all failed. It was good that they failed but it still hurt Garra inside. Garra lived a lonely life because of the monster sealed inside him. To feel that everyone wanted to murder him is sickening. Overall, the episode was great because I learned about Garra and his childhood.moreless
  • your still awesome gaara!

    when sasuke fails to defeat gaara, naruto and sakura come to save the day(naruto only really). gaara quickly takes out sakura and pins her to a tree. before gaara goes after naruto he is reminded of his tragic past. gaara was similar to naruto in almost everyway! the difference is that naruto found someone who acknowledged and cared for him, where as gaara's only person he thought acknowledged him turns out to hate him. yashamaru, his uncle would always tell him that he cared for him and told him that his sister, gaara's mom, also loved him. one night gaara is walking home when one of the kazekage's assassins attempts to kill him. gaara easily defeats him but when he looks at the assassins face he is terrified. it was yashamaru!moreless
  • Poor Gaara!!!!! I just want to give him a big hug!!!!!

    Sasuke is down, and Naruto and Sakura have just arrived to save their teammate. Seeing their determination to protect him, Gaara recalls his childhood with his uncle, Yashamaru. One day 7 years ago in Suna, Gaara was sitting on a swing holding a teddy bear. Some other children where playing ball near by, and the ball rolled to Gaara. He picked it up and tried to give it back to a girl, but she ran away in fear. Desperate for some friends, Gaara used his sand powers to drag her back over to him, unaware that he was hurting her. Uncle Yashamaru ran over to them, and got Gaara to let go of her. Later, Yashamaru explains to Gaara about love. Gaara's mother died giving birth to him, but Yashamaru told him that she loved him very much. The next day, Gaara grabs some medicine and runs to the little girl's house and appologizes for hurting her. She slams the door in his face. While walking home, he is attacked by a shinobi. Gaara's sand defensewounds the ninja severely, and his mask falls off. Gaara is stunned to see that is none other than his uncle Yashamaru.moreless
Dave Wittenberg

Dave Wittenberg

Kakashi Hatake

Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Shino Aburame (episodes 34+)

JB Blanc

JB Blanc

Pakkun / Aoba Yamashiro

Kate Higgins

Kate Higgins

Sakura Haruno

Liam O'Brien (V)

Liam O'Brien (V)

Gaara / Kotetsu Hagane

Maile Flanagan

Maile Flanagan

Naruto Uzumaki

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    • (Talking about how many enemy ninja they have taken out)
      Gai: Kakashi, how many did you take down?
      Kakashi: Twenty-two.
      Gai: Hehe, looks like I win another round, eh buddy? That last one I knocked off was my twenty-third.
      Kakashi: Yeah, yeah, all right.
      Gai: I love that too cool attitude of yours. That's why you're my number one rival.

    • Yashamaru: There's only one thing that can heal a heart, only one. It's love.

    • Yashamaru: (Cuts his finger) Wound your body and the blood will flow, following fast on the heels of pain, but as time passes the pain eventually fades away. With the help of medicine it heals even faster. But even more dangerous is a wound dealt to the heart, because there is nothing that has more trouble healing.
      Young Gaara: A wound to the heart?
      Yashamaru: Wounds to the heart are a little different than the wounds to the flesh. Unlike an injury to the body, there is no medicine for a wounded heart and sometimes it never heals.

    • Young Gaara: Yashamaru.
      Yashamaru: Huh? Yes.
      Young Gaara: Do you... Do you not like me Yashamaru? Like the others.
      Yashamaru: (Shocked) Huh? Everyone goes through their lives hurting others and being hurt, but it's not so easy for us to hate one another.
      Young Gaara: Thanks a lot, Yashamaru! That helped. I think I understand what pain is now.

    • Young Gaara: (Trying to stick himself with a needle, but the sand blocks it.) It doesn't matter what I do, the sand just gets in the way.

    • Pakkun: Hey, little girl. I guess now'd be the time to tell you I'm not the fighting type.
      Sakura: I can see that by looking at you!

    • Gaara: (To Naruto) You... You're the one I didn't kill that day!

    • Young Gaara: I think I might be in pain too. I know I'm not bleeding, but it really hurts here.

    • Young Gaara: What is pain? I'm not bleeding but it really hurts here.

      ~Japanese version

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      The way in which Gai and Kakashi try to defeat more enemies than the other is like how Gimli and Legolas challenge each other.

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