Season 3 Episode 6

An Impossible Choice: The Pain Within Tsunade's Heart

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 26, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Okay class, third lesson, retain it!

    Jiraiya takes Naruto onto the third step; retain the formed chakra into a compressed state in order to concentrate its damage into a single point. For Naruto it is the hardest step but unfortunately for him, him and Jiraiya are running low on time in their search for Tsunade. Although Jiraiya and Naruto spent a lot of time asking around, some of the random things they did in this episode were pretty fun to watch, like the gambling for information scene and Naruto making his frog wallet fat again. Though in another location, Orochimaru makes a deadly tradeoff to Tsunade that pierces the heart. Orochimaru is wickedly clever and cruel; the timing of his proposal is psychologically witty taking advantage of Tsunade's broken heart. A well done episode overall.
  • Naruto must learn the third step in the jutsu as they search for Tsunade.

    Naruto has just mastered the second step in his new jutsu when Jiraiya says they need to leave and find Tsunade. Naruto protests that now that he has the first two steps down, he wants to know the last lesson. Jiraiya agrees and blows up a balloon. Jiraiya holds the balloon in his hand and shows Naruto what is going on inside the balloon with his other hand. He is compressing his chakra into a small ball inside the balloon without popping it. He tells Naruto he must be able to accomplish this to finally master the jutsu. Naruto tries and tries....
  • Tsunade's brother and lover in exchange for healing Orochimaru's arms

    And so begins the mind numbingly long "Hey Let's Go See If We Can Find Lady Tsunade To Be The 5th Hokage Because I Don't Want To Do The Job Myself And There's Nothing Good On TV" saga!!!!! OK, so it's not as long as the Chunin Exam, but still. Well, I guess I posted that statement a little late, considering that the saga started at the episode, "A New Training Begins: I Will Be Strong!" Anyway, Naruto is still taking on the Rasengan in stage 3, combining the spinning chakra and the power. Meanwhile, Orochimaru and Kabuto track done Tsunade so that she can heal Orochimaru's arms. Oro offers to bring back Nawaki and Dan, her brother and boyfriend respectivley, from the dead in exchange for her services. Tsunade secretly has no intention of helping him, as he murdered their former sensei, Lord Hokage. But she pretends to consider it anyway. She doesn't tell Shi zune ( won't let me say her name all together :roll: ) this, and the latter gets all worried that Tsunade will side with Orochimaru. Kabuto tells Tsunade that she has one week to come up with an answer, and he and Orochimaru leave.
  • I liked this episode a lot.

    Jeez, it's been a while since I have watched this episode. But I saw it two weeks ago on Toonami so here it goes a review. Basically Naruto figures out that keeping the power in balance for a while is hard in a balloon. The main reason I thought this episode was awesome cuz Tsunade was in it a lot and the combat between (Tsunade's assistant, they censor out the word for some reason...) and Kabuto was stellar even though it was small. I think she's the only person who has used senbon since Haku. So it was a really good episode the next one will probably be even better. That's my review.
  • Tsunade choice what will her decusion be?

    Jiraiya and Naruto finally made it to their next destination.However Naruto needed more training.Jiraiya gives Naruto another training.Which is using another water ballon.Orchimaru and Kabuto found Tsunade and her company asked Tsunade if he could heal his arms.If she does that he could use rebirth to bring back her brother and her lost lover back to life that she had lost.Altough Tsunade doesn't seemed thrill with the idea.Kabuto begin to wondered why she had lost those who are dear to her relizing that he is using this as part of his game.Altough it seemed that Tsunade refuse the idea so it seemed.But after hearing what Orichimaru said.This leave her quiet.Remembering the flashback of the ones she love.

    Yeah this was cool episode.