Season 3 Episode 26

An Invitation from the Sound

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 19, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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While Sakura tells Naruto about the Cursed Seal, Sasuke continues his fight with the four Sound ninja. All is going well until he is struck by an unseen combo. After taking a few hits, Sasuke finally gets a few of his own off. He hits one of the Sound ninja with his Lion combo but fails to do any damage. He is then offered a choice: To go with them and become more powerful or stay and become weak. Will Sasuke leave Konoha just for the sake of power?moreless

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  • Sakura confesses her love...and gets rejected!

    I guess it is just me but I am just not a fan of the Sakura and Sasuke relationship. To me it is just shallow and it would have been better if it remained a shallow relationship. There really wasn't much development between the two prior to this episode that would justify Sakura's confession really emotional or heartful. The great part was that Sakura got rejected. Like Sasuke I find Sakura pretty damn annoying. Other than a very lengthy conversation between Sakura and Sasuke there wasn't much to this episode besides the fight between Sasuke and the Sound Four and some more flashbacks.moreless
  • so sad

    wow this episode waz really sad especailly at the end of the episdoe with sasuke and saruka it waz really sad saruka waz cryin beggin him not go tha waz to sad i nearly cried (sike sike) but it was avery good episode alot action and it waz also sad with it 2 i recommend to watch this episode if u hate this series. nhnjhn hhbhb ghghg hhhhggh hghhgh hhghg hgh gghh hh jhj jhhj hhhvg ghhggh hhbg hbhbh hjjjh hhy jj hjh jhh jjj hj hjh jjhj jhjjh jjhj jhhjjh hhj jj huu jhj hjjhh jjj hhh jjuj jhjmoreless
  • Sasuke is tempted to leave....

    The four Sound Ninja's attack Sasuke. Sasuke fights with everything he's got, but it seems like he can't do anything. Meanwhile, Naruto is treating Sakura to ramen. He tries to talk to her, but her thoughts keep drifting back to Sasuke. Sakura tells Naruto about the curse seal that Orochimaru gave Sasuke in the Forest of Death. Naruto assures Sakura that Sasuke would never join Orochimaru. After the fight between Sasuke and the 4 Sound Ninja's and Sasuke is beaten they tell him in order to become stronger, he must leave the village and join Orochimaru. Sasuke goes back to his room for the last time and after looking at the picture of Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and him he lays it face down on the table.

    On his way out Sakura tries to persuade him to stay.....moreless
  • One of the saddest episodes in Naruto.

    Sasuke finally chooses the path that he must take in order to make his dream a reality. I was a bit surprised about his decision and this is one of the few times in the show that Naruto is wrong about something. Before he leaves Sakura tries to stop him and they have a long talk. This is the only time that I ever thought that Sakura did something brave because she was willing to go very far for Sasuke. But in the end even she was unable to stop Sasuke. Before he knocked her out he said "Thank you" to her so he does care about her a bit.moreless
  • The ninja-4 leaf squad approaches Sasuke. Sasuke tried to fend them off by fighting them. He almost outsmarted then for the first 5 mins. They figured it woud be useless to take him by force so they let them decide to come.moreless

    I felt so sad toward the end. Sauske was really going to leave the Konoha village. Sakura had a feeling that he was going to leave so she waited for him where they were alone for the first time. Sasuke was facing away from her toward the exit of the village. Sakura was pleading that he wouldnt leave the village. and i just loved her passion for him she would even run away with him to help him win against itachi. she loved this guy. and he didnt even say nothing, just listening to her. The most sexiest part about this episode was when sasuke started walking and sakura was saying that she'll scream justt for him to stop and stay with her/there. he disappered then reapperead in the back of here. he said sakura, thank you. then e did a manever on her and she fell then he laid her on the bench. tat was the most sexies tpart to me of all. there little momentmoreless

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    • Sakura: (Crying) Don't do this, Sasuke, you don't have to be alone. You told me that day how painful solitude can be. I understand that pain now. I have a family, and friends, but, if you were gone, Sasuke, it would be the same thing for me. As being all alone.
      Sasuke: (Imagines a picture of Team 7) This is a new beginning. Each of us has a new path lying before us.
      Sakura: Sasuke! I'm so in love with you I can't even stand it! If you would only be with me, I promise, I'd never let you regret it. Every day would be a joy. I can give you happiness! I'd do anything for you, Sasuke, so please! I'm begging you, don't walk away! I'll even help you get your revenge! I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen, I swear! So stay here... with me... and if you can't... Take me with you, Sasuke.
      Sasuke: (Turns around) You haven't changed. You're still annoying.
      (Sasuke continues to leave)
      Sakura: Don't leave me! (runs towards Sasuke) If you go, I'll scream and- (Sasuke disappears, and reappears behind Sakura)
      Sasuke: Sakura... Thank you for everything. (Knocks out Sakura)
      Sakura: Sasuke...

    • Sakon: We've been waiting for you, Sasuke.
      Sasuke: So what's with the change of attitude?
      Sakon: It had already been decided that the moment you abandoned the village, you would become our new leader. Please forgive the rudeness we displayed earlier.
      Sasuke: Hmph, like I care. Let's go. This is the beginning.

    • Sakura: I know about your clan, Sasuke, I do. But seeking revenge, that won't bring anyone happiness. Nobody at all. Not you...and not me.
      Sasuke: I knew it. I'm not the same as you. I'm traveling a path the rest of you can't follow. I know that the four of us have worked together, and, for a while, I thought I could take that road instead, but in the end, I've decided on revenge. That's always been my reason for living. I'll never be like you and Naruto.

    • Sasuke: Just keep your nose out of my business. It's none of your concern.

    • Sakon: You mustn't lose sight of your purpose. Life in this village is little more than bondage for you. Sever your ties to this pathetic place. If you can do that, there will be no limit to the power you can wield. Remember your purpose!

    • Sakon: One shouldn't use the curse mark so recklessly, kid. Although it doesn't like you have much of a handle on it, do you? If you unleash it for too long, the curse will start to eat away at your body. You're in the early stages of it, so it shouldn't sink its teeth into you too quickly, but once it spreads through your body, your former self will be gone, never again to return.

    • Sakon: Come on now, you didn't really think you Lord Orochimaru's only pet, did you?

    • Sasuke: (Thinking) Why? All my barrages were solid. This guy... It's like I never even hit him.

    • Jiraiya: Aren't you a fine one to talk, teaching the Chidori to someone like Sasuke? I knew he was a hothead, but I never imagined he'd be willing to use a jutsu that powerful against a comrade from his own village. Obviously there's bad blood between them, but where in the world does it come from?

    • Tayuya: In exchange for the curse's power, you will be tethered to Lord Orochimaru. All semblance of freedom will be lost to you. To gain one thing, another must be left behind. What is your purpose in this life? To stay here in this backwater village, hiding with your little friends? Surely you haven't forgotten Itachi Uchiha?

    • Sakura: I have family, and I have friends, but if you're'll be the same as being alone!
      Sasuke: From here on...a new path will open for all of us.

      ~Japanese version

    • Sakura: I know about your clan, but revenge... That won't make anyone happy. No one. Neither you...nor I.
      Sasuke: Just as I thought. I walk a different path than you guys. I tried to think that it was my path to do the things we've done up until now. The four of us did things together, but my heart decided on revenge in the end. That's my purpose in life.

      ~Japanese version

    • Sakura: If you leave, I'll scream!
      (Sasuke appears behind Sakura)
      Sasuke: Sakura...thank you.
      (Sasuke knocks her out)

      ~Japanese version

    • Sasuke: After all this're still annoying!

      ~Japanese version

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