Season 3 Episode 26

An Invitation from the Sound

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 19, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Sakura confesses her love...and gets rejected!

    I guess it is just me but I am just not a fan of the Sakura and Sasuke relationship. To me it is just shallow and it would have been better if it remained a shallow relationship. There really wasn't much development between the two prior to this episode that would justify Sakura's confession really emotional or heartful. The great part was that Sakura got rejected. Like Sasuke I find Sakura pretty damn annoying. Other than a very lengthy conversation between Sakura and Sasuke there wasn't much to this episode besides the fight between Sasuke and the Sound Four and some more flashbacks.
  • so sad

    wow this episode waz really sad especailly at the end of the episdoe with sasuke and saruka it waz really sad saruka waz cryin beggin him not go tha waz to sad i nearly cried (sike sike) but it was avery good episode alot action and it waz also sad with it 2 i recommend to watch this episode if u hate this series. nhnjhn hhbhb ghghg hhhhggh hghhgh hhghg hgh gghh hh jhj jhhj hhhvg ghhggh hhbg hbhbh hjjjh hhy jj hjh jhh jjj hj hjh jjhj jhjjh jjhj jhhjjh hhj jj huu jhj hjjhh jjj hhh jjuj jhj
  • Sasuke is tempted to leave....

    The four Sound Ninja's attack Sasuke. Sasuke fights with everything he's got, but it seems like he can't do anything. Meanwhile, Naruto is treating Sakura to ramen. He tries to talk to her, but her thoughts keep drifting back to Sasuke. Sakura tells Naruto about the curse seal that Orochimaru gave Sasuke in the Forest of Death. Naruto assures Sakura that Sasuke would never join Orochimaru. After the fight between Sasuke and the 4 Sound Ninja's and Sasuke is beaten they tell him in order to become stronger, he must leave the village and join Orochimaru. Sasuke goes back to his room for the last time and after looking at the picture of Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and him he lays it face down on the table.

    On his way out Sakura tries to persuade him to stay.....
  • One of the saddest episodes in Naruto.

    Sasuke finally chooses the path that he must take in order to make his dream a reality. I was a bit surprised about his decision and this is one of the few times in the show that Naruto is wrong about something. Before he leaves Sakura tries to stop him and they have a long talk. This is the only time that I ever thought that Sakura did something brave because she was willing to go very far for Sasuke. But in the end even she was unable to stop Sasuke. Before he knocked her out he said "Thank you" to her so he does care about her a bit.
  • The ninja-4 leaf squad approaches Sasuke. Sasuke tried to fend them off by fighting them. He almost outsmarted then for the first 5 mins. They figured it woud be useless to take him by force so they let them decide to come.

    I felt so sad toward the end. Sauske was really going to leave the Konoha village. Sakura had a feeling that he was going to leave so she waited for him where they were alone for the first time. Sasuke was facing away from her toward the exit of the village. Sakura was pleading that he wouldnt leave the village. and i just loved her passion for him she would even run away with him to help him win against itachi. she loved this guy. and he didnt even say nothing, just listening to her. The most sexiest part about this episode was when sasuke started walking and sakura was saying that she'll scream justt for him to stop and stay with her/there. he disappered then reapperead in the back of here. he said sakura, thank you. then e did a manever on her and she fell then he laid her on the bench. tat was the most sexies tpart to me of all. there little moment
  • this is sad...but i hope sasuke comes back..

    wow...when I saw this, I felt so sad..:( because sakura confessed her unconditional love to sasuke and that she would help him, but then he was then attacked by the Sound group and then got convinced by them to go and find more power there with Orochimaru.(which I clearly doubt if he would get any stronger)...plz dont flame me..*dodges tomatoes* yes it just fell all is now going to be depressed and naruto I think is going to bring sasuke back..but its probably going to be a long time before he is going to come back..:( but otherwise ^-^ over all I thought it was alright.
  • Bye Sasuke...

    Another great episode was this one. What happens is Sasuke briefly does battle with the Sound Four members, though they quickly gain the upperhand. After they explain that they were once on Sasuke's level though got stronger once joining Orochimaru, they extend an invitation to Sasuke to accompany them to Orochimaru's lair. After doing so, they leave, allowing Sasuke to consider the matter. The appeal of gaining strength is too much to turn down, and Sasuke makes his way for Konoha's exit. On his way, he meets Sakura, who realizes that Sasuke is about to turn his back on the village. She pleads with him to stay, telling him how much she loves him, even offering to help him with his revenge. Unfortunately, she is unable to convince him. Sasuke's cryptic last words before swiftly knocking her out and departing are "Sakura...thank you". Sasuke then leaves Konoha in the company of the Sound Four. The Sound Four were awesome in this episode. This episode was the best one yet. Thunder was here!!!
  • Wow...

    That was a great episode. I did like the original title (Temptation of the Sound) better, but oh well. Sasuke finally leaves. Don't worry, we'll see a little bit more of him still. Also, Sakura finally tells Sasuke she loves him. That was so sweet! I really do think that Sasuke cares for Sakura... not loves, cares for... he doesn't seem like the type that would really love someone just like that. Also, we saw the end of the fight between Naruto and Sasuke, when Kakashi stopped them. Naruto's Rasengan made a bigger hole than Sasuke's Chidori, so that made Sasuke mad of course. Overall, a very fine episode.
  • Sasuke leaves

    After all of Kakashis wisdom Sasuke still sets his heart on revenge. It is hard to see Sasuke leave Konoha but if I was in his situstion I would probally have done the same thing. Naruto and Sakura finally go on a date. Sakura finally tells Naruto about the curse mark on Sasuke. At the end Sakura decides to take a short cut and meets Sasuke on the only way out of the villiage. Sakura talks to him about thier past and how much she loves him. She tells him that she will help him with his revenge if she stays with her. If he cant stay then she wants him to take her along. Sasuke decides to leave and knocks her out so she wouldnt follow him. Sasuke meets up with the four ninjas from the Sound Village and they decide to make him thier new leader.
  • Orochimaru's offer....

    As Naruto and Sakura are on their "date", Sasuke is fighting all four of the sound 4 by himself. It seems he is doing quite well until Sakon uses a sound attack on him. They offer him to come with them for more power. Sasuke at first tries to use his curse seal but is quickly beat again. They tell him to sever his ties with the village in order to recieve power from Orochimaru. Sasuke seems to accept.

    Back at their date, Naruto and Sakura remember all the times they spent together as a team. When they are finished, Sakura leaves by herself knowing that Sasuke is up to something.

    As Sasuke is leaving the village, he finds Sakura there. Sakura tries all she can to stop him, but to no avail. Sasuke knocks her out and leaves.
  • Good bye doesn't mean forever.....

    Well, Sasuke made his choice. I really hoped he wouldn't, even though I knew it was coming. Sasuke Uchiha betrayed Konoha and left to join Orochimaru. Here is what happened. Sasuke makes his way to the border of Konoha where he runs into Sakura. She begs him not to go, even claiming she'll go with him if she has to to stay by his side. Then, Sakura spills her feeligns for Sasuke. He turns and thanks her, then knocks her out and leaves her on a bench. That wasn't all that happened, just the ending. But I do believe that good bye doesn't mean forever. I know he shows up at random moments in Shippuuden, but I truly do believe that he'll return to Konoha one day. After all, after he kills Itachi, where will he go?
  • (goes off to cry in dark corner after watching this episode)

    This episode was so saddening... well all the action and stuff was nice, I guess. It was so sad cuz I hardcore ship Sasuke and Sakura and it's so sad and beautiful... the whole conversation was just bam and then he's gone. Just with a "Thank you" or "Thank you for everything" (in the english version). It's sad because Sasuke was so out of character with the whole event, and he actually picked her up off the ground. Dang, this episode is definetly in my top 5 of Naruto, I've watched it like 10 times(well, the conversation between Sasuke and Sakura anyway). I'm glad the dubbed version didn't butcher anything, at least. Well, I loved it, even though it was so sad.
  • The first half of the episode is okay, but the ending is just amazing!

    So you have this rivalry going on with Naruto. Interesting but where this episode really shines is towards the end, where Sauske is leaving the village and Sakura tries to convince him to stay. In both the Japanese and English versions, the emotion conveyed by both Sauske and Sakura in this episode is amazing! This episode really does a good job at conveying emotion. I can imagine there are people out there who probably cried. (Come on, I know there are some of you). This episode is one of my favorites because of the scene that occurs with Sauske and Sakura is just amazing.
  • *Sniff*

    Sasuke is seen on a rooftop alone at night. He is thinking about what Kakashi told him and about the fight with Naruto. Sasuke then is confronted by the sound four. They try to convince him to come to the sound village. Sasuke disagrees at first and gets in a big brawl with all four and beats the hell out of them. He then activates the cursed mark. The sound four lecture him about how all of Orochimaru's subordinates are cursed with the mark. Sasuke decides to leave the village and join the sound. Sakura tries to stop him, but is stopped by Sasuke knocking her out. He then leaves.
  • One of the saddest episodes of the series!

    Temptation of Sound was one of the saddest episodes of the series, that was still very good! I loved this episodes because it was sad (without fighting, blood, guts, limps being ripped off one by one, etc...). Also, being a hard-core SasuSaku fan, I almost cried! I did laugh at the fact that Sasuke actually picked her up off the ground though because, as others have said, it was very out of character. The "thank you" (I've watched oh, so many times that I know it in Japanese... that's impressive for me...) was very out of character too, but that's what made the episode so sad. You were left wondering why Sasuke said that when he was just calling Sakura annoying about a minute ago. Temptation of Sound is one of my all time favorite episodes just the same though!
  • I love this episode because it really makes you wonder after it why? Why did Sasuke leave with just a simple thank you? What does it mean? Does he really love Sakura?..

    Sasusaku is mostly developed in this episode. I mean why exactly did he leave her on the bench instead of the ground? I mean come on. the normal ice block of a sasuke would of just steped right over her fallen body and walked out that gate. So he must have some feelings for her. Another fact to continue on this is that he seems to care about her a lot sense in praticaly in every mission they had together he tryes everything he can to keep her from geting hurt. When he leaves her in this episode with the simple thank you as their last words to eachother for the next 2 1/2 years makes you wonder what he ment. I would add more on the shippuden side of the story about his new teammates but I guess I better stop at this is my Fav episode in the anime and manga!! Sasusaku rules!! even if its the sadst and probly the most tragic paring in the whole show >.
  • Is it just me or is Sasuke is going the path that Anakin took? Ahem, Don't leave Sasuke, you and Sakura make good couple!

    Think about it guys; leaving the good side for power, a fight with your best friend? Sounds like Star Wars Episode III all over again! Anyways, I wept on the inside during the ending! Sakura and Sasuke are a good couple together! Oh well, time to Support Narusaku! In the end, this episode signals Sasuke's descent into darkness (and obilivion) as he hunts for more power. So, if you support SasuSaku or simply dislike his fall from grace, Watch at your own risk!
  • "The Four Sounds" – Introduces Kidoumaru, Jiroubou, Sakon and Tayuya. Sasuke is tied to the tree… and Kakashi delivers a stern lecture to him.

    Sasuke fights Sakon. Despite an excellent attack that occupies all of Sakon’s limbs, an attack from nowhere sends him reeling. Kidoumaru and Jiroubou join in, but Sasuke still gains the upper hand on Sakon and lands a Lion Combo directly. Elsewhere, Sakura invites Naruto on a date as cover to fill him in on the truth of Sasuke’s situation during the Chuunin exam. Sasuke, meanwhile, is beaten around some more by the Sound Four then given an offer – the same power they display in return for his allegiance. Sasuke hesitates in his reply... Rock Lee Chapter 179: "Don't Forget...!!" – Sasuke is beaten against a wall and re-asked the question. He responds with his trump card, the Curse Seal… and gets beaten down again as Sakon displays a Curse Seal of his very own. He is also warned of his carelessness, as excess use the seal will eventually strip him of his free will. Orochimaru holds the answer to obtaining the true power, Tayuya tells him, reminding him of Itachi. With that, they depart, leaving Sasuke with a leaf in his hand that he crushes. Elsewhere, Lee reflects on his status, thinking back to his academy days, Gai’s encouragement and the bizarre rivalry Gai and Kakashi have. He feels a hand on his shoulder and Gai comforts his student.
  • This episode is one of the saddest episodes in Naruto...

    Poor Sakura...She said she loved him, but Sasuke did'nt reply with his feelings. Sasuke went behind Sakura and said "Thank-you" then knocked her out. I bet Sasuke does have feelings for Sakura...he just does'nt show. I'm sure Kishimoto will put Sasuke liking Sakura. Although she would like Naruto later in the series. I think this is one of the saddest episodes in Naruto. Sakura tried everything she could to keep Sasuke...but it was'nt enough. But Sasuke feels her pain as he left. And I think this episode is a special episode. Like a step showing us that Sasuke does care for someone. He would'nt tag her along because he cares about her, not because she's annoying to him. Sasuke's mind is on revenge and he does'nt want Sakura to get involved, or hurt. Sorry my favorite couples EVER is SasukexSakura ^_^ Well this episode was really awesome!
  • Sasuke leaves, Sakura cries for him to stay.

    This episode was so sad. Seeing Sasuke leave and Sakura crying. It was way to sad. It almost made me cry, but I didn't. I would like to watch the episode again and I hope that Sasuke won't leave. This episode seemed like it was a special episode and that is why I would like to watch it again.
  • Sasuke leaves...

    After Sakura told him that she loved him(Sasuke), all he did to her was knock her out and leave. I still wonder why he only said "thank you" to her. I think Sasuke is hiding something from Sakura, hmm... this episode makes you want to see what happens after. ;D