Season 2 Episode 39

Astonishing Truth! Gaara's Identity Emerges!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 10, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Astonishing Truth! Gaara's Identity Emerges!
While Shino and Kankuro fight the match they should've fought back during the Chuunin Exam, Naruto, Sakura, and Pakkun slowly catch up to Sasuke. Meanwhile, Sasuke has finally caught up with Gaara and Temari, but is he ready to face true horror when Gaara reveals his demon form?moreless

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  • Shino, badass, nuff said.

    This hasn't happened in a while, three simultaneous battles are going on at the same time; Sasuke vs. Gaara, Shino vs. Kankurou, and Orochimaru vs. Sarutobi, though the latter to a much lesser extent since the only thing that went on between them is a standstill battle whether or nor Sarutobi can endure pain enough to seal Orochimaru's soul, and Sasuke's fight was mainly him just running away. Shino and Kankurou really delivered though, the clever tactical and strategical plans weren't only limited to Shikamaru as Shino came up with a plan to defeat Kankurou using his bugs. A brilliant battle for the mysterious badass Shino, I just wish we saw more of him.moreless
  • Gaara shows some of his true form.

    Gaara wakes up and wants Temari to stop. Temari protest and Gaara knocks her against a tree. Sasuke then shows up and Gaara challenges him. Shino and Kankuro begin their battle. Kankuro uses his puppet to attack Shino and scores a hit, but that Shino was a clone made of bugs. The real Shino attacks Kankuro from the rear and just misses hitting him. Kankuro jumps away and uses his puppet, Crow, again. This time he uses a poison smoke bomb and Shino accidentally breaths in some of it. Kankuro sends Crow to attack Shino again and again Shino uses a bug clone...moreless
  • Shino and Kankuro battle while Sasuke tries to track Garra and Temari.

    This episode is mainly the fight of Shino and Kankuro. Shino's and Kankuro's battle was somewhat fair. Shino had his bugs and Kankuro had his puppets. They both sort of got defeated because Shino accidentally inhaled poisonous gas and Kankuro got most of his chakra taken away by Shino's bugs making him collapse yet Shino won. It was a good fight and the strategy that Shino used was very clever. At the end of this match Sasuke had cached up to Temari and Garra. Overall this episode was great. I got to see what strategy Shino used and how his bugs work when fighting an opponent.moreless
  • the true face of the demon of gaara

    I 'm a ggara fan and i wacth naruto hor him he is one om the reason why i'm a anime let say that the firsst time that i saw him in feel that he will change a look this series ,not only his temari and the puppetmaster that use great attack with that thing of pupet... welll thei thing is that he is now show us her true face garar .. it one of the best fait ever in this world how he made it and how he kill theo other people witrh his and attaack and how he rules in this siries,

    i don't care if he loost that battel but he was difficult oppaned specialy fo the nine tales fox demon of naruto.and his friend the big frog master the king of the toad and ffrongs .i enjoy wacthing this reaaly great i hope that im y country come to my coutry becase i have to spend my mony in an internet cafe to wacht the great show.

    well in the thing is that gaar past is sad i can't belive that his mother,and his uncle the younger broher of gaara mother not love his is abiusly that he will no be a normal the other kids.moreless
  • The match they thought would never happen: Shino vs. Kankuro!

    Leaving Shino to fight Kankuro, Sasuke continues to chase Gaara and Temari. Kankuro uses his puppet, Krow, to fight Shino. Krow has various weapons, such as kunai and poison needles, inside him. Shino manages to avoid the attacks by using Bug Destruction. But after a while, Shino makes the mistake of inhailing some of Krow's poison. Almost out of breath, Shino sends his chakra eating bugs on the chakra wires that Kankuro is using to control Krow. The bugs crawl inside Kankuro and eat his chakra, causing im to pass out. Shino is the victor. He collapses from the poison. Elsewhere, Sasuke catches up to Gaara, and they continue their fight.moreless
Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Ino Yamanaka / Konohamaru

Dave Wittenberg

Dave Wittenberg

Kakashi Hatake

Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Shino Aburame (episodes 34+)

Kate Higgins

Kate Higgins

Sakura Haruno

Liam O'Brien (V)

Liam O'Brien (V)

Gaara / Kotetsu Hagane

Maile Flanagan

Maile Flanagan

Naruto Uzumaki

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