Season 2 Episode 39

Astonishing Truth! Gaara's Identity Emerges!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 10, 2007 on TV Tokyo



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    • Pakkun: Oh oh.
      (Pakkun and Sakura stop. Naruto keeps going, but looks back at them)
      Sakura: What is it?
      Naruto: What's wrong?
      (Naruto runs into a tree)

    • Sasuke: (About Gaara) Is he human or monster?

    • (Flashback to Sasuke's training before the match)
      Gaara: Tell me, what is your true purpose? Why do you seek power?
      Sasuke: Like it's any business of yours. Beat it. You're interrupting my training.
      Gaara: I see it. You have the eyes, eyes that seek power and would do anything to get it, even kill. Eyes full of hate, like mine. We're the same.

    • Gaara We're so alike, Uchiha. I don't have friends as you have, but they're not what makes you strong; it's your purpose that does it. In that way, we're alike. You! For mine is the stronger purpose, for by destroying you and all you represent, can I even prove that I exist. Only by killing you, can I know what life is.

    • Sasuke: I have no idea what scheme you Sand Village clowns have got going, but I'll stop it no matter what it is. Besides, I'm dying to see what you really are.

    • Gaara: Are you shocked by my true form?!... Come out, come out, Sasuke Uchiha! To live, I must kill. And you are my prey!!

    • Gaara: Why are you hiding, Sasuke Uchiha? Do I frighten you?

    • Gaara: You are my prey...

      ~Japanese version

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