Season 3 Episode 11

Attack! Fury of the Rasengan!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 07, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Gamatatsu, coolest anime animal ever!

    The episode began with probably the best sequence of two animals talking, Gamichiki and his brother Gamatatsu. Their conversation was just the most amusing, adorable, and funniest I've seen so far in this anime. Gamatatsu's behaviour alone could make a great spin-off comedy. Unfortunately what dragged down Gamatatsu's awesome first appearance is Tsunade's phobia for blood and reminiscing. To see her get trounced on by Kabuto without even reacting to it and how she slapped his arm away like a helpless woman cornered in an alley, looked kind of pathetic. Plus that whole time all she thought about was the only two people she ever thinks of. Too much of that there.
  • Naruto continues to suprise everyone!!!!!!!

    The episode begins with a flashback to the last one with Tsunade freaked out that Kabuto had spilled blood on her. He knocks her into her assistant and Naruto questions why Kabuto would be fighting Tsunade. Jaraiya points out Kabuto's headband which proves that Kabuto is working for Orochimaru. Naruto attacks Kabuto but is beaten back. Kabuto stands with Orochimaru and the real fight begins. Jaraiya tells Tsunade's assistant that she will fight Kabuto and he will face off against Orochimaru. The fact that Tsunade had slipped something into Jaraiya's drink the night before puts him at a disadvantage. Kabuto knocks out the assistant and Naruto then steps in to challenge him. Naruto forms the Rasengan and attacks Kabuto, but he easily dodges it and hits Naruto and knocks him down. Naruto takes several hits, but never gives up. He makes a shadow clone and Kabuto attacks again. This time Naruto catches Kabuto's weapon hand and holds him while his clone forms the Rasengan. Naruto hits Kabuto in the chest with the Rasengan and the episode ends.
  • Naruto shows everyone that he is the next to become hokage. Way to master the rasengan in a week and win the bet.

    Tsunade is still paralyze by her fear of blood, naruto must protect her. After he stops Kabuto from beating up on Tsunade he gets his but kick by Kabuto. When he got tired of that he dicides to show everyone how he is going to win the beat with Tsunade. First he sommons a clone. Then stops Kabuto form moving by sticking his hand though Kabuto's kuni and grabs his hand. Then he gets his clone to gather his chakra in his right hand and puts all his force into attacking Kabuto in the chest. During all this Tsunade is surprised at how much of a genius naruto is. Although Kabuto tears Naruto's heart up, naruto manages to survive. Kabuto was smart though to start healing before the attack, but it still was not enough to stop himself form becoming to weak to fight. Naruto owned Kabuto.

    Dun dun dun dun dun!!!!! The fight continues!!!!! Naruto and S h i z u n e and Jiraiya show up to help Tsunade beat Orochimaru and Kabuto, but she doesn't want there help, and continues to fight Four Eyes. Kabuto figures out her weakness and goes all Emo and cuts his wrists. His blood sprays Tsunade, and she freezes, due to her fear of blood. S h i z u n e takes her aside and joins Naruto to fight Kabuto, while Jiraiya fights Orochimaru. But since Tsunade gave him that drug, Jiraiya isn't up to his full power. But it's OK, because Orochimaru's arms are still sealed from his fight with Lord Hokage. Kabuto beats the snot out of S h i z u n e and Naruto, and goes for Tsunade. Naruto gets up and uses the Rasengan on him, with the help of a shadow clone.
  • naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT.

    naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT.naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT.naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT.naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT.naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT. naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT.naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT.naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT.naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT.naruto finally learns the rasengan and kicks kabuto's A$$ WITH IT.
  • It was superb!

    It wasn't as great as the episode after it, but it was still amazing! The battle between Jiraiya and Orochimaru was intense. Loved it. The battle between Kabuto and Shi*une was also very cool, I liked the whole thing. When she spit the needles and did the poison fog jutsu, that was cool. I was like wow when Kabuto knocked out her leg tendents. Shi*une was very easily taken care of huh? When Kabuto was like raping Tsunade I was like wow, strange. And, yay Naruto mastered Rasengan int he nick of time! So, this was an amzing episode. Loved it! (Yes, short review).
  • Introducing.....RASENGAN!.

    The episode Fury of the Rasengan is one of my favorites in the whole series. I love just how Naruto never gives up. Thats why he is coming along as an great Shinobi. He goes up against Kabuto. Who Jiriaya said could match Kakashi in a fight. So the odds weren't in Naruto's favor. But like always Naruto surpises us. First he tries using the Rasengan but it wasn't complete and he just charged and missed Kabuto completely. But then Kabuto charges Naruto for the final blow. Then Naruto sacarfices his own hand and uses his clone to use a complete Rasengan. The second attempt is a perfect shot. Not only has he just beaten Kabuto he has just won his beat with Tsundae. This one episode that I could keep on watching over and over again.
  • Everyone vs Kabuto and Orichimaru

    Naruto job is to protect Tsunade.Even though he wants to fight.But Jiraiya told him not too.Kabuto summon two giant snake.Jiraiya atempt to summon the big toad unfortunelly his jutsu is still not working yet.Orichimaru battles it off with Jiraiya and Kabuto deals with the others.Kabuto fights off with Naruto.Naruto begin to try to master the Rasengan.

    This eppisode is cool
  • Naruto vs. Kabuto

    It's kinda odd to see the Perverted Hermit being so seriously in the last few episodes. Most of the time he is joking around, but when the situation arrises he will crack down. This is exactly how Naruto is, there simularities are endless.I think that makes them a good pair, Especially for Naruto to learn in the way he learns best.
    It's funny that when all their faces split the screen Naruto's and the pigs are side by side.
    Kabuto takes care of Orochimaro like he's some old person in a nurseing home. Doing everything for him. It makes me wonder why he's working for him in the first place. What did he turn against the Leaf Village?
  • naruto episode 94 review

    YAY!!!! naruto FINALLY mastered the rasengan! i really love this episode. for many reasons. 1) Kabuto is an a55hole and a backstabbing traitor. it was AWESOME to see him get defeated by the rasengan. Naruto's first victim. 2) we get to see Tsunade kick some a55. finally. tsunade has some amazing strength and it is awesome that she finally gets to show it by beating the crap out of orochimaru. i am also excited that toonami is going to get to this episode before the end of summer!!! overall, this episode is exciting, revealing and overall just fun to watch!
  • Naruto finally masters RASENGAN!

    Sweet episode, I love how Naruto finally masters the Rasengan using a shadow clone. Not only does Rasengan look awesome, but it is pretty dang powerful. Kabuto is lucky he is even alive after a hit like that, but then again, he is a medical ninja, so he could probably take it. Can't wait to watch the next episode on Youtube (waiting for it to load) I really wanna see what happens to Kabuto and Tsunade's reaction, as well as continuation of the battle between the sannin. This is Naruto at it's best, great episode, reveals even more of Naruto's power.
  • Stupendious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its the ransengan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like everything hapens at once!!!!!

    People use alot of jutsus in this episode, theres like, an army!!!!!! Orrochimaru and kabuto were fighting naruto, and jiraya!!! It turns out that in this episode they have to protect the hokage from any harm from Orrochimaru and Kabuto, but the only problem is that Tsunade doesn't want to fight. He is scared of fighting even though he is inteligent and a genius at it.However there was one part that was grotesque, was when kabuto poured blood on her which was indeed grotesque. The fight is pretty explosive. Naruto and jiraya try summoning big toads to fight the snakes that Orrochimaru and kabuto summoned but most of the toads didn't do anything do to a mysteries process. on the other hand puts up a fight but gets knocked out. After 6 or 5 jutsus from orrochimaru or so, orrochimaru says that naruto doesn't have talent and that the way to get stronger is to learn more jutsus. But Jiraya says that he is wrong and that it depends how hard working, brave and dedicated you are. So the fight continues! Naruto gets even more series and tries to do the rasengan but kabuto hurts his leg. and goes ti hit Tsunade. **** tries to stop him but gets hit by orrochimaru. Naruto defends Tsunade and than gets angry. He uses the rasengan and hits Kabuto on the chest! And thats where the episdoe ends.

    I really enjoyed watching this episode. It really surprised me when Naruto suddenly grabbed Kabuto and used the Rasengan on him. I was a little mad that Tsunade didn\\\'t do anything and just sat there and watched. I know she was hurt and stuff, but it still kind of irritated me. But, overall this episode was awesome. I was waiting forever for him to learn the Rasengan, but it was worth the wait!!
  • cool rasengan

    this show was awesome, i don't really remember the episode to well, so i won't be giving a summary about it. wow, that was an amazing rasengan naruto ddid, it actually looks better than the filler rasengan. anyways i was shocked with the episode. kabuto got hit really badly with that rasengan, and he flew back and glowed while flying away. why can't all the episodes where he uses rasengan have that much impact in it, that would make the show look even better than it is now, cuz that's one of my favorite moves. well sorry i couldn't give a summary.
  • Rasengan!

    That new move was awsome!It doesn\'t look at strong first but it seemed cool. I guess Naruto wasn\'t strong enough to hurt Kabuto though. The rasengan went straight at Kabuto\'s stomach and sent him flying straight to a rock a few feet from them. This time it was different from Jiraiya\'s. His move made a aura around Kabuto and sent him flying. That move looked awsome. The way the kage bunshin made the rasengan looked cool with the hand thing.