Season 3 Episode 11

Attack! Fury of the Rasengan!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 07, 2007 on TV Tokyo



  • Quotes

    • Orochimaru: (Thinking) That's the Nine-Tails brat from the Chunin Exam. (Speaking aloud) I guess I should have killed him when I had the opportunity. For the sake of the Akatsuki and their cause, I let the boy slip by, but the only ones ever capable of breaking the five point seal were the Third Hokage and we, the Legendary Sannin.
      Kabuto: That may be, but Jiraiya has trained the boy.
      Orochimaru: You could be right. If he's learned to wield the power of the Nine-Tails, it's not impossible. (The smoke clears from Naruto's summoning attempt revealing Gamatasu) But that doesn't appear to be the case.