Season 7 Episode 20

Battle At Sea: The Power Unleashed!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 07, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode picks up with Naruto in the first stage of Kyubi mode. Amachi, still in Kaima form, starts attacking Naruto although no damage is done. Naruto launches a non-clone version of his Naruto Rendan and slams Amachi into the water with the final kick. Upon landing back on the water, the Kyubi chakra dispels and Naruto passes out, sinking into the ocean. Isaribi quickly jumps in to save him, and pulls him onto a rock to let him rest.

Meanwhile, Shino is pulling himself out of the ocean and onto a rock to try and regain his strength. With Shino laying face down on the rock, Yoroi leaps out of the water and lunges toward Shino. At the last minute, Ino interrupts Yoroi's attack with her Shinranshin no Jutsu (Mental Break Technique) and Shino knocks Yoroi away. Yoroi quickly recovers and starts charging Ino, but Shino's bugs completely cover Yoroi before he can lay a finger on Ino. After the bugs disperse, Yoroi begins to sink into the ocean, yet it isn't made clear if he's dead or just unconscious.

Amachi, back in human form, surfaces a short distance away from everyone and tries to escape, but Anko snares him with a snake-rope technique. While Anko is trying to question him, Amachi refuses to answer but instead proclaims that the fight isn't over. Lo and behold, the Sea Boss emerges from the ocean yet again. Naruto quickly summons Gama Bunta (Boss Frog) in order to fight the Sea Boss. When Gama Bunta shows up, he is pissed at Naruto because frogs can't stand salt water.

Gama Bunta is about to leave when Amachi questions the frog boss's strength. Upset about being underestimated, Gama Bunta agrees to help Naruto, but tells him that he will pay for it later. Gama Bunta charges the Sea Boss with his sword and stabs into the monster. After being temporarily stuck to the Sea Boss, Gama Bunta and Naruto discuss how to beat the Sea Boss. Gama Bunta tells Naruto that fire should do the trick and that he is going to spit oil at the Sea Boss. Naruto, lacking any fire techniques, hurls a kunai with an explosive not attached into the stream of oil, which engulfs the Sea Boss and blows him up. Before leaving, Gama Bunta flings Naruto really high into the sky as his punishment.

Back on one of the boats, Anko begins questioning Amachi again. He will only admit to the fact that he had no intentions to restore Isaribi to a normal human, even if he had the ability to. Anko gets annoyed and punches Amachi when he won't tell her any info about Orochimaru.

The next morning, we see Anko heading towards the island of Jiroujima. Apparently, Amachi had given her some information after she punched him. After walking through a forest, she arrives at a deserted town. She walks up to one of the decaying buildings and hesitantly enters. Once inside, her curse seal begins to hurt and she flashes back to the time she received the curse seal. Apparently, Orochimaru used Anko and nine other people as test subjects for his curse seal. Out of the ten, only Anko survived the experiment.

Naruto, Shino, Ino, and Isaribi are waiting on the dock. While they are talking and wondering where Anko has gotten to, she yells at them from the boat. All four rush aboard the ship and it sails off towards Konoha.